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Calls came in. Text messages flooded my phone.

Neighbours came around. I just won the election, the celebrations around me overwhelmed me, I wasn’t happy that I wasn’t happy I just won an election I spent almost 5 months to work on.

Tech’s Dad called, his mum followed, April couldn’t get enough of it,sure I was everywhere, on her Instagram, twitter, but then I remembered my mom, I got sad, then I thought about Jola, and what he’d do next. I didn’t know if to call him or wait for his call, so I followed my instinct, and moved towards my phone, thanking everyone who came to celebrate me.

The margin was so small, I egded with 1,212 votes, at the end, Tech kissed me on the forehead, and then moved to the room when he heard I won.,He came outt all dressed, saying he had some business to deal with. What Business I wondered? , he didn’t give me much time to question him, as he moved straight to the car and drove off. I didn’t want it to be what I was thinking about, maybe he went to attack Jola, but then, at that moment, I was too busy, flooded with calls, that I could barely follow my husband to know his movement. I picked up a call at all, from Sen. James Oseni, he congratulated me, telling me my determination and good work won me the election, and I should show those traits when I start serving. I didn’t even realise I had to write a speech until he pointed that out, that i’d need to address the people of Mushin.

I asked April to help me with that, and then changed unto some black apparel, took a kitchen knife and moved to my car, ready to finish the deal.

I drove myself, and called Tech, who refused to pick up any of my calls, and then I called Jola, who wouldn’t pick also, and so I sped, to meet up with Tech if he was trying to do something he’d regret in Jola’s place. I didn’t realise the Lagos police had started following me, as soon as I drove above speed limit, I pulled up, and started pleading, they couldn’t recognise me though, so after some time, they asked for some bribe, I paid them more than they asked, they thanked me, hailing me, I didn’t care, I sped off again, knowing they wouldn’t care to follow me again.

I had almost gotten to Jola’s place, and as I drove neat his gate, I tried to see if Tech ‘s car was there,and it wasn’t, I called him again, this time he picked the call, telling me he just left Jola now, and that Ja had accepted the bribe and that we were free. He told me to drive home for us to celebrate properly now, I felt relieved, and then I thought, why don’t I call Jola and tell him I appreciated him changing his mind. On calling, Stephanie, his wife picked, she was crying,
“Why are you crying, Stephanie “, I asked.

“Birch, weren’t u satisfied with winning the election, why did you do this?”, She said, in between sobs
“Stephanie, what’s happened? “. I asked.

“Jola was involved in a Car Crash, he’s in a very critical condition, he was drunk driving and his brake failed”. She said
“Oh gosh, please what hospital has he been admitted to?” I asked, shocked.
“Lagoon, Lagoon hospital, that’s where we are “, She said, ending the call.

I drove in that direction, one thing in mind,if this was Tech, he proves he’s really mastermind, it’d look like Jola got drunk because I won, and then got in an accident, I wanted to call h, but I felt scared to ask him, I didn’t know how far he could go , and I didn’t know who to trust anymore.

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