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Man In Black - Season 1 - Episode 62
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“If you want to shoot me, do it.” And he turned and walked into the darkness, and this time he didn’t stop. Belinda waited a few seconds more, staring wide-eyed at Anne, then turned and hurried after him.

“Thank you,” Keziah breathed as Anne replaced the gun, hand on her chest. “Thank God.”

Anne replaced her gun into the folds of her clothes. She walked back amidst the students. She neared Chuks.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” she said, her voice low enough that he wasn’t sure anyone else had heard, just as he was about to ask about that episode. Everybody were looking at her differently now after that gun she pulled out, and Chuks could almost hear the voice of Instructor Max himself telling them not to underestimate their class instructor.

She’s tougher than she looks.
“Oya, everybody, gather around.” They all did. Segun came to his side, and Chuks saw him saving a number on his contacts. B–E–L–I–N— He didn’t have to see the rest.I swear, this guy smooth die.

“You heard what your field instructor said. I’m not happy you people are not flying back, but you saw him. Nothing will change his mind. So we will trek back to the expressway. First things first. If we’re going through that bush, everybody will walk in two lines and stay behind me. I don’t know what is inside there and what isn’t inside there, and please, I don’t want to know.”
If his tough class instructor said so, Chuks figured he didn’t want to, either.

“But the last time we came here, Instructor Max said we should not go in there if we don’t want to be torn to pieces,” Keziah whined.

“ ‘Torn to pieces’? You mean he actually said that?” Anne scoffed. “And I was thinking he didn’t know how to joke.” Wait, Instructor Max had been joking when he said that? Chuks could hardly believe it. Abi hecouldn’tbelieve it. If their field instructor said they could die inside that place, it couldn’t be a joke.

“Everybody, turn on your torchlights, it’s night already. Let’s go.”

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