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My head suddenly grew too big for neck to
carry. Seeing those laps, those legs, and the
very little bounce on her b0obs as she
approached the pool almost made me slip back
into the water. My d1ck was already
threatening to tear my boxer shorts. I could not
hide the lust and desire which was now very
obvious on my face. I was lost in transmission
as I gaze on an instrument of destruction. She
got to the pool side, and dropped her towel on
the chair beside the pool.

“Hello Kev..” She greeted.

My mouth was dry. I did not even know how to
respond. I was lost in thought. In my head I
was fu-Ckkking Esther. I was ramming into her,
her legs on my shoulders while my fingers
fondled her nippl3s. I was looking at her but I
was not seeing her. My thoughts momentarily
switched to Ann. I didn’t want to break her
heart or make her feel bad. She had done so
much for me and I was in love with her. Besides
she was on her way back to Lagos and we
would be together. This could wait. It was not
worth it. Just then Esther sat on the steps
leading into the pool and dipped her legs in the
water. Her bo0bs bounced. I was lost, deep in
imagination. This babe no go kill me. Her voice
brought me out of fantasy land.

“Hey. A penny for your thoughts” she said.
I smiled and told her that I was not thinking
about anything. I lied to her that I was just
brooding over the fact that I was missing Ann
and I was very lonely.

“You are missing Ann by looking at my b0obs?”
she asked.

I smiled but kept quiet. I was afraid that any

word I might say will be used against me. But
damn! This babe get sharp mouth die. And she
was bold. She came into the water gradually as
I moved a few yards to the left to allow her
ample space. She just relaxed in the water and
closed her eyes. Her head was just visible under
the blue liquid. I watched her as she swam
backwards doing the b0s0m stroke movements.
I did not trust myself to swim with her so I
moved to the other end of the pool where I had
my phone. I didn’t want to leave the pool due
to the cooling s£nsat!on it gave me. I needed to
take my mind of this seductress. I plugged my
earphones and played “Love in this club” by
Usher. That was Ann’s favorite track. And it
reminded me of our last love session.

I felt a tap from behind me and turned,
removing my earphones simultaneously. She
asked me if she was inconveniencing me and
wanted to know why I was not swimming
anymore. I told her that I had been swimming
for quite some time before she came and that I
really just wanted to feel the soothing
refreshment of the pool.

“Are you sure about that?” she said, smiling
seductively. She took her hands to her back
and unstrapped the top of her swimming suit.

All the while she was keeping her eyes on me
and smiling like the devil. My d1ck was rock
hard and my nervous system was running
haywire. She threw the piece of cloth on the
floor and came agonizingly close towards me. I
dropped my phone and approached her too. I
was in cloud 1000. She kissed me with those
pinky soft lips. I almost drowned. We supported
ourselves by holding on to the floor above us as
we kissed. Her juicy wet lips were in my mouth.
I sU-Cked and ate. I felt like I was in heaven. I
cupped her right br3ast with my left hand as I
kissed on. She took my gbola in her hand and
stroked it underwater. She freed it from my
boxers and proceeded to move her hand up
and down. I sq££zed her nippl3 gently. She
m0aned and began to stroke me faster. She left
my d1ck and took off her underwear. She threw
it in the same direction that she flung the top. I
had no condom. I told her I needed to get one
but she shook her head telling me we didn’t
need it. I agreed. We resumed kissing and then
she turned pressing her a55 onto me. I was
preparing to launch my missile into her orbit
when my phone rang.

Only one person had that customized ring tone.
One part of me told me to ignore the call.
Another told me to pick it. I was still rubbing
her Tips from behind and trying to get my d1ck
up into her pus5y when I heard this part of the

Turn up the Bass, turn up the treble, about to
take this to a whole ‘nother level.
DJ turn up what you playing
I want the whole world to hear what I’m saying
Cos this girl means so much to me…
T-Pain featuring Chris Brown’s Best love Song
was my dedicated ring tone for Ann. She loved
it. As I heard the part that said “cos this girl
means to much to me…” I could not hold it. My
conscience took over. I made a decision.
I picked the call.
“Hey honey” I said getting out of the pool, my
hard d1ck subsiding the more I talked to her.
When I heard her say, “Baby, you won’t believe
how my day went”, I knew we were in for a long
talk. I picked my towel from the chair and
wrapped it around me while I spoke to Ann,
using my shoulder to guide the phone to my

I looked at Esther and she had this worried and
pained look on her face. I blew her a kiss and
went inside.

I had just made an enemy.
Ann came to the house two hours later. I was in
the guest room, sorting out my clothes when I
felt some one hug me from behind. She turned
me to face her and kissed me deeply. I was so
glad she was finally around. I had really missed
her. I had left Esther at the pool and came in
here to hide. Ann wanted us to go out to buy
barbecue and shawarma, she did not feel like
cooking. I knew that this would mean being in
the company of Esther so I quickly discouraged
her. I told her I would cook for her. She kissed
me again and left to meet Esther in the sitting
room while I headed for the kitchen.

After dinner, we played scrabble and I thrashed
both of them. I kept on spelling words that
seemed wrong and they kept challenging and
losing turns. The major reason they challenged
me was because I was always utilizing the triple
word score and triple letter score boxes. After
two games, I excused myself to use the
bathroom. I was releasing my fluids ‘jejeli’ when
the door opened. I look sideways and saw the
devil herself. Esther. I was scared, shocked and
ar0used. Esther was my kind of girl. Very very
bold and daunting. Not to mention that she was
s3xy and that I always dreamt of fucckking her.
I knew what she wanted. Words were not
needed. The atmosphere in the bathroom
became suddenly tense. I wanted to get out of
this situation. I could not. I had finished peeing
and my limp d1ck was now semi-hard all of a
sudden. She moved closer to me. I put my
d1ck inside my trousers and zipped up. She
stood in front of me and held my belt. My throat
was dry. I swallowed. My heart was beating very
fast. My head was thinking about Ann. Her
pretty face. Her love. The sacrifices she had
made for me. All the effort she had put into
making our relationship work. All the effort I
had put. My d1ck was thinking of how long I
had wanted to furk Esther. Her fresh and
beautiful fair skin. Those huge br3asts. My d1ck
was hard. She grabbed it.

“No. We can’t. I can’t” I started, holding her

She did not say a word. She unzipped my fly
and removed my weapon of mass destruction.
She began to stroke it so gently, so carefully.
She was damn good. I began to move to the
rhythm of her hand on my d1ck. I don’t know
how but my hands that were on her shoulders
were now on her nippl3. I was caressing her
br3asts through the fabric. She was m0an!ng
softly and her eyes were closed. I put my hand
inside her skirt and touched her pus5y. She
was already dripping wet. I tried to locate her
cl1t while she was still rubbing me harder now.
It was huge! The biggest cl1t I had even felt. I
quickly covered the toilet seat and made her
put her hands on it. I pushed up her mini skirt
and shifted her [email protected] to the side. I was so
hard. I used my d1ck to rub the entrance of her
pus5y. Up and down up and down till the cap if
my d1ck was very wet with her fluids. Then I
slid in.

It was so sweet. It felt like heaven. I was feeling
the tingling s£nsat!on in every part of my body
as I thrust in and out of her wet and creamy
pus5y. She began to m0an a bit louder but
immediately controlled herself. She turned her
head and looked at me as I [email protected] away. I
began to fucckk her faster and harder. She was
nodding her head and looking at me as if to say
“continue like that”.
I began to feel myself cuum. Finally, I would
conquer this womanliness and be rid of her.
Just then the door opened.

Ann could not believe her eyes.

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