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The next week was filled with gist about potential girlfriends, we all were on the hunt and some progress was being made.

Abbey was the first to make a headway with a girl called Jane. Jane was a SS3 student . Jane was ok, very lively and respectful, but has Abbey would find out she wasn’t respectful to his d!ckk.

One lovely evening Jane decided to pay Abbey a visit, it was a full house that evening, she was interrogated by the house and truly, she didn’t disappoint. She also helped us in cooking that night.

We were about leaving the room when she said she wanted to leave to Abbey’s disappointment.

We tried to persuade her to stay but little did we know that she had a plan.

Abbey escorted her and didn’t return for almost two hours, he came and gave us details of his exploit, he said
‘When we got to that public toilet area, under the big tree, jane just drew me close and placed a kiss on my lips, I was surprised at first, I looked around to see that the area was secluded.

I didn’t need a second invitation I just took control of her lips, there were so soft and her breath was a sweet smelling savour, while I was busy kissing, jane had found her way to my trousers, she unzipped it and was stroking my JT.

I paused, looked around and found a better place where we could continue the ministry cause my legs were tired of standing. I found a wall close by, and I leaned on it while she continued probing and rubbing my JT, I reciprocated by squeezing her b0s0m, men those melons were strong, like it has never been pressed before, my hands on her b0s0m sent s£nsat!on to her system cause she became aggressive in the act of JT squeezing, and it seems she want to remove my JT from its hook on my body. At this point the pleasure had disappeared so I had to stop her. I stopped her and the next thing she did shocked me the most, she went down on her knees and dip my JT into her mouth. I was in paradise, I saw angel Gabriel telling me to come into the glory of my lord, I was about entering paradise when I heard her say please don’t come in my mouth oooo, this one you are doing like an epileptic patient. Then I discovered that I was Approaching already, she stood up buttoned her top and told me to get going. I was week and couldn’t move, then I asked her when we will complete what we started, she told me Never.

Abbey finished his narration and we all hailed him, shouting, singing and praising his exploit.

Kzee: well we have no proof that what you are saying is true, so we can’t count this has a point
Me: its true ooo, he may just be making tins up jare
TJ: any match not played in this room is counted as a loss, so no point for you
We all laughed and mocked Abbey that he should stop lying.

Abbey was obviously angry, but he vowed to show us proof even in the room the next time he has a match.

Little did we know what Abbey meant has proof was…

I wasn’t doing badly myself, but my hunting had not yielded any good fruit. The first girl I tried to chyke only asked me two questions and that was the end, the conversation went thus
Me: hello babe
Babe: hi
Me: you looked great from afar so I just said I should view your beauty up close and personal
Babe: hmmmmmm
Me: my name is tee, what’s yours?
Babe: am Ruka, but what did you say your name was again
Me: tee
Ruka: what’s your real name
Me: that’s my name
Ruka: you are not a muslim abi
Me: yes am a christian
Ruka: sorry it can’t work
Me: what can’t work
Ruka: don’t disturb yourself, it can’t work I say
Me: ruka, I don’t know what you are talking about ooo, but all the same, nice meeting you.

I just respect myself and find my way home peacefully. So I decided to name my self Luqman whenever a lady ask for my name again.

Three days later, Abbey eventually got Jane home, he already told us she was coming so we all sat at Halima’s parlour. She did come and they were inside for more than one hour.

Immediately they went out of the room we all rushed in. We got in to meet the bed neatly la!d, the room was smelling very nice and there was no trace of panshing happening. We couldn’t wait to mock Abbey again.

While waiting, Acme decided to pray cause it was 7pm already, after is abolition, he arrange the praying mat that was usually close to the edge of the bed, and to his greatest surprise, his hand packed a handful of sticky substance, he tried checking again before he screamed AWUSUBUILLIAH.

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