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Must Read: Glitches - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Driving at a breakneck speed, the three boys were in high spirits. Wilson popped the wine he was holding and it shot out of the bottle ferociously, pouring Greg in the process.

‘’hey, I thought we were saving the drinks for the party proper?’’ Greg protested. Wilson shot him that ‘you really are no fun’ look.

‘’’Hello? Are we running out of drinks here?’’ he gave an inquisitive look. ‘’look around men, you’re in the circle of kings, don’t be such a killjoy.

‘’That’s exactly what I’ve had to put up with in that house.’’ Aaron who was on the wheels said. His foot was going hard on the accelerator.

‘’The mummy’s boy always acts like a flibbertigibbet, the poo is crazy men.’’
Greg didn’t understand what Aaron meant by flibbertigibbet. The guy always practices his new vocabularies on Greg, and most of the times, they were used in the wrong context. Greg didn’t ask for the meaning of the word like he’d normally do. What difference would that make anyways? Aaron would still shove his question aside and tell him what a wannabe Detective he looked like with his inquisitiveness. Aaron slid in a disk in the car stereo, Naeto c came on with his latest hit track – kini big deal.

‘’Kini big deal… kini big deal… Shebi shebi we’re on fire.’’ Aaron sang along, his voice trying so hard to overcome the loudness of the music.
‘’what exactly are we celebrating?’’ Greg shouted above the music.
‘’Take a pick,’’ Aaron replied. ‘’Your final WASSCE paper is on Monday, you’re turning 18 next week…’’ he paused a bit. ‘’And Stella is going to give you a son very soon.’’

Aaron and Wilson erupted in a fit of anger inducing laughter. ‘’I never knew children could now be vomited after hugs and smiles.’’ Greg replied.
‘’Boy, don’t tell me you haven’t sapped that honey.’’ Wilson popped his eyes. ‘’damn! Your bro is an 18th century monk.’’
Aaron shrugged as if to tell him ‘i told you so.’
‘’Jesus Wilson, she’s 16 for Christ sake,’’ Greg defended. ‘’And we’re taking things slow.’’
A loud screech effectively served as a good enough reason to end the topic. Aaron had brought the car to an abrupt stop. Greg’s heart practically popped out of his chest, Wilson on the other hand didn’t blink, he had gone out with Aaron long enough to know how he stops his car.
‘’Welcome to the Elegushi Beach gentlemen,’’ Aaron addressed them. ‘’where the bitches never dries. ‘’
Greg was lost as to what they were doing in a beach, was this where Aaron runs to every time he gets hold of the car keys? After clearing the necessary logistics, the boys went in and had mad fun. Greg wasn’t used to the kind of life but he managed to fare. He took extra caution not to get lost in the euphoria and consume too much alcohol. At the end of the day, he was able to pull out of his shell a little bit. They all left towards evening but instead of going home directly, Aaron changed course and started driving towards a bushy path. Greg didn’t complain, he trusted his brother even in his drunken state. The drive started getting creepy as the path began getting deserted. Aaron parked at the feet of a large mountain.

‘’What are we doing here?’’ Greg asked.

‘’Just get down, I want to show you something.’’ Aaron replied him. They all got down and climbed the mountain a little bit.

There were bits of rocks and shrubs on them.

When they’d gone far enough, Aaron stopped.

He looked at Wilson and nodded, Wilson responded by bringing out a gun. Greg gasped at the sight of it.

‘’Oh what, we’re going hunting now?’’ he asked but when Wilson raised the gun at him, he moved back instinctively. ‘’what’s this supposed to mean?’’ he asked.
‘’You know Greg, you and everybody at home think the only thing I’m good at is envying you, basking in the shadows of the anointed one of the Apam family, but I’m here to shock you. I can do many things. I can kill somebody, I can craftily hide evidence that points to foul play, I can inherit the victim’s girlfriend.’’ Aaron gave an evil guffaw.
‘’Aaron, this is just some prank right?’’ Greg asked. ‘’Let’s go home, I promise I won’t tell anybody what happened here.’’’
‘’Too late for that little bro, I’m going to get all I’ve always wanted. The attention and all the love you get… Goodbye Greg.’’ He gave Wilson the signal to finish him up and he left to the car.

‘’Wilson, look at me,’’ Greg called out. ‘’Remember those days when we play and promise ourselves that we’d always look out for each other no matter what?’’
‘’We were kids Greg, we weren’t privy to the harsh realities of life.’’

‘’There are no harsh realities Wilson, realities only become harsh when we sow evil. It’s called Karma.’’

Wilson thought over it, what would he stand to gain killing a friend he had known all his life?

They grew up together, played together, ate together, heck they even slept together.

‘’Run Greg,’’ he suddenly said. ‘’Run and never come back, your brother is going to complete his mission if he learns you’re still alive.

Greg didn’t wait for Wilson to complete what he was saying, he turned and started running through the rocky terrain. Wilson shot his gun in the opposite direction twice, he had to make Aaron believe he did his job. He went back to the car to find Aaron sulking in drink.

‘’Done.’’ He said.

‘’You made sure he was dead?’’
‘’I left him lifeless.’’
‘’Good.’’ Aaron acknowledged, ‘’may his soul rest in peace.’’ He stepped on the accelerator and they left the place.

‘’I swear it was the drink.’’ Aaron tried to explain to Greg, he could now see through the thick beards and tattered wears, it really was his brother. ‘’Drugs… some real hard Drugs was in that drink, I swear it makes you violent.’’

Greg never prepared for this scenario, truth was, he had long forgiven his brother but thinking about it now was bringing back memories.

Bad ones.

‘’Everything alright here?’’ The raspy voice of Falcon shot through their ears.

‘’we’re good, just going over some details.’’ Aaron quickly replied him, praying he shouldn’t see the tear mark on Greg’s face.

‘’come on, we need to get to work, we don’t have time.’’

The three men walked over to the next room – the rehabilitation room, to meet Kingsley, Stella, Tobi and Newton. Stella looked at them suspiciously, like they just went to plan something sinister.

‘’Where were we?’’ Falcon asked.

‘’Outside the room, in the lush environment of the hill, savoring the sweet breeze.’’ Kingsley replied.

‘’Very funny.’’
‘’Dr. falcon, I want to know more about the maternal side of Cameron.’’ Stella inquired.

‘’unfortunately, there is only little about her in mythology. Evelyn Erling moved to Nigeria where it is believed she formed some kind of a cult, they call themselves the curators of Norse norms.’’

‘’Never heard of them.’’ Tobi said.

‘’It is a secret cult, you don’t expect them to announce their existence on radio and T.V.’’

Falcon replied him. ‘’But…’’ he paused. ‘’If Evelyn knew the cure to the Loman disease, she’ll most likely pass it down through this cult.’’

Falcon watched as their eyes brightened with surprise, finally, they were getting to the end of the tunnel – where there was light.

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