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Man In Black - Season 1 - Episode 65
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The trek seemed to be going on forever, and Chuks was beginning to wonder whether they hadn’t veered off course and joined another trail in the confusion of the night’s darkness when Anne whispered,

“The shield is close by. We’re not very far away now.”

Just as she spoke, a light or two appeared up ahead, farther down the trail. The footpath they were walking wound left and right, then around and round so that the trees obscured those lights. Anne pointed at it and looked back over her shoulder.

“That is where we’re going.” The optimism was almost tangible as everybody quickened the pace. The lights Anne had pointed out weren’t more than dots, but even from this distance he knew they would be bright up close.

So Paul and Shine weren’t talking? They should have discussed dance moves and all the other nonsense they usually talked about. Maybe they were few people behind, trying to hide behind their phones like everybody else.

Suddenly, there was another sound, and just like the helicopters, this one swelled gradually, then ebbed, growing and lessening with the force of the wind. What was that? Chuks squinted straight ahead, raising his phone to point the light front. The light was bright, but it wasn’t an actual torchlight, and squint as he did, he couldn’t see more than just two steps in front of him.

Everybody stopped, shuffling, trying to peep over the next person’s shoulder to see what it was.

“What is that?” Anne asked, craning her neck to see as well. It sounded like someone snoring, or maybe trying to hawk out phlegm that refused to come out. Like a low, rumbling noise.

“What’s out there?” Segun whispered from behind him.

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