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‘so you could be that thoughtful?’ Linda asked
Jack as she still digested what he had just told
‘you will be surprised’ he smiled proudly and
silence overhauled the room.

Linda challenged her mind to find a flaw in his
excuse but there was also a good explaination
for it. So many questions bombarded her mind.

She broke the silence.

‘How about Anne? Didn’t you care if it broke her
engagement or now,marriage?’ she asked.
‘i knew it wouldn’t’ he said confidently.
‘How could you be so sure?’ she asked again
‘I knew they weren’t going to stay forever. Out
of mind,out of sight. Or how is it said?’ he
paused to think,then he continued. ‘out of
sight,out of mind. I knew if Peter didn’t see me
any longer he wouldn’t feel threatened but Tom
would definitely not get over it. For goodness
sake i am his brother and i will always visit’
‘hmmm’ she sighed. ‘quite a story’ she
‘a true story at that’ he added,smiling.
‘Yes! How about that time you stole her away
very early in the morning?’ she quickly chipped
‘huh?’ he asked as though he had forgotten.
‘The rehersal dinner day. You took Anne away
from the house before anyone woke up’ she
jogged his memory.
‘but i told you before i left’ he teased.
‘that’s not the point’ she said frustratedly.
‘where did you guys go to?’
‘a church’
‘a church?’ her mouth dropped open
‘yes a church. Is that so hard to believe?’ Jack
asked,feigning to be hurt.
‘i just never figured you could pass through the

doors of a church’ she laughed.
‘well i do go to church…..sometime’ he frowned.
‘that’s where i took her to’
‘kayy… So why?’ Linda asked.
‘it’s something she does to remember her dad.

It was his memorial that day so i just figured to
go with her’
‘if that’s true,why didn’t you just say so to
peter’ she asked with a suspicious look.

‘And make him feel more jealous? Moreover Tom
already told me about the excuse you guys
gave out. Didn’t want to ruin it.’ he said.
‘hmmm’ she sighed ‘well thanks’ she said
‘you are welcome’ he chipped in a smile. ‘so
let’s talk about whatever happened with Tom’
‘Don’t’ her eyes grew cloudy again. ‘please
don’t. Atleast not now’
‘okay’ he said huskily and moved closer to her.

He wrapped his muscular arm around her and
pulled her gently towards him.
‘don’t worry’ he whisper to her ‘it will be okay’
She raised her eyes to his. They were very
reasuring. She smiled and pressed her head to
his chest. She could hear his heart beat. She
listened to the rythm of it for long. Silence
flowed peacefully around the room.

She pulled her head away from his chest. Her
gaze met his. She stayed transfixed. She moved
her head en route his. She could feel his warm
breathe touch her skin. Her lips drew closer to
his. She closed her eyes and made the last
She felt his hands block her lips.
‘not here linda,not now’ he whispered.
‘why?’ she asked bitterly.
He ignored the question politely and moved
away from her. His phone beeped.

‘Tom is here’ he said.
‘what?! How did he know-‘
‘i texted him’

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