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Aarh! No be so oo. It’s just that this cold can be chased away by hot drinks and you’, he replied. He drew me closer into the arch of his arms and kissed me gently. I had never kissed a softer lips. Oh mine! His lips was like a butter and milk puddle. I chewed on his lips, sinking my teeth gently into his bottom lip. Hmmm, it was a lovely first kiss. ‘Gmh-gmh’, I heard and we stopped kissing. I fiddled with my bracelet like a child whom had been caught stealing from her mother’s pot. ‘Oga madam, watin make I give you to drink before your food ready?’, the waiter asked. Tony looked at me and asked, ‘Spirit?’, ‘Ok’, I confirmed. ‘Give us Hennessy V.S.O.P and 5alive’. He ordered. By the time he turned back to me, I had regained my composure and I had a question to ask him. ‘Looking at you, one would know you like water, what draws you to the sea? Why the Navy?’, I asked. ‘It is a long story, but I’ll tell you the shorten version. When I was young, I went to the village to see my granpa who was a fisherman. When he was going fishing one day, I cried and begged to follow him but he was reluctant to take me because I couldn’t swim but I succeeded in persuading him. When we got to sea, we met with storm and our boat was overturned. I nearly drown if not for some other fishermen who came around. There and then I made up my mind to work on the sea. Since I didn’t want to be a fisherman, I chose to be a naval officer.’, he narrated. ‘Waoo, interesting’, I said.

Soon, our food and drinks arrived together.
I must tell you, their Shawama was the best I’ve tasted in a while. We talked while we ate.
I told him about me and why I chose to be a nurse. ‘You see, mine is nothing heroic someone did for me. I simple became a nurse because I liked the way they dressed when I was young. But later on, I just discovered that I love to care for people’, I told him. Our talks were punctuated with little kisses. About thirty minutes after our empty plates had been cleared, which was 11:25pm, he called for our bill and paid. We left the restaurant and walked home hand in hand like we came, but this time, I was cold, very cold and my feet were wet. I was shivering all the way even though his hands and the shawl were around me. As the breeze set to chill my bones, I realized that I was a bit tipsy. I was missing my steps but I tried to compose myself till we got to his compound. He opened the gate, we entered and he locked the gate but didn’t move. He was staring at me with pure lust.

His eyes alone began to heat my bones. ‘Why are you staring at me like that?’, I queried.’I want to bluck you’. He stated. Well, I knew that was inevitable when I agreed to spend the weekend with him but still, I didn’t know what to say so I took his hand and took a step towards his door but he drew me back and whisper clearly. ‘No. I want to bluck you here, now, under the sky, on my, in my car’. I felt like screaming but I kept shut.

I’ve never had an outdoor S£x and I wouldn’t mind trying it. I looked around like a fugitive, trying to evaluate my surroundings, looking for nosy neighbours. ‘I live here alone Bimpe, fear not.’, he said while drawing me into his arms. His mouth advanced on mine but didn’t land because his phone rang. ‘Arh!
Which kain caller be that one? In no dey read mood?’
Amanda wanted to know. He looked at his phone and said ‘Blhit! Baby please I’ve to pick this call’. He walked away from me to pick his call while I stood there like a statue. He spent less than two minutes on the phone and walked back to me. I wanted to know who was calling him that late but I didn’t ask for fear of unpleasant answers. ‘Sorry about that baby. Where were we?’ he asked and I raised up my face to his in answer to his question. He dropped his soft lips on mine and my coldness ran away like a thief who was about to be discovered. He dropped the shawl that I wrapped around me and his hand began to roam while mine rested around his midriff. I took his upper lip between my own lips and licked it like an ice cone. I kissed the tip of his nose and went back to his lips. I drew the bottom lip into my mouth, I sU-Cked, licked and chewed on it.
While I was savoring his mouth, he was discovering my body. He tucked his hands inside my waistband and sq££zeed my butt0ckz, ‘Hhmmmn’, I m0aned into his mouth.
He left my mouth and sank his mouth on my shoulder like a vampire ready to bite, I shivered, not from cold but from desire, from head to toe. I titled my head back to give him better access to my neck. He took the opportunity and did unspeakable wonders to my neck. ‘Hhhmmmn, aaiiiee, ishshs, hununn’, I m0aned into the night. He started kissing my neck downward. My shoulders, my cleavage, my blreast, my blipples through my cloth and bra, my stomach, my abdomen and my waistline all got kissed before he knelt down before me, removed my knickers and pant. He put his face in my blagina area and breathed. He looked up and said ‘Smells nice’, ‘Thank you’, I replied.

He rose and lifted me up, walked the few space between where we stood and his car.
He dropped me on the cold bonnet ‘Ooouch’ I yelped. ‘Cold enh, sorry love, will heat you up soon’, he said and went back to pick the dropped shawl.

He dropped the shawl on the floor and knelt down on it. He drew me to the edge of the hood and and his mouth descended on my blussy.

Did I mentioned I was cold before? I didn’t know how the transformation happened because I was now on fire. I spread my arms, looking for something to grab, to hold on to, I met with cold iron, I held on to it. He wrapped his arms around my thighs to hold me down while his mouth massaged me. My m0ans went from whispers to screams ‘Arssh, arssh, arh, owsfsv, aiooj’, but when his tongue hit my center of gravity, I screamed out and push my blagina into his face. I moved with his mouth, we created a rhythm of our own while the cold wind provided the music. My hands left what they held on to and moved on to his head. With what he was doing to me, I knew I had seconds left before I climax.

I secured his head with my hands in case he decided to stop what he was doing to me. ‘Yes, there, aoosh, yyeaa, I’m coming, I’m coming’, I panted. ‘Arrhun, mmmhhmnm, aaassrrhrhhh’, I cried out as I came. It was breathtaking. I slipped from the bonnet to the floor on the shawl where Tony knelt. He wiped his mouth on my laps and kissed me upwards, when he got to my mouth, I made sure I licked all my juice on his mouth, I was going for his blick but his hand caught mine.
He said, ‘I can’t survive your touch or mouth right now, I just want to be inside you’. Damn! Wasted opportunity. I so much wanted his blick in my mouth, I thought to myself. ‘Ok’, I sulked. He stood up and opened his car. He removed his shorts and his beautiful blick sprang out. I inhaled sharply. Both of us stood there staring at each other. It was kind of funny that we have our shirts on but our shorts off. The moon and stars made a beautiful canopy over us and it was like a romantic sceane in a novel. I made the first move, I went to him and drew his head down for my kiss. He groaned into my mouth. ‘Bimpe, unless you want me to last for just a minute, please don’t kiss me like that’, he pleaded and I stopped. He led me to the car, he got in and relaxed the front passenger seat. He sat down and rolled a condom on his blenis. I went into the car and strangled his blick in my blussy.

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