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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 22
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We left the place and he told me he is going to Sammy and vick. I waved at him as he left.

I went to the room and saw Mary holding my phone and smiling at something there. She didn’t even notice I entered the room, I moved closer to her to see what she was smiling at. She was looking at Vick’s picture, the one I mistakenly snapped at the field. “What are you doing?”I asked moving closer to her. “Wow so cute”she said kissing my phone. I guess she’s crazy over Victor. I looked at her and shook my head in pity as I tried to snatch the phone from her. She moved her hand to the side not allowing me”what are you doing? Give me my phone”I said trying to collect it from her. “Let me send it to my phone before you delete it”she said as she brought out her phone. She sent the picture to her phone and gave me mine.

We went out and go to the field to watch the guys playing football. Sammy and Victor were playing ball with some guys. but I can’t find mick amour them. Mary and I stood by the field with others watching them as they played. When they finished playing, they came to us, and the four of us went under a tent not too far from the field. Vick was holding a bottle water. We all sat under the tent”you guys played really well”I said smiling. “Should we play basket ball?”Sammy asked looking at me. “No I don’t know how to how to play it”I said almost blushing,”what would you like to play then?”Sammy asked. Mary was busy with her phone”You have something on your hair”vick said looking at Mary’s hair. He raise his hand and picked something from Mary’s head. She was blushing seriously that one could notice it. Her phone fell from her and vick bent to pick it up for her. “Oh what is this?”vick asked looking at Mary’s phone. She used vick’s photo as the screen saver of her phone. Vick was very surprise to see that. Mary saw it and quickly snatched her phone from him. She stood up and looked at vick”don’t look into someone’s else’s phone without permission”she said looking at vick. I know she was embarrassed by that,she quickly ran off leaving us behind. Vick stared at her as she went on.”she’s so cute”vick said smiling and ran after her.

Mary’s POV

I was really embarrassed when he saw that and don’t know what to do again, I ran off before he could say something bad again like last time. Is it s crime to love someone? I thought to my self. I felt someone holding my hand from the back and turned to see vick holding me. “What do you have to say to me again? Are going to insult me again? Don’t worry I won’t like you anymore starting from today,if that’s……” I didn’t finish the statement before he drew me closer to and kissed my lips. I opened my eyes wide in shock. “Is this a dream? I wish I shouldn’t wake up from this sweet dream”I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and kissed him back.

Mia’s POV

Vick left with mary and left Sammy and i under the tent. I looked at Sammy as he was just sitting there in silent. “Thank you for saving me the other time, I didn’t get to thank you well”I said looking at him. He smiled at me not saying anything. “But why did you throw your body to save me? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”I asked looking at him. He looked at me putting on serious face”you are the first girl I will ever do that for, and you are the first girl to treat me like a real friend, and you are…”he stopped and looked at me. “The first girl to make my heart flutter any time you’re around me”I looked at him in surprise

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