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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Clinton pov

I chuckled lightly as I heard the warlock
was out of the way.
Now , nobody can stop me from taking

My prince , you’re free to bring the
marriage proposal about Bella.
Darius my informant said.
Don’t worry. We will soon have Goddy
trap around our fingers.
We don’t need to rush things.
I didn’t know that Goddy will be that
stupid to banished Oreva but that’s

With Oreva by their side. there’s no
way I can take away their kingdom.
I’m glad she made it much easier for

And her wanting me to marry her
daughter is another means.
I’m glad Goddy didn’t think about
that good. I said and Darius laugh.
We will come like a wide fire what she
won’t know which one to off.
Tom pov

So , you’re saying they banished you
because you’re a wizard or because
you love the princess? I asks Oreva.
I think both. The princess mother hate
me and my breads.
She won’t even allow me close to her

She think I’m threat to them because
I’m a wizard.

She think I practice black magic
But the thing is I love Bella and she loves
me too. Oreva said and I could tell from
his voice that he’s very sad.
Do you missed her? I asks him.
It’s fine. I love her but I quess I should
accept the fact that we will never be

It’s my fate.
This relationship was never meant to

It’s so painful that I don’t wanna
think about it he said looking sad.
Is okay, you don’t have to feel sad or

lonely cause I’m here. I said and he
give a faint smile.

Thanks Tom. He said.

You’re welcome and my werewolf
sense is telling me that you’re meant
for each other no matter what.
You know what? Just let it slide he said
smiling though he was hurt.
What a wicked world.

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