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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Tom’s POV

We both kept walking in the
forest and Oreva has been silent
all this while, I could tell how he
was feeling over the situation of
being far away from the person
you love

“Like I said, I believe you two
are meant for each other no
matter what” I said breaking
the silence that has engulfed us
“Thanks Tom” he smile faintly

Esther’s POV

I had been wandering around the
woods looking for a fresh blood
to sU-Ck and hasn’t come across

I continue to walk and my
stomach growled, I let out a sigh
and then I heard something as
my eyes caught a deer moving, I
smile to myself and quietly got
closer to it

I pounced on the deer, sinking my
teeth onto its neck and drained all
its blood, I shut my eyes in
pleasure and lick my lower lips
I heard a rustling behind the bush
and with full speed, I climbed the
tree. There I saw a young lady,
she has a long hair with a blue
sea eyes and next to her was a
young Mab, he was wearing a
black robe

Oreva’s POV

I stopped suddenly and glanced
at Tom
“What is it?? She asked
“I felt something, like we’re
not alone in this forest” I replied
while scanning my eyes around
the forest
“Of course we’re not there are
so many wild animals here in the
forest and…….

“Shh……” I said placing a
finger on my lips and she kept

I have a feeling that someone
was watching us, I looked up and
I couldn’t see anything, I was
about to cast a spell when I felt a

light wind blowing from the

I quickly spun around to see a
young lady, she had a long thick
black hair and a bright hazel eyes,
I looked at Tom who was glaring
at her

“Who are you?? She growled

Tom’s POV

“Who are you?? I asked the lady
“Who am I?? My name is
Esther” she replied and then she
ran with full speed
Oreva and I turned to see her
pounced on a squirrel and drained
it’s blood, that is when I knew
she was a vampire, she slowly
wipe her mouth with the back of
her hand and came to us while

“Urrr….sorry about that” she

“Hi Esther, my name is Oreva”
Oreva introduced himself
“Tom” I said

“So what’re you guys doing
here in the forest”?? She asked
“Its a long story” Oreva said
“Who can summarize it pretty

“Well, oreva here is a wizard
who was banished from the
kingdom because he’s a wizard
and also because he loves the

“Aww that’s bad, am sorry”
“It’s okay” Oreva replied
“what about you?? She asked
facing me

“No kingdom allow me to dwell
with them cos am a lycanthropes
(werewolf), what about you”

There was silence as we all stare
at each other
“Since we get to little about
ourselves, his about we all
become friends and work
together” Oreva said
“Cool” I nodded
“Awesome’ Esther smile

Bella’s POV

I put my arms around his neck
and hugged him, relishing the
feel of his warmth against my
own flushed skin
In that moment I felt complete
“I have longed to be with you,
see your face, heart your voice, I
have longed for you more than
anything in this entire world”
Oreva said as I felt his hands
tremble slightly before his grip
around me tightened
My heart hurt on hearing his
words, and it was not just my
own pain but his that I could feel
“Am sorry Bella but is the way
your family want it”
His voice came out a strained and
in a mere whispered before he
started to pull away and vanished
in the thin air

“Oreva…Oreva pls don’t leave
me” I cried loudly

Goddy’s POV

I have been watching my
daughter for some minute now
and I guess she must have been
dreaming of that wizard because
of the words coming out from
her mouth

“Bella Bella” I called while I
slowly tapped her
She clutched the sheet tightly as
she kept tossing and turning in
the bed

“Bella wake up” I yelled
She jolted up and was panting
hard then within few minutes,
she burst out crying
“So it’s just a dream” she
said as tears began to brim in her

“I was told that you had refused
to eat”

“Mom, am not hungry, I want
oreva, I need to see him” she

“Bella enough of this, you
won’t and can’t see him

“Mom I love him and I don’t
think I can live without him”
“Shut up” I shouted
” Mother, why are you like
this??” She cried
“Bella that wizard bring nothing
but pain” I said but she continue
to cry

“My dear, am doing this for your
own good”
“No mom, you aren’t doing
this for me but for yourself,
you’re doing this cos you
despise Oreva, the man I love”
she said in tears

” Bella talking about love, you
know I once told you that the
right man is soon to come” I
said but she just kept crying
“Well, Clinton the great
grandson of Selassie Amory, the
prince of hithie kingdom has send
words to the English Palace
asking for your hand in

I can see the shocked expression
on her face as she glance at me
“Mother, I would rather earn my
breed by spinning all mg life than
get marry to such prince” she

“Bella, they’re rich, powerful
and famous”
“So you want to be marry prince
Clinton because of their wealth
and fame” she asked
“Prince Clinton has sent with
letters five beautiful horses,with
pink muzzles, white as milk,
golden shoes and scarlet saddles
“Seriously mother, what part of
what I want do you understand??
“Bella, a princess who could
send such a fine gift must at least
be consider for a suitor”
“No mom, my heart belongs to
no one except Oreva” she cried

I stood up and walked to the door
“Put your act together, you’re
the princess” I said and went

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