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Early in the morning the next day, Aisha came again, infact, she comes every morning and evening now, except maybe when she’s on her red flag. Kzee had been having an all round free s*x with benefits because Aish do come around with fruits and food too. Infact Kzee said they barely use CD anymore since the leakage of the first day, and the harmmarthan make the raw s*x more pleasurable.

Little did we know tha Kzee had been conering Halima too, whalai, the guy na sharp shooter and he barely miss the target, I just noticed that Halima increased the intensity of giving us food, normaly, her mum do give us meals most night, but right now, Halima provides morning and afternoon. We ate thankfully not knowing that she was only trying to replenish all the blood Kzee had lost.

When the bubble burst, we were told that Halima was disvirgined by Kzee, I felt bad when I heard that, it wasn’t pleasant at all, knowing that she was a virgin, I would have expect Kzee to protect her and teach her to keep it for the right guy, knowing that he was just there to sample and leave, but alas Kzee opend the flood gate of her heaven and it sure raind heavily on her.

Abbey on the other hand was still trying to woo Halima over, everynight Kzee and Halima will seat and make mockery of him and all he had told her. Later in the evening Kzee usually relayed all he was told to us. Abbey was really a Bleep up guy, cause he was just vomiting trash and backstabbing every one of us just to get to the girl, he told the girl a lot of trash about Kzee especially, which Halima did realayed to him.

Abbey was also stingy with money, he could play playstation games with all he has and come back home with #100, he barely drops money to cook and he eats the most. Kzee being his street brother said Abbey’s dad send him enough money so he can’t tell him his broke. We all continue to live in peace but gradually we were counting Abbey out of our plans, sometimes when we prepare food, we serve everyone and hide it somewhere leaving the pot empty, when Abbey comes and sees the pot, he will only go back to the street and enter late in the night.

Tj on the other hand was trying hard to hunt for girls, but he was so ineffective, maybe it was his height that was scaring the ladies away or maybe it was is index finger *shebi una know wetin dey talk about that finger and JT*
One day I was back from school, was about entering the lodge when I started hearing sounds of argument and fight
Lady: leave me alone, I say am not interested, don’t burst my b0s0m, please let me go, I am not doing oooooo

TJ: stop shouting now, keep your voive down
Lady: leave my b0s0m ooo, I will shout ooo
The lady was screaming but suddenly her screaming reduced,
Me: thinking *ladies and shakara shaaa, shebi she was shouting now, imagine if people were around they would have taught it was Molest ooo, now she is not even making any sound*
Two minutes later the door was open and I saw Sherifat furiously storming out, she didn’t even greet me
Me: Tj, shey una dey fight ni?
TJ: omo that girl na winch oooo
Me: winch as in say she wan kill you for bedmatics abi
TJ: if na dat one, e for better na, she no even allow me do anything, she just dey scream, dey shout
Me: but later she no shout again na
TJ: so you been dey hear us
Me: yes na
TJ: na hand I use cover her mouth that time ooo, I even say make I try overpower her, but I no know where the girl get that kain muscle and bone from
Me: so in short, you be one Molest the girl
TJ: no be Molest na, shebi na she follow me enter, she don dey kiss me before ooo, I no come kno the spirit wey enter her she just change am for me
Me: maybe she felt the size of your J0yst!ck and fear come catch her
TJ: you no well
While we were talking Halima came out and said
Halima: TJ baba, E ku ise ooo (well done ooo)
TJ: which work you de do
Halima: the job you did on sheri na
TJ: how is that your business
Halima: but the girl was just enjoying your thing ooo, can’t you see how she was screaming
Me: Halima, you better get inside now, and go get your books
Halima: Pastor Tee, we all know how e dey go ooooo
Me: how is it going
Halima: I wanted to give you one of my friends before because I know that you are the only good guy in the room
Me: give her to Kzee, I don’t want child abuse
Halima: Kzee is too corrupt for her, she is not child abuse ooo, she is through with secondary school
Me: henhen, oya come let’s discuss
Halima: shebi you have said you don’t want
Me: so whtas with all this your shakara now
Halima: well she will be here tommorow and I will do the job for you, don’t worry
Me: well, let’s see sha, but you should find one for TJ also
Halima: ehhhnn TJ that wanted to kill someone some minutes ago? I can’t let my friends be shouting like that ooo
TJ: your head is not correct, you better get away from here now
Me: *laughing* halima, oy get inside
Minutes later I received a call from razak number, it was FF calling, she said she wants to come, I told her she should come in through the back door, she said okay. I went in to prepare for what would be rememeberd as the match of Troy.

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