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It was the most embarrassing situation I had
ever been in my entire life. My d1ck went limp
and I felt like the ground should open and
swallow me. Fucckk!!! I just made the biggest
mistake of my life. Ann stood there looking at
me. I quickly withdrew my d1ck from Esther’s
pus5y and wore my boxers as I begged Ann
with my face. Esther turned and sat on the
covered toilet seat. She was smiling. Ann stood
at the door transfixed. She was totally
dumbfounded. I moved close to her and knelt
down, tears falling from my eyes.
“Ann. Please. I know…” I started to say,
begging her. She just turned and walked away,
not saying a word.
I held my head in my hands. I felt like
committing suicide. Kevin the king of players,
finally fell in love, and then blew it! I knew
better than going after her. I just sat on the
tiled toilet floor, my arms across my chest, and
replaying the last few minutes in my head. I
sniffed as tears rolled down my cheeks and
catarrh gathered in my nose. I closed my eyes
and bit my lower lip.

“Sh1t! Sh1t!! Sh1tt!!!” I cursed, hitting the
back of my head against the wall.
My mind was in a mess. My heart was racing. I
needed to do something. I heard the toilet
flush. Esther had just cleaned up and was
adjusting herself in the mirror. She came
towards me and squatted in front of me. Her
face was full of pity.
“Kev, you should have had me when you had
your chance. I mean you had a lot of
opportunities to fucck this sweet Kitty-Cat right
here but you were ‘forming’. It’s a pity that she

had to come in here and cut our session short. I
did not mean to wreck your relationship. Believe
me. I am just crazy like that. But I’ll talk to her.
I see how badly you love her now. I promise to
get your relationship back on track. But don’t
forget how sweet my Kitty-Cat was because I
still want to taste that huge d1ck baby.” Esther

I did not know whether to insult her or thank
her. I was not in the right frame of mind for any
of her nonsense. I just nodded. She stepped out
of the toilet. After a few minutes I decided to
leave the house.
I could not bring myself to stay in the house. I
got up and washed myself up. Some pus5y
juice had stained the zip area of my jeans. I
dabbed it with a tissue. As I flushed the toilet, I
heard raised voices in the sitting room. I moved
closer to the door to hear and listen to what
Ann and Esther were arguing about. I began to
understand the whole plot…

“I was doing what we agreed from the start.
Why the heck are you taking it personal?”
Esther said.
“I told you to leave him alone. I told you. Why
didn’t you listen?” Ann shouted. I had never
heard her raise her voice the entire five months
we had been together.
“You told me yes. But I asked you why, didn’t i?
Did you give me an answer? Did you? And what
did I tell you? I told you that if you don’t give
me an answer, I would not leave him. Didn’t I?”
Esther countered.

“So what? So fuccking what? Must I give you a
reason for you to leave my man alone? Must I?
Why are you so devilish Esther? Why?” Ann
retorted with pain in her voice.
“There’s nothing devilish about all this! You are
just being stingy and a coward. If not for me,
you would never be with him in the first place.
And have you forgotten that we agreed to share
the spoils? Have you?” Esther said screaming.
There was a pause. I opened the door gently
and tip toed towards the sitting room. I could
see them clearly now. Esther was standing in
the center of the room, arms akimbo and
looking at Ann who sat on the single couch, her
head in her hands. She looked up at Esther and
said with watery eyes,
“But I love him. I love him with every drop of
blood in my body. And it hurts Esther it really
hurts. It really really…” she broke off in tears.
Esther went to her and sat on the arm of the
couch. She put her arms around Ann and
rocked her gently. They both held on to each
other, Ann sobbing softly. Esther didn’t try to
stop her. Both girls did not say a word. True
friends. Nothing could come between them.
Nothing had for over 10 years. Not even me.
Was this where my journey with Ann came to
an end? Was this how I found and threw true
love away? What was my next step? What was I
going to do now? I was thinking deeply. Esther
raised her head and saw me hiding behind the
large curtain. She signaled to me to come to
them. I shook my head. She gave me this
strong look as if to say ‘you are dead if you
don’t come’. I walked slowly to where they sat.

