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Halima stopped bringing us meals, she even locked up are sitting room to us, Kzee tried talking to her, but to everyone’s suprise, she gave Kzee a resounding slap. Imagine the little girl. It was the sound of the slap that got our attention only for us to see it was Kzee at the receiving end, thank God everyone had gone to work and we were the only ones at home.
She saw the anger on everyones face, Kzee was just transfixed to the spot, she also became motionless and the effect of what she has done was just telling on her. We all were vividly angry, but there was nothing we could do. Imagine the Bleep up this is to us all, I felt like beating the hell out of her, but what would be my reason when people ask why she was been beaten.
Within seconds, she was all over Kzee, weeping, begging and trying to hug him, Kzee pushed her away and left her parlour. She came to our room and was begging everyone, telling us she didn’t know when she did it, we all told her to leave our room.

For three days Halima was begging, everywhere around the house when no other person was there she will go on her knees and beg, we kept on ignoring her, but the anger in me was dying and I was feeling a little sorry for the poor girl. She wa just trying to show her authority not to be taken for a fool, but she was just too young and too silly the way she went about it.
That Night, we had a family meeting, where we concluded that, what happened was a great slap on us all, and its belittling us in everyway. We said no one should have anything to do with any girl under 18 and we all should stop all this neighbour parole. We also told Kzee to forgive the poor girl, but to end every relationship with her.
Kzee forgave the girl, but what we didn’t know was that she was forgiving with so many rounds of unprotected s*x, Kzee said he was going to teach her a lesson, but the lesson did not go has plan.

Three week later, all things were normal, Halima was happy again, she was even shining and it seems Kzee had forgotten the slap or maybe it was Halima that was no more jealous. Aisha was a regular, and Halima even do greet her when she’s around and even serve her food too.

We all asked Kzee if he hadn’t forgotten our agreement, he said he’s no more into Halima and had made her understand that they can continue. We all welcomed that and concluded that Halima did well in handling the situation maturely.
I was not totally convinced with what Kzee said, cause I was seeing signs contrary to that, I informed Acme, he said he was going to watch out for that. Whatching out he was doing till one day when Halima fainted.
It was on a sunny afternoon around 3 pm. I and Abbey were the only one back from school.

Halima was brough home from school, feeling feverish and throwing up. I tried undressing her and helping her out of her uniform because she couldn’t even move, she was sweating profusely, Abbey was in the room sleeping, I wanted to wake him but I reasoned he will be of no use.
While undressing Halima, I couldn’t help but stare at the yellow ballons, Halima was over yellow, she looked like one of thoes Fulani rich girls, well she was fro the Igbira part of Kogi. *errrm ademoladeji, wetin u talk about the Igbira people sef, before cherrybrown go come dey form forker*

Halima was fresh and spotless, she would have passed for a model if not for her chubbyness and litlle height. My JT couldn’t respect itself, here was a little girl dying and this silly thing was almost disgracing me in her presence. I tried controlling my JT, but when I removed her skirt, and saw fresh laps, I gasped for air. I had to leave her there and stay outside a litlle bit to reassure myself that this girl is my younger sister, infact over younger sister and I could be charged for child abuse and molestation if I do anything silly.

She was just on her tight and bra whe she told me she wanted to throw up, I took her to the toilet, while throwing up, she fainted. I poured a full bucket on water on her, gave her mouth to mouth *the girl lips soft die* did all I could before she came back up.

I told her we need to go to the hospital and I will call her mum right away, she said she would be all right and I don’t need to call her mum. She asked me to please call Kzee to hurry home and I asked her why Kzee, she started crying and said to me, ‘Tee baba, I think I am pregnant’

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