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I was in school preparing for my exams, yemi kept on calling saying she would like us to meet again, I told her to wait till weekend, she said she can’t cause she was missing me like kilode, I told her my primary aim in Ilorin is to do well in school that every other thing is secondary. She said she was gonna come visit me in school, I told her she was welcome but ladies are not allowed into the male hostel here.

One fateful Thursday, she beeped me that she would be coming to school to see me, I told her I would be having exams till six in the evening she said she wasn’t coming in the afternoon before.

I got a call from her by eight pm saying she was in front of the hostel, I took my shirt and walked with my friends to see her. I got to where she was and all I could say was wow, she was dressed in a blue plain trouser with a well starched and ironed long sleeves shirt, her long hair were loosed and spread over her shirt given her a look of a goddess, I felt so proud that I had to give her a 360 degree hug then finished it up with a kiss and I made sure a lot of eyes saw me.

My friends couldn’t hide there amazement as they all requested for a hug and she gladly gave them.
We all went to the cafeteria, I was fond of buka 2 then, she ordered rice while I took a bowl of fufu, you know say man need to be strong for the journey ahead. We hosted all trough the meal with my friends, but instead of her just hosting alone, she placed her hand on my JT and sq££zed it once a while all through the meal.

She whispers into my ear telling me I should hurry up with the meal, that she was Hot already.

After the meal, I discharged my friends and walked her to block seven up. Block seven upnwas the deadliest block on unilorin walkway, a lot of rams were usually slaughtered there, it was usually dark maybe it was the students who took out all the bulbs or if that was how it was planned to be. It was engineering block so am sure ademoladeji knows what am talking about.

While walking on the walk way, yemi was all over me, kissing, placing my hands on her b0s0m, telling me how excited she was seeing me and all other sweet gibberish. We got to block seven, and took the stairs to the upper part, saw a very dark part close to the classroom and took her there straight away. I told her we don’t have much time so we have to be fast with what we were about to do. I told her to hold the pillar and I unbuttoned her trouser she was on a gstring so I just shifted it aside and gbam in on thrust I was in, after like six thrust, I remembered I had no protection on, I told her I need to go get one but she insisted that the deed is done already so I continued, I was banging her and singing hymn 444 all things bright and beautiful in my mind, cause the enjoyment of our raw skin was too much and if i don’t get my mind off it I would Pour before time. I was banging hard and our bodies were making sounds kpa, kpa, kpa,the area was so silent that anyone in block six might be hearing the sound our body was making, her m0answere silent, just little sounds hear and there. After about 3 minutes she told me her knees were weak, so I took her to the built in seats on the walk way and she sat on me facing me so as to see what going on behind me and me also seeing what’s going in behind her.

She continued hopping up and down and soon she went crazy ,slamming my J0yst!ck on a pvssy like someone possessed, i was feeling pains on my d!ckson cos she was bending and squeezing it with her pvssy, her meanings increased and I had to try cover her mouth with my hand but no easy she continue screaming and grinding after like a minute her momentum paused, and she placed her head on my neck and remained still, so gradually I was moving my hips to continue from where she stopped. Her m0an!ng were returning gradually when someone called out and said what Re you people doing there…

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