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Must Read: Before She Dies
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Occasionally, when Williams was still alive, his conscience pricked him to confess to him but the more he tried, the more afraid he became and finally, he ended up keeping the secret sealed up in his heart until Williams’ death.

All this while, he never suspected Thelda would in the near future torment him for his past and forgotten sins with her, but when she threatened on the phone that she had videoed what they did that very day and would use the video against him if he refused to dance to her tune, he saw no reason to doubt her. After that telephone conversation, he needed no one to tell him that Thelda had been the one behind everything that had happened. Thelda had killed her husband and wanted to kill her daughter. He was still the IG but he knew Thelda had made him powerless with the kind of power she now controlled. Though he had made up his mind to do as instructed, he still wished for many things. He wished Stella was already dead as all had assumed, he wished she had earlier changed her mind and went somewhere else and he wished he hadn’t fallen into the temptation of that very day. He had wanted to alert Mike, but when he remembered the implication if Thelda found out, he changed his mind. He knew Thelda’s wrath would be disastrous. When he watched Stella eventually drive into his apartment, he wept bitterly and asked God to understand that his hands were tied.

The IG was fighting back the tears that filled his eyes with clenched teeth, his fingers gradually pulling the trigger. He had no option. His reputation worth more than Stella’s life and he wasn’t prepared to watch it get destroyed.

He would later handle his conscience which had already started haunting him. Stella was almost slumping when the IG pulled the trigger and a shot rang out. The bullet hit Stella on her shoulder and she fell on the floor, her shirt soaked in her blood. Tears were already flowing down the IG’s cheeks as he aimed slowly at her forehead, “Forgive me Lord.”

He mumbled and two other shots rang out; this time around, it came from behind the IG. The bullets caught the IG on his waist and he found himself on the floor, his gun dropping on the couch. He managed with severe pains to turn his head to the direction the bullets had come from and was shocked with those he was staring at. Dennis and Alfred were standing behind him, their fingers on the triggers of the guns in their palms, ready to release more shots if the IG tried any funny act. The IG found his eyes closing slowly and he drifted towards unconsciousness. As Alfred made to handcuff him, Dennis hurried over to Stella and began to lift her quickly from the floor.

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