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Married to a monster - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I laughed at the length of my maternity gown as I wore them in the bedroom, in front of Micheal who laughed back. He had just brought three maternity gown for me.
It’s been six months now since we came back from the hospital and I would be due anytime from now.

“God…I think this one is too much. Am I carrying the whole babies in my stomach? Infact I’m almost due…why buying me more gown?” I laughed out the words, checking myself in the mirror.

“It’s really okay on you. I love them. Don’t you think you should be in the hospital already to get ready?, The delivery date is up.” Micheal said as I smiled,still checking out my new gown.

“You worry too much. We will just go to the hospital when it starts. After all,we’ve packed up the baby’s load.” I replied.
“Hmm…as you wish.” Micheal answered and was about to bring out the second gown when a knock cane to the door. It was Felicia.
She ducked her head in and gave us a smile. I never knew she could smile so we’ll.” We have a visitor and it seems he is an important person.” She told us and left.

Micheal and I looked at each other and went out together. We got downstairs and saw the man, sitting down,a brief case layed on his laps.

“Mr Effiong!” Michael called as I turned to look at him.
“Michael!” Mr Effiong said, standing up as they shook hands together. He greeted me too before sitting down.
“You know him?” I asked him.
“Yes! Mr Eric’s layer. It’s good to see you.” Micheal said as we sat opposite him.

“So,it’s been a while. How come you visited us after my master’s death?” Michael asked as Mr Effiong smiled at us and put down his brief case on the table.
“Well…I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I heard all that happened in the news papers.
I traveled out of the country and wasn’t able to come back and fulfil my job as Mr Eric Donald’s lawyer.

I’m here to read his last will.” Mr Effiong said and Michael and I exchanged glances again.

We looked back at him as he brought out a laminated sheet of paper from his brief case.
He looked into it and began…”I,Mr Eric Donald here by write in this book that all..I mean everything belonging to me should go to my most faithful servant, Micheal Eze.
My company at Festac goes to him. My landed properties in osun state,Calabar,South Africa all belongs to him.

As I have no other person to pass anything onto,I here by also give him my manufacturing company at ABA and also my six cars at my mansion in Cross River.
My signature is at the back of this will as a prove, together with my lawyer,Mr Effiong.
My house in the urban area of Golden street has a secret little room behind the parking lot. The key is buried under the sand, pilled up beside the door.

Inside that room is worth of 60 million naira or above.

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