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Arrh’. All my friends exclaimed.[/B]’Yes girls, that was how it went down the first time we Were Intimate’[/B] I told them. ‘So how was it after the S£x? Were you shy? What was he like after that?’ Koyin questioned gleefully. ‘Shy ke! After that it was S£x, talk, eat, movies, S£x, sleep, S£x, S£x and more S£x!’ We all laughed. ‘But…’ I interrupted their laughter and they stopped laughing, ‘But the S£x I won’t forget in a long while was the one we had in the pool. Oh my gosh. It was the S£x of life!’ I concluded gazing blissfully into space as I remembered all the crazy things we did in the pool ‘Ama, please tell us about it, bikonu’ Sandra pleaded like the rest of my friends. ‘Ok but after that, no more. It will be Bimpe’s turn oo’. We all looked at Bimpe who shrugged and said ‘No problem’, and they all looked back at me waiting for me to gist them about the pool S£x. Ok. It was when we were coming back from shopping.

He took me hair shopping by the way, and the sun was unbearable that Saturday. We came in around 6pm and we were both sweaty even though we never switched off the AC for one second. There was not much difference after we showered and he asked me if I brought my swimming suit I said yes but asked if it wasn’t late for swimming anyway. But he told me that hotel guests who were staying overnight could use the pool anytime. So we ordered for our meal, watched a movie while cuddling up until 9:40pm when we went to sit by the poolside. We ordered for drinks. There was no one in the pool.

We drank and talked for a while, and by 10pm, the poolside had been deserted so we got into the pool. We swam for a while, showing off skills. Then we competed, I won, after which he started chasing me about in the water. It was at this period we started smooching. I swear, I didn’t know it was going to go beyond smooching but when he took out one blreast and started sU-Cking, I knew I was done for! I looked around, there was no one and the poolside was poorly lighted. It was as if the hotel management expected people to Be Intimate in the pool!

I released my held up breath when he left my blipple but it quickly seized when he parted my suit and dipped two fingers into my blussy, ‘Wouch, wouch, wouch’, was the sound my Kitty-Cat was making as he went in and out of me. I held on to his neck because my legs had failed me, I tell you girls, the s£nsat!on was extraordinary! As if that wasn’t enough, he moved me to the pool stairs. I thought he was gonna bluck me there, but the moment my blussy was above water even though my Bottom was still in the water, he drew my suit aside and gave me a mouth watering, jaw clenching and m0an muffling head! I m0aned, like an incorrigible flirt into the night, ‘Aihjo, inhsj, assosjw, arhshgr, ininhh, wiiosh, yeshsn. Yes baby, don’t stop! Yea, right there, aahhrrooww’. At this stage I didn’t care if everybody was staring at us. But when I opened my eyes for a quick peek no one was watching, at least that I could see.

Meanwhile Lekan was killing me with his blussy eating, you wouldn’t even believe I taught him how to properly eat a blussy just the previous day.

It seemed he was having all the fun, so I drew him up. I wanted to climb him immediately but restrained myself, I sat him where he sat me and ate his blick like I had never ate any. It was as if I was possessed. But it was the power of passion, ‘Hhhmmg, aaoooksn, rreeekk, awrwoosh baby, mmmhhmnm, arhh’, Lekan grunted into the night. Then I felt him tensed like he was about to come. I jumped up and said ‘No I want you in me’. ‘No CD here. You sure?’ he asked. I pushed my suit out of the way and sat on him as the answer to his question and started jerking. His arms enveloped me as we moved together, mine was around his neck caressing his back. He moved us from the stairs and stood in the water. I wrapped me legs around his waist with my hand still around his neck. He held my butt0ckz in his hands and raised me up with it as he pushed into me and I climbed him too. This position should be called “direct entry” because I had all of him in me! We had a crazy ride for like fifteen minutes then we both came powerfully but we swallowed our m0ans in a kiss. We went back to our room and made love again. ‘Una no dey tire? Abi im be jigolo ni?’ Sandra asked playfully. ‘So what happened on Sunday?’ Bimpe asked. ‘Nothing much. We talked most of the time. Ahen that reminds me. Koyin, is it true that banks do not return money to dead peoples kin if there names are not in the file?’ I asked Koyin. ‘Yes it’s true, the money becomes the bank’s property unless the court says otherwise if the kins took the case to the court’. Koyin confirmed what Lekan told me earlier ‘Nawa oo. Make all of una go ask your papa if he get money for bank oo’, I said.

‘So, is the banker selfish?’ Sandra asked. ‘Not this banker! Asides everything he bought, he gave me 50k and said I should call on him when I’m in need. The only problem I foresee with him is that he’s the busy type. He won’t have my time’, I said sulkingly. ‘But I thought you liked the busy type na’, Bimpe countered. ‘People change and so do taste! Now it’s your turn Bimpe. Tell us about your weekend’.

All eyes turned to Bimpe but she shrugged and gave us the shocker of the weekend. ‘Nothing happened, my period visited’ ‘WHAT!!!’ we all screamed, surprised.

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