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Must Read: BURN AGAIN - Season 1 - Episode 21
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“Uhhhhhh….”, I groaned. An expression of my gratitude
She smiled again, pulling the finger further into her
curled lips
I then returned my attention to her [email protected] Intensifying
my effort there. I picked out her c--t. Which I had been
deliberately avoiding all along as I had saved it for the
last. It looked bigger now and even more tempting! The
red tip was a lot more swollen and sat atop the start of
her slit. She gyrated sharply as soon as my tongue
found it! And as I pulled the entire knob into my mouth
in a single suction, she held onto my head with plenty
of fury, encouraging me to sU-Ck even harder! We were
already making the rounds! Rocking ourselves, crotch to
face. The slippery state of her pelvic region, giving us
enough lubrication to grind at higher frequency! Her legs
which were earlier raised into the air, were now
clamped around my neck, all in a bid to have my mouth
fixed perpetually onto her dripping gooey punnani!
After what seemed like many minutes, I withdrew my
face from her [email protected] albeit a strong resistance from
her as she obviously dint want the s£nsat!on to stop.

But I had bigger ideas. So I sat up, using the
opportunity to lick my entire jaw, nose and lips clean of
her juices, which was now all over the place. I had
begun unbuttoning my shirt, but before I could go
through the third button, she had gotten hold of my belt
hook and in a jiffy, freed my already waltzing boner! It
had ropes after ropes of pr£cuum dribbling down it as it
came into view and Lizzy began her work on it by

collecting the clear liquid with her tongue. I felt her hair
and as she began to attempt a deepthroat already on
the enormous s---t, I held her by the back of her head
to encourage her. After two long gulps, she pulled out
and blew a massive load of saliva on the 8 inch meat!
She later rubbed the spit along the length, paying
particular attention to the head.

“Work that J0yst!ck baby…” I muttered, almost having
lost my senses to the unimaginable pleasure she was
giving me
She smiled at me, and pulled close for a kiss, to which
I responded by crushing my lips into hers in an intense
french kiss! Our ferocious tongues curled and poked
into each other and when I finally managed to attempt
pulling out, she still caught my lower lip within her
mouth, giving me a little bite in the course! I feigned
hurt but as soon as I tried responding, she took my
J0yst!ck back into her mouth, and began sU-Cking and
wanking it furiously! Causing me to even rise from the
bed, as I felt I was going to blow my spunk just then!
She began chuckling uncontrollably. “I thought you were
a tough guy?”
That stung me hard! Pleasantly, though. “Really?” I
asked her, making up my mind on what next to do that
instant. “I will show you what tough guys do”
She was still giggling, when I suddenly jacked her up,
despite her weight, and hauled her onto the bed! Her
chortle increased, as she playfully sprinted onto the
pillows for safety. I started getting worried again that
Celestina might get to hear us.

“I will deal with you today”, I explained as I climbed into
bed, approaching her. While doing well to hide my
She giggled further, throwing the pillows to the side.

I grabbed her legs and dragged her to myself! Then in a
flip, spun her to her belly. Her plump butt0ckz was now
facing me and in a stint, I buried my face into it, doing
well to lubricate her [email protected] further from behind. As
soon as I felt I had done enough, I s-------d her, set
my burning J0yst!ck into position and from behind
buried my tool into her snatch! She felt warmly moist
and she instantly clenched her [email protected] muscles as she
released a soft hiss! I grabbed her butt0ckz globes and
gave them a huge sq££ze before moving my hands to
her hips for support. She in turn held onto the hands, in
readiness of what she knew was going to be a s*x

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