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Finally he became limp inside her while she also recovered from her post orgasmic bliss. With her still sitting on his laps, he turned around removing his feet from ground and placed them inside the bathtub. He then turned on the shower faucet, directing the water flow on their bodies. The cold water helped her recover faster.

Few minutes later she disentangled herself from his J0yst!ck. Collecting the shower handle from him, she picked up the soap and leathered herself properly while he sat and watched her. Minutes later, she was done and proceeded to rinse her body before exiting the bathtub leaving him to start his own bath.

From the towel rack on the wall, she picked up one of the towels provided by the hotel and dried her body. Then she picked up her undergarments and dress from the floor, for dressed while he leathered up and exited the bathroom.

Back in the room she saw Ima still working on her laptop, obviously unperturbed by the fact that she and Jama just screwed. She went over to the bed and sat down.

“Didn’t occur to me you are a screamer. Or you wanted me to hear you?” She heard Ima ask as she looked in her direction. She had turned to face her and had a large smile on her face.
“I…. Hmmm” She attempted to reply the unexpected question but stopped with a chuckle and looked away shyly.
“Don’t worry sweetheart. I get it. You couldn’t help it” She said turning back to face her laptop.
And with a few clicks on her keyboard, she watched her close the lid of the laptop as the shutdown sound was heard. Then she picked up her phone and made a phone call, speaking the French language to the person on the other end of the line.

“You speak French?” She asked when Ima dropped the phone and stood up.
“Oui mon cher. Aimez-vous la langue?” Ima asked her in French
“I don’t understand it o” She replied laughingly
“Do you love the language?” Ima translated for her smilingly
“Yes i do. But I’m not good with languages. I was born in Calabar, yet I don’t speak Efik. I only understand bits. I can never learn any language other than mine. I….” She said but was cut short by Ima
“Don’t say you can never. There’s nothing that’s beyond you if you bring yourself to achieve it. It’s all about interest. Personally i speak French, Spanish and a little bit of Italian”. Ima told her
“You’re terrific” She confessed her thoughts the lady
Walking over to her, Ima touched her cheeks, looked into her eyes and said “Et vous de Sweetheart” (And so are you sweetheart) before walking into the bathroom leaving her blushing. The only thing she understood was the “Sweetheart” but she believed the lady said something nice about her too.

Just then she heard Jama saying “Someone has fallen in love already?”
She looked back at the direction of the bathroom door and saw him standing with a towel on his waist. She smiled when she realized she was still blushing after Ima had left the room and he obviously had seen her.
“I wanna go home now. I’ll meet you up for lunch. Lemme go sort out a few things at home” She replied smiling as she stood up.
“Alright. Myself I have to rush to the Akim barracks and meet up with someone” He said as she walked over and gave him a kiss.
“Is Fury picking you up?” He asked her
“No. I’ll pick a cab.” She said
“Ok. Hold on” He said and walked over to the closet. Seconds later her returned to where she stood and handed over a new bundle of N100 notes to her saying “For your cab”
“Thanks” She said putting the money inside her purse. She knew that was more like an “appearance fee”.
Walking over to the bathroom, she stood by the door and saw Ima cutting her toe nails.
“I’ll join you guys for lunch. Wanna rush home and fix a thing or two” She said to her
“Alright amour. Vous voir bientôt” (Alright love. See you soon). She said without looking up.
“Alright Amour” was the only thing she thought understood but she smiled and exited the room.


“Dude I’m back” She [email protected] on Fury’s door as soon as she climbed up her hostel apartment. She proceeded to open her own door while she waited for his reply. She knew he must have been trying reach her. Her phone had mysteriously gone off in the night. Only in the cab on her way home did she turn it on. His message had come in “Please call me when you get this”. She didn’t bother calling him because she was on her way home. Surprisingly the volume of his home theatre system wasn’t loud like it usually was every Saturday morning.
“Christ. Vivi. What happened to you” She heard him ask while also struggling to open his door. Just when he came outside, she opened hers, went in and threw herself on the bed as he followed her in saying things she didn’t understand.
“Babe what happened to you. Why you switch off your phone? You come make person the fear when your number no go this morning after you say make i come pick you.” He asked her
“Calm down oga. Wetin happen? No be colonel i follow comot again? Why you come the worry for me? She asked him
He looked silently at her for a few seconds before saying “Nothing. I was just surprised your number was unreachable. Hope you had fun?”
“You won’t believe. Mad fun. Later gist sha. Make i clean up”.
“Welcome. Later” He said leaving her room. Somehow she could tell everything wasn’t okay with him from his voice but she didn’t care at the moment.


