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Must Read: BURN AGAIN - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“And there isn’t another bathroom in this big house?” so
much boldness for a PA-to-be
She just looked up at me and smiled. I was taller than
her and as she walked ahead of me leading the way, I
just but imagined if I was ever going to F**K her too.
She was as beautiful as her mother, but I just had not
got any attractions for her. Equally. she seemed to
really be the church girl.
“Here is your bathwater.” I was brought back to the
present. “The hose to the faucet stopped working last
night. The coming plumber will be fixing it too but
before then, you might have to bathe from the bucket.
Moreover, we have two guest rooms downstairs and
they all are in-suite. But with a few problems. The
plumber too. Hope that answers your question?”
“Yes, ma’am.” I was loving her sassiness.
She chuckled and walked away. She might have
answered all my worries, but knowing Lizzy this far, I
still had a feeling from somewhere, that she certainly
had something to do with bathing in her own personal
bathtub. Well, that was proved so correct, because just
after I had dropped my cloths and began the rudiments,
the door to the bathroom gave way and a canny Pastor
Elizabeth, stepped in.
“What the F**K?!!” I heard myself screaming; convert or
no convert! I was tirelessly looking for some cloth to
cover my nudity but kept failing repeatedly. How I was
acting that way, shocked me too. This was a woman I
was already very close to f-----g barely seven days
back. Guess it had to do with the daughter’s presence. I
just could not imagine doing her while her daughter was

at home.
When my eyes found her face, I was rather stunned.

She had been standing at the same point since she
stepped in. One hand over a rather widely open mouth.
She was staring at my bare J0yst!ck and she had gone
out of breath by the sheer enormity of the hallowed
s---t! It was not erect in anyway but I assume the
warmth of the room had made it very relaxed. An
opposite of what would have happened if I were in a
cold place. My balls were also hanging very low,
creating what must have been a very s*xy** view for
the lusting pastor.

“Oh my god!” she finally managed to say, letting the
blue towel she had around her all this while drop to the
bathroom floor. How she had managed to come into
her room and change into that was just plain mystery.
She was now left in red lacey brassiere and [email protected] I
mechanically drank up her sexiness as she wondered
from where she was standing.
“What?” I needed to be sure of what the problem was
even though the obviously puzzled look on her face was
saying enough
“How do you carry that thing about?” she was coming
closer to me, eyes still fixed on the J0yst!ck
I laughed lightly. I had placed a hand on it now. I
seemed to be giving her a show of all its sides while
she kept lamenting about the sheer magnitude! My
worry was that she was now sitting on the tub and was
fondling my balls. Celestina was in the same house as
ourselves and that was enough death sentence!
“Celestina could come in here Lizzy”, I was holding onto
her hand. She looked up at me and smiled
“She won’t come in here. She is busy.”
That was not enough guarantee for me so I tried
delaying her advances. However, I did not have to
continue doing so quite so long as Celestina soon called
unto her.

“I will be back.” she quietly walked out of the bathroom.
Well, in less than two or three minutes, my bath was
over. I was never going to wait on her return to the
bathroom. When she subsequently met me at the living
room, she laughed out loud.

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