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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Cynthia looked deep into my eyes and she felt really sorry for me..

Cynthia :
In This Vast Universe Where Love And Wickedness Walk Side By Side, Pay Attention Only To The Loving side of it. Life is really hard on everyone but it depends on how you understand it.. most times when I feel rejected, I just cry and go to bed cus it Give Me Peace And No Discomfort.

Be Clear That Everything you Do Is Done With Much Love And Affection. The Sweetness Of life And The Intensity Of it will surely Alleviate The Distance That Separates you and your families .

Since I have get used to it, My Life Has Changed, And My Soul Has Changed And I Became Convinced That within pain one can find pleasure . Nothing In This World Will Make Me Change My Mind Or Opinion.

Please be strong and have faiths, no one knows tomorrow things might change anytime, she might feel the love fire and decide to forgive you..

Me : but do you think she can forgive me?

Cynthia : why not? She was your girlfriend and she must really love you before she could drag you into a covenant…

Me : hmmm! But she is gone! I don’t even know her whereabouts..

Cynthia : yes she might be gone, but she will sure gat her eyes on you..

Me : how do you know that?

Cynthia : my dad once told me that, anyone who tied a goat to a banana tree will always monitor it in order not to let it go.. so I believe she is always with you…just imagine it and the miracle you need might happen..

Me : hmmm ok thanks! But will you help me?

Cynthia : yes I will help you out.. but you will have to wait till after school hour..

Me : thank you Cynthia!!

Cynthia : so what’s your name?

Me : am promise, but I prefer people calling me harno..

Cynthia : ok time to go..(she walked out of the hall and head to her class room)
(Fast forward to after school hour )
she came into the hall and we both went another way to my place.. on our way going we discussed alot about ourselves on our way, people were actually looking at Cynthia and wondering who she was actually talking to, but she really don’t care …

when we got to my place, I saw oluzo sitting under the mango tree, he was actually on black and black outfit probably on a mourning mood..

Me : that’s oluzo my best friend.. (I said pointing to him) greet him and ask if brother Nino is at home.

Cynthia : ok!
(she did as I said)

Cynthia : good afternoon sir, please am looking for brother Nino

Oluzo : brother nino?

Cynthia : yes!

Oluzo : sorry, why you de ask for am?

Cynthia : I need to tell him something

Oluzo : ok! He is inside..

Cynthia : please can you take me there?

Oluzo : ok!

Oluzo lead the movement

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