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Later in the evening, it was a full house, I and Acme had decided to keep what I saw a secret, so it was. After dinner we were having discussions when I raised the Halima’s issue.

Me: guys abeg, that young girl called halima, like how old is she sef?
TJ: oni bara e n bole bo ( your beggar is about turning to a thief)
Me: haaaa, forget that, I have no negative intentions ooo, its just that this afternoon I saw her in a school uniform but she looks older than the average student
Acme: well she’s just 14 years
Me: really? Wetin she dey chop
Kzee: I have been trying to corner her sef
Abbey: bros Kzee, is she not too young for you? Ou guys no am the youngest in this room, so please leave the young one for the young man
We all clapped for Abbey and is great presentation then kzee continued
Kzee: you know you two would be too young for each other, she needs a mature hand to guide her through this young adolescence stage, and that’s where my experience comes in handy
Abbey: but bros you know I know your girlfriend of seven years, do you want to cheat on her? Even if you are to cheat, is it with his tiny girl. Please leave her for me oooo
Acme: guys, anyone can have her, but please let’s have it in mind that her mum has been wonderful to us, she brings food for us almost every night, sometimes she allow us sleep in her sitting room due to our congestion, so please whatever the case may be, don’t let her mother know.

Kzee: I understand, if I corner her now, we would be having more food from their side.

While we were still talking, KB walked in, I tried to check my time and it was past 9pm. We all excused her and Acme to sit in Halima’s sitting room

Me: ismail, she this babe wan sleep here ni? Or shey na around she dey stay
Ismail: she fit sleep na, na today? She usually sleep here when she feels like
We then switched the discussion to football, Ismail was an Arsenal fan with Abbey, Kzee and Acme are both chelsea fan while I am a manchester united fan, TJ is clubless.

It was past ten so we all decided to go in and sleep, cos it seems Halima and her sister rukky will be sleeping in the sitting room.

Acme and KB took the big bed, with Acme sleeping close to the wall so KB was sleeping close to where we were to put our heads. We sq££zed ourselves to the small hostel size bed and we haven’t slept for long when we started hearing whispers from the big bed. Well at first I taught I was the only one hearing this but I saw Kzee also running his eyes through and fro and our eyes met but we remained silent. This was what we heard
Acme: Kb move closer now
KB: please leave me like this am tired
Acme: just move ur butt0ckz close
Kb: what are you even trying to do, leave my wrapper joor
Acme: you are raising your voice na
Kb: you too leave me alone. Stop don’t off my pant ooo
Acme: your shakara to much joor, just move closer
KB: acme I don’t have the strength for this tonight
Acme: don’t worry, u don’t need to stress yourself, just let me do the job.

The next thing we heard was the bed moving, Kb had loosed her wrapper making he butt0ckz to face Acme, and Acme the sharp guy had penetrated her from behind.

Acme was hitting her hard cos I could hear the sound his body was making with her butt0ckz, but Kb was neither shaking nor making a sound she was just there like a log of wood.

At this point I became restless, sleep had vanished and my eyes were too clear, to make matter worse I became tensed and had to use the toilet, but how I go take stand up for this situation.

I was just there forming snoring and kzee was tapping me at interval to let me know he was watching the live mojo, cause from the angle he slept he could see some part of the bed.
After about 30 minutes, the movement stopped, so I stood up, took my phone, when to the toilet and placed a call to my babe in lagos, you know then extra cool was the best package for any student.

I tried talking dirty with my babe, but she wasn’t in the mood for that, she left me hanging saying she was feeling sleepy, chai I don suffer.

Went back inside closed my eyes firmly and before I knew it, I was off to dreamland.
By 5am we all do wake up, cause all my room mates where muslim and they have to pray early, but on this fateful morning, Acme was the first to wake up, he quickly dashed to the bathroom for his ‘janaba’. Janaba is a special kind of cleansing bath usually done after S#xual intercourse. After the prayers, we all went to the farm beside our house to play football, KB was home preparing the meal for the day. After the game, we returned home and Kb said she was leaving, Acme escorted her.
When Acme returned, the following discussion enthused
Kzee: baba welldone ooo
Acme: thank you
Kzee: how was it?
Acme: what?
Kzee: nothing ooooo, don’t worry
Me: oga, you really slept well yesternight oooo
Acme: because of Kb? She can’t even disturb my sleep, I was really tired that yesterday
Me: I can imagine
TJ: is it the first time Kb is sleeping here or why are you guys getting over your head with that
Kzee: this is not the first time ooo, but if you had not slept like a golgi body or a log of wood, you would have know that yesterday was a first.

Me: but how can you guys sleep that night
Abbey: why won’t we sleep? What are you guys really driving at
Acme: don’t mind them jare
Me: why will they mind us before when you were busy ramming someone from behind without minding that we put our head and creator on that same bed
TJ: its a lie, it can’t be true, don’t tell me I missed something has eventful has that
Kzee: oga you missed more than that, this guy almost tear the punny but the girl sef no even shake, she tanda gidigba for the guy.
Me: my guy was just over working himself and the lady just dey read newspaper for her dream.

We all laughed
Tj: but Acme, this frustration had to stop oooo
Acme: if you are frustrated, go do your own na
Me: you know say me I new here that’s why I was watching how things dey go, but as I have understand that we all are freemen, then we go dey frustrate ourselves the go be that
Abbey: na true na, make me first use Halima break record
Kzee: abbey, you know say your dad handed you over to me from lag, don’t let me be the same person that will break your head ooo, leave Halima alone
Me: why will you ask him to leave her alone, make everyone play his game well and then its lucky for the winner.

Acme: after all said and done, ladies and gentlemen of Spooky Island, let the competition begins and at the end of the semester we will all have our score cards and reports.

No wahala we all chorused.

At this point, hell hath been let loose and the son of men were ready to out do the other for the devil’s price.

So far, Acme is leading but the table is just about to turn.

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