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Man In Black - Season 1 - Episode 69
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Someone pulled him up from behind. He looked at the tiger. The crack had come from its head, obviously, judging by the way its skull had caved in partially, spattering blood on its face and the sand around it. Even the arrow in its side had broken.

“Are you alright?” Segun asked. He nodded. Both of them looked out at the trees on the other side of the path. It was completely dark out there as well. What was it that fell on the tiger?Anothertiger? He was still looking when something flew out of the darkness, exactly where he was watching. When the wind blew across his face, Chuks realized he knew what was coming.

He heard it strike its target even before he turned his head and saw the tiger down yet again, this time with an arrow in its throat.
It wasn’t a what that was out there in the darkness. It was awho.

Oyin was gasping again and panting behind them. The animal’s eyes were still open, twin yellow pools staring out blankly.

Everybody who had run away began to come back out. How on earth they knew that the animal was dead, Chuks had no idea. All of them started to crowd around the dead cat, pointing and taking pictures.

Someone else followed them out, mostly staying in the shadow of the trees. Chuks looked around. It seemed he was the only one who noticed the apparition standing there. He had already turned to call Anne’s and Segun’s attention to it when he noticed something odd. Odd andbizarre.

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