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Must Read: Glitches - Season 1 - Episode 14
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After the first night in the rehabilitation room, everybody was happy with the level of success attained. Even though falcon hated to agree, the success wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of these strangers. Strangers who had dedicated their whole night rest just for a tale he told them. A tale that was… no need for that now. Kingsley was the most helpful of the lot.

His program was what unscrambled the scrambled text that Newton had been struggling with for weeks. Now Newton was a geek, that much was clear, but a black man stealing his shine was something Falcon never expected.

When falcon recruited Newton he was just a guy on the payroll of a cooperation that specialized in hacking government secrets and auctioning it to the highest bidder. The secret Agency falcon represented once intercepted and hijacked a ship load of nuclear war heads shipped by the French government to its military base in the United Arab Emirates. The information needed for the hijack was sold to the Agency through Newton.

The ship was diverted to a secret location whispered to be housing artillery capable of obliterating a whole country.

It was a new day and the subject had woken up, reinvigorated. He couldn’t tell if it was the presence of the new faces or the news that progress was being made in this whole experiment that was him, that revitalized his essence.

‘’Breakfast is served.’’ He heard the ever familiar voice of Newton. Apart from having that infectious smile and being a computer geek, Newton was also a good cook. He had even once tried a local delicacy, one of his worst cooking till date.

‘’What do we have here?’’ Falcon asked, drawing a chair from the make-shift dining.

‘’Fried brain sandwich.’’ Newton replied with a benign smile.

‘’Calf or pig?’’ Falcon asked.

‘’Calf of course,’’ Newton replied. ‘’you made it clear you didn’t like pig brain.’’

‘’Wait, we’re eating calf brain for breakfast?’’ Stella asked. Definitely she didn’t think it was true when someone told her Americans eat anything edible.

‘’Best served hot.’’ Newton replied. ‘’And with a little bit of fruit juice of course.’’

They ate in silence for a little while. ‘’I heard what you did, stranger,’’ The subject broke the silence. ‘’And I’m grateful.’’

‘’That’s what I’m here for.’’ Kingsley replied, feeling an upsurge of pride.

Just then, Segun’s phone rang and he picked it.

‘’Sorry, I lost track of time.’’ He said. ‘’No, I’m not… Right away sir.’’

‘’work I guess?’’ Aaron asked.

‘’Said they just apprehended a high level security threat.’’ He stood up. ‘’Would have loved to finish your sandwich, but you see my boss, he’ll use my brain for sandwich if I’m not there in time.’’

Falcon stood up with a concerned look on his face. He walked towards Sugun, imposing authority with each step. The whole room was silent, the only thing audible in the room was Segun’s deep breathe. When falcon was within arm’s length of Segun, he stopped.

‘’I hope you understand the need for this to be kept secret?’’ he asked.

‘’I understand that.’’

Segun hadn’t even thought of reporting the matter to any third party. If the white man could trust them with the story, they should also return that much level of trust.

‘’hope you can find your way?’’

‘’C’mon, it’s not a labyrinth or something.’’ Segun smiled. ‘’I’ll be back in the evening.’’

With that, he walked out of the room while the rest continued their meal in silence. When they were through, Newton did the dishes while the rest went outside to get some air. The subject grabbed Aaron’s hand when he was about going out. ‘’can I see you for a second?’’ he requested. ‘’sure.’’ Aaron replied and followed him through the small door into the cave of solitude. Aaron studied him. His hair was disheveled. He was the untidy version of Wole Soyinka. His eyes were tiny, there was a vague familiarity in them. He was dark in complexion and about 5ft9 tall.

‘’I don’t trust him.’’ He suddenly said.
Aaron turned back to be sure he was the one been spoken to. He had no idea what the Subject was talking about.

‘’Trust who?’’ he asked when it was clear he was the only one there.


‘’Oh! C’mon, he seems nice.’’

‘’My spirit just doesn’t tally with his. I mean, he looks like the conventional nice guy quite alright, but I get this feeling he is a dangerous wolf hiding in sheep clothing.’’ The subject explained.

‘’You are probably still recovering from the Drugs, you’re delirious and you need some rest.

I’m calling the Doctor.’’ Aaron wanted to leave but the firm hand of the subject grabbed him.

‘’Goddamit Aary you don’t understand.’’

‘’There is nothing to…’’ Aaron was saying but something struck him. ‘’Did you just call me Aary?’’
Aary was a pet name only his family members called him, not even Stella knew that name.

‘’He isn’t who you think he is.’’

‘’Nobody knows me with that name, unless you are…’’ The word hung on his mouth as he watched a little tear drop from the face of the subject.

Jeremy was surrounded by heavily armed policemen. And suddenly when he needed his powers, there were nowhere to be found.

He wished he could turn into whatever it was he normally turns into and finish off these men.

He obeyed them and walked into their truck amidst stare from several onlookers.

The police station looked large, like the state headquarters or something. He was led into an empty room where he was strapped to a chair with his hands and legs fully chained to the chair.

He was left there with the door firmly closed.

Good thing they left the light on, he would have transformed before they got back. He studied the room, it had splashes of blood on the wall.

You could smell the violence and bloodbath in the air.

He was left in the room for close to 30minutes, although he could hear whispers outside the door. His hands and legs were beginning to hurt but he knew this was just the beginning.

The door suddenly opened and a fearful looking man walked in. From his face, Jeremy concluded he had never smiled. Truly, Sule only smiled when inflicting pain on people. Torture was his expertise and he gets paid for doing that.

He dropped his implements on the table; pliers, Unclad wire, knife, chisel, dry gin and an electric iron. Jeremy immediately started shaking, he knew well enough to fear a policeman, especially when in the station.

He heard footsteps approaching and quickly raised his head to see the person.

The figure appeared from the shadows and entered the room, Jeremy remembered the face.

‘’We meet again,’’ Detective Dosun said. ‘’Only this time, it’s in my house.’’ He gave an evil grin.

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