I had tears in my eyes. I knelt before Ann. I
tried to take her hand. She did not resist.
Esther was still holding her. She was still
sobbing gently.

I started my speech. Till date I think that was
the most emotional speech I had ever given to
any girl. She was the only one I loved like crazy.
She was perfect. She pushed me beyond my
limits. She helped me grow in my career. She
supported my soccer practice making me
better than I was. She encouraged me to
dream big, was always in my thoughts. She
‘tushed’ my lifestyle, took me to places I had
never been and even introduced me to her dad
as a very special friend. And for God’s sakes, I
disvirgined her. That to me meant more than
anything else in the world. Our s3x sessions
were always filled with passion, kisses, and
emotion. We made love each time like it was
going to be the last. It was never rushed. It was
never selfish. The way she always held me tight,
the way she looked into my eyes. The way she
held me and cuddled each time after a great
session, the way we joked and played. All these
memories came flooding back.
I promised her I would never hurt her. Never
make her feel bad. Never do anything to make
her cry. Mehn, I talk dat night oh. Even me sef,
I gree say I bad gan. As I dey talk, I dey see say
she dey listen. She don dey quiet small small.
Na me con dey cry dey shed plenty tears
amidst the speech. Honestly, I really loved her
and I wanted her in my life. I asked her for
forgiveness. I asked her to punish me in
whatever form she desired as long as she was
not breaking up with me.
“I am sorry my love. And God bears me witness,
I swear to you, I would never ever do anything
to break your heart. Ever. I swear it. I promise.”
I finished.
By now she was gripping my hand now and
looking into my eyes. She saw true affection in
them. I was not scoping her. I meant every
word I said. I got up and pulled her from the
chair. She stood and came to me. I opened my
arms wide and smiled.
“Please come to me baby. And let’s live happily
ever after. Please” I said .

She rushed into my arms and resumed
sobbing. I closed my eyes and held her tight.
Very tight. I kissed her cheeks and made her all
the promises my head could remember. She
was telling me how I hurt her and how much
she loved me. I reassured her of my undying
love and how much she meant to me,
promising her never to hurt her.

I opened my eyes after a while and saw Esther
smiling. I mouthed the words to her:
“Thank you.”
“You owe me one.” She mouthed back.

I nodded.

We went inside my room and had a shower. We
got on the bed and made love like never before.

That is one of my most cherished love making
sessions and I hold it dear to my heart. No
details pls.

The weekend came and went and I resumed
work. Everything was going on smoothly. Eddy
and Esther had an understanding. I couldn’t
say they were dating because they both were
having flings here and there and both knew
about it. Laura was not always in the office. I
heard she was sent to manage a new project in
Abuja. Cynthia let me off the hook after seeing
that I was no longer into her. She did not have
a hold on me anymore and the distance wasn’t

On a Friday six weeks later, I was planning to
travel to Ibadan for a wedding. Ann’s cousin
was getting married and she had already gone
ahead of me on Monday to see to affairs there.

She had left instructions for her driver to bring
me on Friday morning. I had been granted a
one day casual leave from work on Friday and
stayed over at her house after work on
Thursday. I woke up that Friday feeling very
happy. I was going to see my heartthrob. I was
more animated than normal as I got up from
the bed. I stripped Unclad and entered the

I was brushing my teeth when I heard a knock
on the door. I spat out the foamy contents in
my mouth and rinsed. The knock continued. I
tied a towel and grudgingly went to the door. I

Standing in front of me was Esther.

“Hi Esther. What’s up?” I said standing at the
door and blocking her access to the room. What
in the world did she want this time? I wasn’t in
the mood for her wahala o.

“Hey Kev. Remember six weeks ago? I helped
you save your relationship? And we agreed you
owe me? Yeah. I am here to collect.” She said
giving me an er0tic smiling, her eyes going to
my groin area.

She pushed me gently inside and walked past
me. She sat on the bed and looked at me. My
heart was beating fast and I folded my arms in
a posture to show her that I really didn’t want
anything to do with her.

She smiled and pointed to my towel. I looked
down. There was a small protrusion in that area.
I was already hard. Fucckk!!!
I shut the door and locked it. Twice.

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