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Must Read: Glitches - Season 1 - Episode 16
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‘’So why haven’t you thought about this all these while?’’ The one who had come to be known as the subject but whose real name was Greg spoke.

‘’ I don’t know, I guess that’s how the mind works, search high before low right?’’
That obviously wasn’t a good enough answer for Greg for he immediately flared up. ‘’That isn’t a good enough reason now is it? Look at me. I’m the guy who turns into a beast every night. I’m that guy who lies on the experiment bed for whoever cares to check if his university certificate is still valid. I’m that guy who can’t socialize for fear of hurting others. I’m the guy been tagged ‘THE SUBJECT’. I’m that guy who sleeps in a cave. Look at me and tell me it would have skipped your mind if your child had been the one on that experiment bed.’’
‘’You don’t get to judge me. I’m that guy who flew a thousand miles to spearhead this experiment. I’m that guy who hasn’t seen his family for weeks because of this same experiment.’’ Falcon replied him, obviously angered by his outburst. ‘’And yes I call you the subject, but it is more out of professionalism than mockery.’’
‘’Ease up everybody,’’ Stella immediately intervened. ‘’I for one find it absurd that a human being is been referred to as ‘the subject.’ I’m sorry if I ever used that pseudonym on you but don’t you think you should tell us your name?’’
‘’That’s not the point.’’ Greg replied brusquely. ‘’my point is, this joke of an experiment is taking longer than normal because we are not looking in the right direction. Looks to me like someone is stalling.’’

There was suddenly a thick silence in the room.

Aaron was thinking how his perfect life went south in just a week. He nearly went into cardiac when Stella asked Greg of his name. He feared she’d recognize him once he mentions his name. He was scared of losing Stella, their relationship had hitherto been perfect but he feared she was going to hate him forever if she learnt the truth about Greg. What really went wrong? He had told that bastard to make sure he was dead. Aaron hated himself that he was still thinking evil of his brother instead of begging for his forgiveness. He told himself he regretted his action, he even repented after the tragedy cost him his parents. Oh Wilson, I wish you’d still be alive to see the havoc you’ve wrecked on my life. Wilson had died few years after the Greg episode when stray bullets from a robbery attack hit him. Aaron had thought it was Karma coming back to haunt them after killing Greg, he who kills by the gun, dies by the gun’ but now he doesn’t even know what to believe.
‘’You’ve got to be kidding me?’’ Newton suddenly said, looking into his computer screen.

‘’What’s that?’’ Falcon asked with a look of concern in his face. Although he was glad that he would be getting a break from the subject and his distrust, he didn’t need to show it.
‘’it’s the Hill’s security, looks like they are carrying out some kind of system upgrade.’’
‘’Is that supposed to worry us?’’
‘’we created a loop in their camera feed, a system upgrade might be able to detect that.’’ The hill’s security department had cameras round the hill. These live cameras give them feeds of everything going on in the Hill.

This way, they wouldn’t have to scare their campers with security checks, they just seat at the central security office with many monitors displaying live feeds from the cameras and dispatch teams on standby waiting to be sent into the hill if any security threat was discovered.

What Newton did was to hack into the cameras around the cave and plant engineered videos.

So instead of the security department to see all the unwanted tourists in their property, they see a video of a calm and serene environment.

Kingsley went close to the computer.

‘’Then we need to hide the loop so the upgrade wouldn’t detect it.’’ He started punching the computer keyboard and when he was satisfied, he moved back as if admiring his work. ‘’See? We’ve also upgraded our loop.’’ he said.

Aaron fixed his hands in his suede pockets, he was sweating. All what they were saying wasn’t even getting to him, his mind was far away. His right hand felt something inside the pocket, he brought it out and it was a piece of paper. He gently unfolded it and saw a phone number written on it. He thought so hard but he couldn’t remember whose number it was, just when he was about throwing it away, the memories all came back. It was the girl from the club. Just what he needed. He excused himself and went outside, then he dialed the number.

When it was about ending, she picked up.

‘’Hello?’’ the soft, angelic, feminine voice came on.
‘’Yeah, it’s me. The guy from the club.’’
‘’The guy from the club?’’ She asked like she was confused. She remembered him but she just had to play hard. Who even introduces himself as the guy from the club? ‘’Sorry I don’t know any guy from the club.’’

‘’Buzzers club. We danced together, shared the rest of the night in your car.’’

‘’oh you.’’ She didn’t want it to seem like many guys shared the night with her in her car. ‘’I thought you were never going to call.’’
‘’Yeah, I’m good at proving people wrong.

Look, can we meet?’’
‘’I’m currently engaged but I would be done in the next 30minutes. You give me the time and the place and I’d be there.’’

Kingsley looked at his wristwatch, it was just a few minutes past 2. ‘’How about queen’s garden by 4?’’

Jeremy sat on the wooden chair with his hands and legs bound to it. He was feeling thirsty, famished and tired. Tired not only in the physical sense but also in the mental sense. He was tired of living, he was tired of being a victim of circumstances – being in the wrong places at the wrong times. Detective Dosun and the ‘smile-o-phobic’ guy had come inside the shythole just to instill the fear of God in him. The Balotelli of a guy had dropped his torture instruments for Jeremy to clearly see and as if that was all the work he had to do, he just walked out of the room.

The Detective on the other hand came to torture him psychologically. He had first asked Jeremy if he was hungry – playing the role of a good host, and then calling out the list of foods available.

He created that craving and longing for food in Jeremy, in that state, they could get what they wanted from him, after all, Esau sold his birth right just for a plate of pottage.

Jeremy was left for close to 5 hours, 5 tormenting hours. The door caved open, his two tormentors walked in but this time, they were with a third person Jeremy didn’t recognize. Segun was an expert in polygraphs so he always came in handy when interrogations were about to be carried out. He set up the machine and connected the wires to Jeremy’s head and chest. When he was done, he sat down facing Jeremy. Sule fixed his torture equipments, those that needed to be connected to an electric source were plugged in.

when Detective Dosun was satisfied with the arrangement, he started the interrogation.

‘’What is your name.’’

‘’Jeremy Bassey.’’

‘’How old are you?’’


‘’What tribe are you?’’

‘’Do you know Miss Kelly Olabisi?’’


‘’Did you kill her?’’

Jeremy swallowed saliva.

‘’Did you kill Miss Olabisi?’’ Detective Dosun asked again, surprisingly calm.

‘’No.’’ Jeremy replied.

‘’Lie.’’ Segun announced, obviously spotting it from the polygraph reading.

Sule quickly emptied one bucket of water on Jeremy, he then carried his wire which had already been plugged to a power source and touched Jeremy with the Unclad end. Jeremy vibrated on his chair from the electrocuting effect of the wire. After 5 seconds, Sule removed the wire.

‘’Let’s do this again shall we?’’ Detective Dosun was definitely enjoying this. ‘’Did you kill Miss Kelly Olabisi?’’

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