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He asked if I was hungry, and I said no. He asked if I wanted to go to the bar. I also said no! Cant he see that all I wanted to do was shower and get rid of the wetness between my thighs! ‘I’ll like to shower though’, I said leading him in the direction I wanted to go! ‘Ooohk’ he said, I was going into the bathroom when I heard ‘No’. I turned around to look at him, ‘No what?’, I questioned. ‘No don’t go into the bathroom to UnCloth. I wanna see you get undressed’ he explained. ‘Hmm, if you wanna see me Unclad, you have to UnCloth me’ I challenged. ‘Really?’ he said standing up and walking towards me with the calmness of a lion. I stood my ground, looking him straight in the eyes. He walked around me like a lion stalking its prey. I didn’t move an inch. He stopped behind me and raised my flowing, long weave-on up. He kissed my neck, and I felt that kiss like a sharp razor cutting a soft flesh but I didn’t react. He parted the weave-on into two and dropped each forward over my blreast. ‘Lovely shoulder’ he commented as I felt his hands on my shoulders. He massaged them gently and slowly. This time, I m0aned as he moved from my shoulders to my neck, also trespassing towards my blreasts. ‘Hmnhmnhnm’. My head fell to my chest. He did that for some seconds more and stopped, ‘Iiizzzzzzzzzzzzzea’, I heard my zipper being drawn. ‘Iiisszzh’ I inhaled sharply as cold air chilled my bones. ‘Are you cold baby?’ he whispered into my ears.

It tickled me as his breath oozed into my ear. ‘Yes I’m cold. What can you do about it?’ I challenged him huskily ‘Ckqckqckq’, he clicked with his tongue. ‘Can you take the heat I can give?’, he asked so calmly I felt threatened. I cleared my throat and said, ‘Bring it on’. I wasn’t ready for the assault his mouth committed on my back, I m0aned out shamelessly as his hot lips, tongue and breath met with my cold sensitive flesh. ‘Umm, enm, uhm, arhwo, aersh’, I felt colder and I realized the rest of my clothes was off safe my shoes, pant and bra.

He had stopped kissing my back now, but instead he’s circling me again admiring my body.

‘Do you have an idea of how Sekxy you look like now in heels and lingerie?’, he grunted out, his voice raw with lust. ‘I do. Now get Unclad too. I’ll like to watch’, I said huskily, walking over to the couch. I sat down and crossed my right ankle over my left ankle, exposing my right butt0ckz. He eyed me hungrily and started pulling his clothes off. ‘No, slowly’, I instructed. He looked at me and I pouted while I manipulated my cleavage with my index finger. ‘Oh hell’, he murmured and obeyed me. I was sure he didn’t know the game would turn on him!
I enjoyed myself as he undressed. He was about to take his pants(very white and tight) off but I said, ‘No, leave that on’. ‘Yes ma! Now what?’ he asked clearly frustrated. I stood up and circled him as he had done to me earlier, enjoying the view, ‘I’m looking at you and I know what I’d love to do to you, now look at me and tell me what you want to do to me’, I walked to the bed and crawl on it slowly, showing everything. I put three pillows together and popped my back on them.

I opened my legs wide and put my right hand into my pant and the left hand on my blreast, ‘Tell me what I make you feel’. He looked at me like I was crazy and said ,’I think you’ve had enough fun, sugar. Now let me show you what I want to do to you’. He joined me on the bed, sU-Cking and licking me upwards from my feet. ‘Hmm, nice, is that all you’ve got?’ I baited him. ‘I’ve got the whole weekend to show you. Patience, they say is a virtue’ he retorted and continued upwards. He skipped my Hot pot and came upwards still. I thought he was saving the best for the last. He gave all his undivided attention to my blreasts, sU-Ckling like a starved baby and I was in cloud three. I cuddled his head closer to them, pushing my blipples into his mouth and I couldn’t help but imagine what his mouth could do to my blussy if it was doing such crazy things to my blipples. After a while, I started pushing his head downwards. He got the hint and took off my pant. I spread my legs wider in anticipation of his hot mouth on my vlagina. He kissed, rubbed and did all sort of things to it but I didnt feel anything. After a minute of enduring his torture I told him to stop.

‘Darling, you are not getting it’ I said with a smile,drawing him up and kissing him. ‘But my ex always enjoyed that’ he said a little defensively. What? How could any female claim to enjoy that?, I thought to myself and looking him straight in the face said to him. ‘You see dear, it’s different strokes for different folks. That’s not the way I like it. Will you let me show you?, I asked, praying in my heart that he’s a quick learner! ‘Ok, miss Amanda! Show me’, and he dipped for my blussy again. ‘Not yet. Give me your palm’, I told him. ‘My palm? But I….’ I cut him off, ‘Iisshh, shut up, watch, feel and learn’ I told him impatiently. He stucked out his right palm to me and I took it and started doing to his palm what I wanted done to my blussy. I got carried away but his m0an!ng brought me back to my senses! ‘Are you learning or enjoying? I questioned. ‘All of the above. May I take the lesson to use now?, He asked. ‘With all pleasure student. Just remember never to leave my cl!tz if I’m holding to your head.

I could kill you if you do’
I warned him seriously and this time when he took my blussy in his mouth, I knew I would be in cloud nine in three minutes if not less. I rewarded his effort with Intimate words and careless m0ans. I cried and screamed. I just hoped the hotel room was soundproof! ‘Yes baby. Right there. Eat it bad boy! Oh my life!
Arrhefm, ihdhdssj, iishshsh, yehhehdwas, ayaf die finish, please, don’t stop, now, I’m coming, I’m coming, aasjrjrjfhood!’.

I screamed as I came. He came up and watched me as I struggled with myself and the ever fresh s£nsat!on of climaxxxing.

I was still going through this s£nsat!on when I felt his blick entered me in one swift motion, ‘Arh’ I screamed as he began to move in me. We kissed and bit while he blucked the heck out of me and his stamina was like that of a horse! We were at it for like twenty minutes before we both came and mehn! It was powerful.

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Jun 24, 2017
nyc story. cnt wait 4 d rest updates.
Jun 24, 2017
nyc story, rili interestinq nd mind blowinq. cnt wait 4 d rest updates. kip it up writer nd more grace 2 ur elbow.
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