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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Oreva pov

I was banished to the Grebo forest in

I sigh as I know I have no company.
No one to talk to. I than remember Bella.
The last time we talked it was not so
good. I shouted at her.
I can’t denied the fact that I love her. I
felt bad for shouting at her but what can
I do.

She doesn’t know the hard of a core
her family hate me.
Her whole kingdom hate me. I smiled as
I recalled her last words .
I wish it was that simple to do.

Tom pov

Shit, it hurt. why are human so wicked? I
said to myself.
I can’t heal this wound until the arrow
is out.

I groan in pains as I struggled through
the long forest.
You’re lucky it’s not a silver object or
You probably be dead by now. My inner
voice said.
This Shit hurt. I can’t even shift to my
real form.
I howl. I was getting weaker and
My vision was becoming blurred.
I didn’t know when I pass out.
Oreva pov
What? I mean a werewolf in this forest?
It’s not strange.
Werewolves normally be in forest but
bigger forest.
First I need to heal it.
Tollendum hoc mando sagitta curarc.
(Arrow remove and be heal) I chanted in
She groaned as she shifted to her human
Hey , I said and she look at me with her
blue sea eyes .
Long hair. Pointed noise very slim with a
beautiful sexy ship but not compare to

Ugh, she groan .
Calm down, the pains will soon go away,
I told her but she didn’t respond.

It get to me that she lose a lot of blood

and she’s weak.
If not eaten she’s gonna attack me
Why didn’t I think about that first. I
said to myself.
I close my eyes and chanted and a whole
deer came running towards us.
The werewolf girl didn’t waste
anytime changing into her werewolf
form and killing the deer.
That was quick I said to myself.
She was through in a blink of an eye.
So, what is your name if I made asks? I
Tom she said.
Oreva, I’m Oreva, I said.
What are you doing in the forest?
Ain’t you afraid of being kill? She asks
Sort of. But I don’t think anyone Is
capable of doing that. I said smiling.
Who are you? And why did you save me?
And how did you save me? She asks.
Too many questions but I’m gonna
answer it. I said.

Firstly I’m a wizard. Secondly I don’t
know why I save you for but I think we
can be friends and thirdly I used magic
to save you. I said.

Wow, that cool she exclaimed.
So , what are you doing out here? Is
there anywhere apart from this forest? I
asks her.

Yeah , there are lot of beautiful place
aside of this forest and many forest to

I live here. She said.

You mean there is a pack around here? I
asks scanning my eyes .
I won’t say that because I’m

No kingdom allows me. She said.
I sigh . I was banished, I said sadly.
Oh , I’m sorry, she said.
It’s okay, I said lighting up.

Mind telling me the reason? She asks.
Well, it’s a long story. I said.

I don’t mind listening to you all day
since you’re my friend now she said
and I chuckled.

Bella pov

I sit in my room all day and night crying.
Bella sweetheart, my mom called.
Go away. I hate you’ll.
I regret ever being your child.
You’re so selfish mom. I shouted at

You gonna understand one day that he
doesn’t me any good to you.
Sometimes we give up on things you
love for your people.

Magic is forbidden. He’s evil and we
don’t associate ourselves with

Sweetheart you gotta understand.
I know how you feel.

I know you wanna get marry and
probably have a children of your own.
Don’t worry about that.

The right man is soon to come .
My mom said.

I don’t want anybody mom.
Just give me back my Oreva. I pleaded.
Put your act together Bella.

You’re the princess she said going out.
I couldn’t help the hot tears that slide
down my eyes.

Oreva where are you?
I missed you so much.

Why you just leave me like that.
It hurt you know.

You just left without saying goodbye.
Mom said you doesn’t love me thats
why you left but I know it’s not true.
You love me and I love you.
Why leave huh?

I really missed you so much.

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