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Man In Black - Season 1 - Episode 77
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They walked to a door at the end of the corridor with distinguishable yellow crime scene tape across the doorpost. Kunley pushed open the door and ducked under the tape, with Clyde immediately behind him.

Everything in the bedroom they entered screamed female, from the bright pink walls to the manicured bed with the purple velvet headboard to the multitude of make-up equipment on the dresser. The bedsheets were still bloodstained at the area where the deceased woman had lain her hed. Clyde walked round to the crimson patch on the sheets and looked thoughtfully. Then he looked at the scratched spot on the wall across from the bed that the detective had told him about, the white undercoat now dusty from from the time interval.

He had seen photos of every angle of this room, and had been able to visualize all the details even before coming here. He mightn’t have bothered, but he wanted to get a feel for the place. He hummed excitedly. He could feel himself slipping into the mind of the killer, whoever he was, into the mind of the long-dead victim, as he got ready to work the case from the beginning: the very first crime scene.

His brain was like a supercomputer when he got down to it, but he always felt a need to put all of his thoughts into words, to help him organize all of it.

The young detective who had brought him stood at a respectful distance close to the door. Clyde walked to the table with the mirror and make-up things, pulled out the chair in front of it, spun it about and patted the seat.

“Kunley, do sit down, make yourself comfortable and be treated to a once in a lifetime criminology session with Clyde dé Crozon,” he said. The young man walked over and sat, his expression making it obvious how hard he found it to believe that this was actually happening. That was exactly what Clyde needed. A willing audience.

“Okay. A person wakes up one morning and for some reason— which we will be sure to find out —sets his heart on taking the life of this particular woman. Now, he has probably ruled out making an appearance at the house, apparently for safety purposes. In fact, he has probably ruled out making physical contact at all. If that is so, then he is a shrewd one. Very smart.

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