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NOTE: I won’t say pretty much here and now, I will leave the whole appreciation to my next update which is author’s note…
I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of
Adams’ GMC truck as we pulled up to
the front doors of my house.
It had never felt so good to finally be home.

After being at the Hospital for six weeks
(two of which I was awake) home felt
more like heaven where as the hospital
was my hell.

Two weeks of constant
physiotherapy and even mental therapy
had completely worn me out.

Luckily, my recovery had been a lot quicker than
most peoples and being released after
only two weeks after waking up from a
month long coma was miracle in itself.

I looked up into the windows of my
house as I noticed that all the lights were
out which indicated my parents weren’t
home. I had talked to them about three
times since I had woken up.
They said they loved me and that they wished they
were there for me, they said to get
better and hopefully they would be able
to make it home sometime soon.
This would probably upset most teenagers;
finding out that you had been in a coma
for a month and your parents were only
there for one week. Or that once you
finally did wake up, they were too busy
‘working’ to even come and see you. But it honestly didn’t bug me, I didn’t need them.
At this point in my life, I actually know people who cared about me and were there for me and they were all I needed.

“Home sweet home.” Adams’ husky
voice reached my ears as I turned my
head towards him.
A small encouraging smile sat crookedly on his face.
“Thank God,” I smiled back. “I swear, if I had to have one more bite of that disgusting Hospital Jell-O, I would have…” I scowled while shaking my head,
unable to think of a proper word to
describe what I’d do.
Adams laughed, “Hey, that food didn’t
look so bad.”
I rolled my eyes and was just about to
glare at him when I caught a glimpse of
something in the rear view mirror.

Instantly my eyes lit up as I watch Richard’s
72 Chevy pickup pull into the driveway
with both Richard and Derrek sitting inside it.

Behind them was Brandon’s black
S.U.V and although the windows were
fiercely tinted I could still manage to see
Dorcas’ sitting in the passenger’s seat with
Brandon driving.
I heard Adams slightly chuckle at me.
“What?” I questioned.
“Nothing.” He said as he continued to
smile, “Here, let me get your door for you.”
I watch Adams as he jumped out of his
truck and came over to my side of the

He opened the door for me
before offering me his hand to take.
“It’s a miracle!” Dorcas yelled from
Brandon’s SUV.
She had the door opened
and was leaning over the frame of it.
“She can walk!” I watched her as she fully
jumped out of the vehicle and began to
run towards me.

All the guys were slowly getting out of
their vehicles and walking up towards the
house while Dorcas bounced happily to me
within seconds.

Of course she had seen
me almost every day since I’d woken up
but I guess finally seeing me out of the
hospital, made her all hyper and excited.
I couldn’t blame her because honestly, I
was pretty excited to be out of there as
As Dorcas’ small arms wrapped around my
body and pulled me into a tight embrace,
I winced.
Her stomach pressed against my own which put pressure against the bullet wound.
“Be careful short-stuff…” Darrek said in
his low, cool voice. “She may be walking
but she did just get shot a little over a
month ago.”

I could just barely see Richard behind
Derrek but at the mention of me being
shot I did noticed how he lowered his
Even after two weeks of me constantly forgiving Richard, saying that obviously he didn’t mean to and that it had been an accident, he still hadn’t fully
forgiven himself.

I knew that it was going to take some time before Richard came to terms with it and nothing I could say
would speed up the process anymore.
“Oh, my God.” Dorcas exclaimed as she pulled away remorsefully.
“Sorry Jane…I guess I wasn’t really think about that.”
I smiled almost immediately as I
wrapped my left side arm around her
neck and pulled her into a small hug,
careful not to press my right side
stomach against anything. “Don’t worry,
it’s just a little scratch.” I said with a
“Alright, kids, let’s take this party inside.”
Richard teased.

He walked up to the front
door and began to unlock it as everyone
else followed him into the house.

Once we were all scattered around the
living room, Richard disappeared into the
kitchen to fetch everyone some drinks. I
sat on one of love seat sofas with
Adams, although I had to carefully
position myself onto my left side.
Brandon sat across from us on a
matching chair with Dorcas resting on the
arm rest lazily.
“Maybe I’ll go help Richard out.” Derrek finally broke the silence as he got up off the other love-seat and headed towards the kitchen.
I then seemed to let my mind wonder over to school and all the days I’ve missed, luckily it was Friday and I
wouldn’t have to go back to school for another three days.

Also the teachers seemed to let my six weeks off also
count as the suspension I should have received for punching Jessica in the face.
Apparently most of the teachers at school weren’t very fond of her either so they tried to give me the most minimal punishment.
But even though I would be going back to school as soon as the weekend ended the amount of
catching up I’d have to do was already
stressing me out to the max.
“Jane?” Adams spoke softly as he
reached for my face and lightly brushed
his hand along my cheek.

I felt my stomach begin to flutter.
“Are you okay?”
Once Adams’ hand pulled away from my face the dreamy state he always caused my body to transform into slowly vanished away.
“Huh?” I murmured before I realized what he had actually asked me.
“Oh…Uh, yah I’m fine. Just a little stressed out about school, I guess.”
I heard Brandon laugh from across the room as I jerked my head towards him.
“Did I say something funny?” I asked him
“Kinda.” He finally replied. “Jane, you are ahead of everyone in class…Hell, you’re ahead of me and Dorcas. You don’t have any catching up to do, but at last the entire class has caught up to you.”
Dorcas giggled,
“Jane, He’s right.” She said as she ran her fingers through Brandon’s deep brown curly hair.
“You’ll be ahead of everyone in a week or so…Well,
unless Mr. Adams over there distracts you
too much.”

It was about three hours later when everyone finally left, leaving me and Adams alone in my big empty house.
I just finished waving goodbye to Derrek and Richard who were now speeding down the street.
I stood at the front door as I watched the truck disappear out of sight.
Derrek had decided that because today was their one month ‘out of the closet’ anniversary, he was going to bring Richard somewhere special.

Richard had been a
little skeptical at first seeing as I had just returned home from the hospital today.

But after about a half hour of convincing
him it was alright and that I’d be fine here with Adams, him and Derrek bounced out the doors like a couple of seven year old kids heading to an
amusement park.

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