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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I looked at him in surprise not knowing what to say. Of course I also once loved him, but ever since mick confessed his love to me, I just see Sammy as an ordinary friend. I love mick a lot, he meant everything to me and I can’t hurt his feelings.

I just stared at him without knowing what to say”I just want you to know that at least, so my mind will be settled, and that’s why I threw my body in danger to save my first love”he said not looking At me. I was speechless, surprised to hear that from him. if he had confessed to me before mick, I would have accepted him without any delay because he is a kind hearted and cares for other. But what can I do now? It’s too late. “Am sorry…”

“That’s ok, you don’t have to say anything. I feel relieved now that I spit it out to you”
he said smiling.

Mary’s POV

He released me and held my shoulder as he looked into my eyes”am sorry if I hurt your feelings”he said looking at me. “And about what I said the other day in school, I didn’t mean it, I was just kidding. You’re the most beautiful girl to me”he said and hugged me. I smiled and hugged him back.

Mia’s POV

I have to tear them apart, “mia think of what to do quickly”I thought to myself. Hmm hmmmm I know what to do, no need to think too far. Nicky you just wait and see, I will be coming for you soon.

Nicky’s POV

We both left the tent and I saw mick coming towards us, Sammy said he’s going to check on something, so he left before mick could reach us. I watched him as he went. Mick came to me and looked at Sammy”where is he going to?”he asked looking at Sammy. “He needs to check on something”I said briefly and walked slowly. Mick walked beside me and we left together.

I went to our room but can’t find mary inside”where the hell is this girl?”I said quietly. I noticed Susan on the bed lying there quietly. He stood up immediately on sighting me. “Hy nicky”she said smiling. I looked back to see if she is referring to another person behind me, but there was no one there except me. “Did you eat something bad today?”I asked wondering why she greeted me politely. She came to me and hold my hand”Nicky am sorry for everything I did wrong, it’s just that am following mia’s order. Please forgive me and trust me, I don’t following mia again I don’t like her attitude towards you guys. I want to be your friend and I promise never to do any bad to you again. Please forgive me”she said with tears in her eyes. I pitied her as she begged me, my heart melted as I saw her crying, I took her hand”ok Susan av forgiven you don’t cry again ok”I said and hugged her. She thank me and wipped her tears.

I went on searching for marry, at last I found her with vick coming toward me, they were both holding hands. I got to them and cleared my throat and they both released each other’s hand. Vick looked at me and smiled.”See ya later”vick said to mary and jugged on, mary waved at him smiling brightly. I looked at mary who is now smiling like someone who won a lottery. “Whats going on between you two?”I asked mary suspecting the two of them. Mary looked at me and smiled”he confessed to me and…”she stopped and looked at me. “He gave me my first kiss, believe me”she said jumping up like a kid. “What!!”I said looking at mary in surprise. “He’s so romantic”she said smiling. “Wow amazing”I said smiling. She was so happy that even a dog can notice it. We both left for our room talking about her and vick.

We got to our room and saw mia on her bed. Susan came in later holding a snacks. Mia called susan to show her something on her phone but to our greatest surprise Susan ignored her. “Don’t call my name again, I don’t want to talk to you ever again. Leave me alone”susan said yelling at her. I looked at mia who was so surprise to hear susan saying that. Mary was also surprise but for me I was not this bit surprise because she told me about it already. “What’s wrong between you guys”mary asked looking confused. Susan quickly came standing beside us. “I hate her, I don’t know why she is so mean to you guys?and I don’t want her to hurt me also. I want to be with you guys and not her”she said looking at mary. Mia stood up and came to susan in anger”how dare you betrayed me for them?”she yelled trying to lay her hand on susan. Mary stopped her by holding her hand.”what are you trying to do?”mary fired back at her pushing her to the ground. She looked at me and smiled.”are you happy?”she asked looking at me. I moved closer to her”yes even your friend can’t trust you anymore, how funny”I laughed looking at her in pity. “Mary let’s go”I said leaving the room with mary. Susan stood by the door looking at mia. She didn’t follow us but stayed behind in the room. We left the room and left both of them behind.

Mia’s POV

Mary pushed me to the ground as I tried to lay my hand on susan. I can see nicky is happy to see me like this. She insulted me and went out with mary, leaving susan and I behind in the room. I stood up and dusted my skirt. I looked at her for a while and walked to her and tapped her on her shoulder”you are good at acting aren’t you?. good job, you acted really great”I said smiling at susan. “Seriously they think I can betray you?”she said laughing. “Fools. Now that they believed you were not an accomplice anymore, let’s go to to the real acting. You know what I mean?”I said smiling. “You Are are a bad girl”Susan said laughing. We both laughed out loud.

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