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Must Read: Blood for Blood  - Season 2 - Episode 9
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I took a while to recollect the events of the last twelve hours as my heartthrob disappeared into the kitchen. Me ending up in the arms of this beautiful girl who I was very much in love with was a “win win” for me…. Right now,i felt like love that had been bottled over a long period of time had come rushing out…. I groggily stood to my feet and removed my sweaty shirt, singlet too while I admired my toned biceps and chest now glistening with sweat…. Tossing them on the chair that had previously held our combined weight, I made my way to the kitchen to meet my sweetheart……

I wandered into the kitchen to find her dishing the food into a large plate and subsequently covering it so she could take it to the dining table, I watched her plump behind jiggle as she worked…… I crept up stealthily behind her as my member strained painfully against my boxers, I pulled both pieces of clothing down to the floor in one swift motion and making my way over to where she stood, I snaked my hands around her two sides to delicately fondle both her b-----s… A small m0an escaped her lips as she simultaneously felt my turgid rod poke her behind…

I bent her neck backwards and covered her lips with mine in a kiss that spoke volumes of what I wanted to do to her right there and then. I never let go of her n-----s as I fondled them with the delicacy of a masseuse….. She was now m0an!ng repeatedly into my mouth….. I let one hand fall from her b----t and slide down the front of her shorts….. she bucked wildly as the adventurous finger discovered her c------s, I placed two fingers on either side of her c------s and started rolling it between them…….. That was it!!!! She snapped!!!! Disengaging our kiss, she pushed me onto the kitchen counter and shed her clothes…. I had never seen her fully naked before and my mouth dropped open in awe as I looked from her amazing b-----s to her neatly shaved wet p---y which glistened in the kitchen light….

She went down on me, taking my c--k in her mouth and d--n!!!! This girl could give some serious head…… she made slurping sounds as her head bounced up and down on my d!ck getting me very hard……..

“baby,i won’t last much longer if you keep that up”

I said through the overwhelming pleasure
“Not now”, she said looking up at me while giving my now fully erect d!ck a final lick…….

Bending over the opposite counter, she spread her legs,
“fvck me hard”, she said with a seductive look in her eyes….. I didn’t need to be asked as I approached the perfect a-s that was presented proudly.. I positioned my d!ck at the entrance of her p---y and pushed forward, stretching her as I slammed into her in one solid t----t……

“Ooooooo baby”, she m0aned “that cvnt is yours, pound me” she said as I started pounding indeed…..

I reached down and lifted her off the counter so I could grab two handfuls of soft boobs as I continuously pounded away…… Her m0ans kept on getting louder until they pushed me over the edge, her legs vibrated under her as she came and soon after, I gave a low grunt as I emptied my seed into her………lifting her up from the ground, I claimed her lips as I made my way to the bathroom….. We were gonna have one hell of a shower………

Four hours later, we were sound asleep in each others arms having thoroughly explored our sexual desires… Her thoroughly drilled v----a must have been sore from the assault I had launched on it……We had barely slept for five minutes when I started convulsing heavily…….

She woke with a startle and after much pushing, She was able to get me to wake up and when I did, I was covered in sweat…..

“Baby what’s wrong” she asked, clutching my face to her chest……… “I remember everything”, I said with a dark voice and a devilish glint in my eyes……..

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