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“Welcome back sir” A young robust guy wearing a white crisp shirt tucked into a navy blue trouser addressed me grabbing my luggage and loading them into the car trunk.

He was average heighted, deep black complexion with 2 little pairs of tribal marks running at each side of his eyes in a little vertical manner.
“Sky this is Philip, Papa’s driver” Jessy announced grabbing the door handle to pull it open while Philip already flew the other back door of the silvery white Nissan highlander open for papa to climb in.

So papa now have a driver, he definitely is growing old.

I pulled the front door open and sat on the passengers seat alongside Philip who was now fidgeting with the key to call the car to life.
“How do you do bro?” i addressed Philip offering my hands for a handshake.
“Am fine sir” He replied shaking my hands with a smile.
“Please just call me sky” i intoned almost immediately getting a smile as a reply.

The engine roared as the car shuddered to a start and we taxied off from the airport heading home down to Enugu.

Jessy wasted no time to relay to me everything that has been happening in the last few years that i was gone starting from her fiancée; A medical doctor too, Wilson. and owner of the of one of the biggest hospitals in Enugu.

They had met at a medical seminar just before she finished her final exams. An air of pride and fulfillment oozed out from her as she sang and sang out many of his virtues, features and other things. How gentle and kind and caring he is, his humble nature even though he is a young millionaire.

Papa just had a mild smile on his face, his face was looking out probably looking as the trees ran behind us uniformly with the almost 100km/h speed Philip maintained. He just left us to do our discussion as the young ones.

My papa looked a bit frail and quieter than his old carefree, laughter filled self.

Jessy went on to tell me Chioma is now a graduate too, and is now working for a very rich private firm in Abuja.

She now have her own car and a house there in Abuja. . .and bla bla bla stuffs flying out of Jessy’s mouth.
“Hhmmm she is really doing good for herself” I said finally after Jessy was through with her CNN chioma documentary broadcast.
“Is she married yet?” i heard myself say.

I noticed papa raised and eyebrow, smiled a little but still seemed more engrossed with whatever it is he was looking at through the window.

Jessy gave out a cracking resounding laughter clutching her stomach in her hands.
“Why are you asking” she blurted out amidst her laughter throwing a strong wink at me.

She just succeeded in making me blush from from embarrassment.
“Answer something jooor” I pulled a sharp defence to hide the embarrassment.
“Ok ok she is not married yet” She stressed the ‘yet’ eyeing me intensely as if to see what i was thinking.
“But i thought you used to call her when you travelled, how come you don’t know she is married or not” She added almost immediately casting a suspicious look at me.
“I had her number but it suddenly stop going through” i replied this time peeping at papa a little.
“Yes i remember now, she lost that number some time ago” Jessy couldn’t even let me finish.
“But why are you asking if she is married” she said again bearing that kind silly smile touching papa a bit.
“None of your business, Onye asiri (Gossip)” i retorted facing my front immediately hearing as she and papa burst into laughter..

**Good, she just pulled papa into her mischief** even Philip gave out a mild chuckle.

We arrive Enugu a little after 5pm having left lagos by 8am. The car tore through the roads as it swerved into Independence layout road.

The whole place was still very familiar except for some slight changes and developments and the road was much better now.

Our gate roared open, watched as a dark smallish man wrestling as he pushed it open for our car to move into the compound.
“Where is Ahmed?” i asked to no one in particular still looking back at the smallish man still wrestling to close the gigantic gate back.
“Ahmed went back to the north 3years ago, and he never came back. That one over there is Effiong we just hired him 6months ago after Musa” Papa explained.

Walking into the house from the parking lot, the house still looked same to me except the paint now shone bright white, papa must have repainted it.

That sense of belonging and relaxation which i haven’t felt for 5years now, sieved into me.

Jessy was the first to swoop into the house with only her purse leaving the whole luggage for me and Philip to handle.

I followed Philip clutching my personal travelling bag that contained my very personal effects mostly those papers that had queen Elizabeth’s face on it if you understand.. -**winks**

Pushing the door open i was faced with an unexpected figure, clutching a little very beautiful fair complexioned baby who gazed with blank smileful eyes.

My eyes popped and jaws dropped immediately intensifying my look on the figure before me to be sure this wasn’t the wrong house…
“Welcome back home, sky” Amanda intoned..

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