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It was his turn to gasps for air. ‘Gharrhh-arrhh’, he inhaled. He fumbled with my blreast trying to get them out of the bra. I took it off myself. He sq££zed my b0s0m and I half rose from his J0yst!ck to allow his mouth reach my nippl3s better. He sU-Cked like a hungry child.
What’s with men and br3ast? I wondered. I held the head-rest and started moving up and down on him. He didn’t let go of my br3ast as I climbed him. Though I was enjoying the s£nsat!on of him sU-Cking my br3ast while I phuck him but it was restricting my movement.

I wanted to climb very high and sit very low on him. I stopped moving and maneuvered myself around him. I held the dashboard as I lifted my legs from the floor and knelt astride him backing him. I started moving again. ‘Hhmggmm, hhkghgkghmjhh, aarrhh, ffiifff, hhhmhmm’, he grunted out. He put his hands under my butt0ckz and lifted me up. He pumped into me very fast for some seconds before he stopped and I began to climb him again. I pushed farther and faster, I rode him like I was on a stop-watch to get to the finish line. ‘Yea baby, yes, faster, harder, Arrhun, aarrhhgg, hhunnm’, he commanded and I obeyed without delay.

He met me at every fall, plucking deeper into me as we moved faster and harder together.

He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his face into my back as he came. I kept climbing him because I could feel my orgasm coming. ‘Arush, Arusha, awrwoosh’, I m0aned as I came too. I dropped my head on the dashboard while he dropped his head on my back. We were in this position for quite a while before both of us could move or talk. I sat up and untangled my legs from around him. He took of the condom off and I settled back on his laps.

He soothed my back and brushed my hair away from my forehead. ‘That was…. Fantastic! Hope you are good?’, he asked. ‘I’m ok’, I whispered sleepily. He kissed my forehead and said, ‘Let’s go inside’. We got down from the car, he locked the car and we packed our discarded clothes and went into his apartment. I was so tired but yet satisfied.

I felt like someone borrowed my legs. He led me to his bedroom. I showered and la!d on the bed.

I slept off and didn’t wake up intil he woke me up with kisses and we made love again.’Uhff-uhff’, Sandra sniffed, ‘What’s that smell’, Sandra asked. ‘Yeepa! Ounje ti jona oo’, I lamented. I served everybody and we went to the dinning to eat. ‘So Bimpe, how did the rest of the weekend go?’, Sandra asked. ‘Abeg, abeg! Make I chop finish’, I said and they all laughed. When we finished eating, we cleared the table and abandoned our plates in the sink to watch later. We gathered in the sitting room again, sipping our drinks. ‘Madam, oya continue oo, we don’t have all day’, Sandra told me. ‘Where was I oo?’, I asked. ‘In the morn……’, Koyin was reminding me when we heard a knock on the door. We all looked at each other. Koyin asked if anybody was expecting somebody, we all said no. The knock came again and Koyin went to open the door and lo and behold, it was Sandra’s friend, Ademola.
Sandra jumped up and ran into his hands like she had really missed him. ‘Sup girls, how are you?’, he asked and we answered ‘We’re fine’, collectively.

After he had exchanged pleasantries with us, he asked if he could take Sandra out. ‘Girls abeg no vex, I wan steal your friend for thirty minutes, hope una no mind?’, ‘Mind ke? Anything wey una chop sha bring our own come’, Amanda told him. Sandra told him to go ahead that she would meet him outside. When he was gone, she went into her room to change her clothes, when she came out, she said, ‘You b1tches don’t dare say anything behind my back! Remember who the queen b1tch is…..’, and she left.

[B]To be continued

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Jul 24, 2017
Uhmm...dis us do breathtaking...nice masterpiece
Aug 26, 2017
Pls....where is the continuation of dis.....!?????
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