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Jane…What’s the last thing you can
remember?” Adams asked softly.

I looked up at him before I began to
think about it.

It was weird; my memory
sort of seemed fuzzy.

The past week was
a bit of a blur but at the same time it
wasn’t. I remembered Adams finally
admitting his feeling towards me in front
of our entire school.

The memory of our
very passionate kiss in front of everyone
forced my cheeks to redden. I thought
harder as the image of me punching
Jessica in the face slightly made my lips
form into a smile. I knew that wasn’t
what Adams was talking about; I needed
to look further into my mind.

“D-Derrek…He called me.” I finally
mumbled though the memory was a bit
unclear; I couldn’t remember why he
called me.
“Do…Do you remember anything else?”
Adams questioned.
That’s when the memory came back like
a bomb exploding in my head. Richard had
made it to Liam’s before he left to
California. When Adams and I finally
showed up at Liam’s house, Richard had a
gun pulled out on him and I…I was shot.
I tried to move my arm, I wanted to see
my stomach but it was too hard to move.
My body was so weak but I managed to
move my hand to my abdominal. It felt
tender and was still slightly in pain.

“I…I want to see it.” I whispered out.
“See what?”
“My…My stomach.”
Adams nodded as he pulled the blanket
off my body, he slightly lifted up the
hospital gown.
I glanced downward only
to see a deep red scar; a few little red

dots surrounded the bullet wound.
brother once had stitches, so when I saw
the red dots I knew right away they were
from stitches.
“How…” My voice trailed off as I stared
down at the healing wound with
confusion. “How is it already healed,
didn’t I just get shot yesterday?”
Adams slowly shook his head right
before a tall dark haired man wearing a
Doctor’s uniform came into the room.
“Oh, she was right…You are awake.” He
stared at me in shock, “Usually patients
don’t wake up so abruptly…Usually they
show some kind of signs first;
“W-What on earth is going on?” I finally

The doctor walked over to the machinery
I was hooked up to but didn’t reply.

When he finally turned towards me;
instead of answering my question he
began bombarding me with his own;
old are you?
What is your name?
What is
today’s date?
What is your address?
are your parents’ names?
What is the last
thing you remember?
The list went on
and on, and as he was asking all these
questions, Adams quickly sneaked out of
the room.

I could see him through the
crack in the door as he paced back and
forth while talking on his cell phone.
I looked back up at the Doctor and I tried
to answer the questions as best as I
could. I noticed the more I talked the
more my voice grew stronger. I had
answered every question right aside
from the ‘What is today’s date?’
Apparently I had been in a Coma for four
entire weeks. When he told me that I
sort of just la!d there staring up at him.

It felt like I had barely been sleeping for
a few hours, although it did explain why
the stitches in my stomach had already
been removed and also why my whole
body was so weak and cramped up. But
even so, it was still a little bit of a

I looked up as Adams walked back into
the room, “I just called your brother;
he’s on his way over.”
“Richard?” I gasped with excitement.

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