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Must Read: Sisters In Bond - Season 1 - Episode 62
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It has been over three months since John nd Frank had proposed to the girls and a wedding date has already been fixed. The traditional marriage was going to take place Saturday while the white wedding will take place on Sunday.

The brides-to- be went shopping for things they are yet to buy for their wedding.

On the other hand Liza was happy that her friends were getting married and she was also happy that things worked out between she and Paul. The two had been dating after the twins birthday. Liza was very sure that in the next threw months, Paul would propose to her and she will accept him because she needs no soothsayer to tell her that she has a future with Paul
Helen and Jane were seen in Helen’s room trying out their matching outfit they are going to wear for the traditional wedding.

They women were so happy because by God’s grace they will be carrying the grandchildren in the next one year. They were very happy that they even forgot that there is someone out there who wants them dead


Michael nd Edward were in the sitting room discussing about the unknown man who is a threat to their wives and children’s lives
Michael: It has been over nine months now that we haven’t heard from the man who is trying to hurt our families but one thing I know for sure is that that unknown man is looking for the perfect opportunity to strike
Edward: And that opportunity could be our daughters’ wedding day
Michael: You are right and we as the heads of the family won’t sit down and allow someone to hurt them.

Edward: We won’t let them succeed but the problem we have now is that we don’t even know who the persons is
Michael: We don’t know him but sometimes I do have the feeling that Uncle Luke is being it

Edward: I do have that feeling some times but we might be wrong because Uncle Luke has done nothing but to help this family. He played the role of a father to Helen and Grandpa to Kimberly.
Michael: Let’s forget about that for now.

Securities will be very tight on that day
Edward: How did you know what am about to say?
Michael: Am a mind reader at times
Edward: That’s good but now you are going to follow me to Helen’s room so that you can tell me what she is thinking
Michael: I can’t read the minds of women. He said and both of them started laughing
Luke was in his bedroom angry over the news of Kimberly nd April getting married in three days time and he was more angrier since he can’t do anything to stop the wedding because he is afraid of going to jail
Today is the white wedding and the girls were so beautiful in white. The traditional marriage of yesterday has been a success.

The twins couldn’t wait to say “I do” to their heartrobs
The girls had just arrives to the church and their dads’ walk down the aisle to the grooms were standing.

The priest started to do what he is suppose to do but when he got to the side where he said “If there is somebody here who doesn’t want these couples to get wedded should speak up or forever hold his or her peace” and

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