After parking her car at the car lot, she began to hurry to join them at the restaurant. Although it was Jama who invited her, she didn’t Ima to have any negative impression about her, like not keeping to time.

Immediately she got home, she had gone to fix her hair at her stylist shop. This took almost three hours and she only had enough time to rush back home, have a shower, apply her makeup and leave. Fury was still moody when she demanded the keys from him. He had simply pointed to the top of his home theatre speaker for her to pick it. While she wanted to ask what was wrong with him, she decided to ignore him and ran out.
She had just spotted their table when she realized they had someone with them. Immediately she decided to be her bitchy self by announcing her arrival in a way that would send a message of her alpha female personality.
Approaching the table and knowing she was audible enough, she said “Sorry I’m late Guys, you know it takes a bit of time to look this beauti…..ful”. She had barely completed the last word when their companion turned around and it was no other one but Jade.

She immediately felt weak in her knees after saying completing the word beautiful. Stunned, she couldn’t believe who she was looking at. Seated there was the beautiful demon, her rival and lover Jade.
“Nous étions sur le point de commencer sans vous” (Meaning we were gonna get started without you) She heard Ima say in French before adding “Here, grab a seat”

She took the only available seat Ima was referring to which was the seat directly opposite Jade. “No no no no!. This isn’t happening” She thought in her head as sat and immediately picked up and began glancing through the menu. Jade who also appeared to have been shocked when their eyes first met was now very calm and composed
“Vous ne trouvez pas ce que vous pouvez manger?” Ima asked her in French after more than a minute of her glancing at the menu
“Hmmm” She replied absentmindedly looking up. She wasn’t conscious of the fact that she had not said anything.
“Haven’t you found what you can eat?” The cause of her current predicament, Jade translated Ima’s comment for her. “He’s still waiting to take your order” She added in reference to the waiting waiter.
“Oh. My bad. Sorry hun” She said turning to face the waiter before adding “I’ll have what she ordered” while turning to look at Jade in a “Who exactly are you” kinda way. The initial shock had suddenly turned to anger.

Everyone else had placed their orders except her. Who could blame her? She was nervous just as her stomach appeared to be turning painfully. How the hell could she concentrate?
“Je n’ai jamais su vous parlaient le français?” (I didn’t know you speak French?): She heard Ima ask Jade in French
“J’ai pris des cours de français intensifs pendant six mois Mientras espera para la admisión en la universidad” (I took an intensive French lessons for six months while waiting for admission into the university). She surprisingly heard Jade reply in French effortlessly.
It was at this point she realized Jade had actually translated what Ima had said earlier to her. “Where and when the fvck did this girl learn French that she didn’t know?” She wondered in her head. “Who are these people for God’s sake?” She also wondered
“Vivienne don’t mind these two. They won’t sell us both” Jama who had been going through his phone al the while suddenly said.
“Vivienne, this is Jane, Ima’s daughter. A nursing student of your school. Jane, meet my friend Vivienne. A law student of your school” Jama proceeded to do the rather belated but welcomed introductions
“Daughter?” Vibangs repeated surprised as she shook Jade’s hand. Jade remained cool like ice
“I’m I too young to have a grown up like child like this?” Ima asked her
“Not that. Just that you two don’t actually look al…like” She dragged the last word immediately seeing that they actually did. Not facially, but there was the skin nature, the wide eyes. Yes, same large but firm boöbs and nipplës. Turning to Jama as if to ask a question and then back to Jade, she saw where Jade got her gap tooth from. Damn it, this right here were Jade’s real parents.

And it began to make sense to her. Jade had obviously realized she knew Jama and was angry. But again Jama referred to her as Ima’s daughter? And not our. Lots of questions to be asked later. Her anger immediately subsided as she began to wonder why Jade had kept the discovery of her real parents hidden from her.
Lunch was served and they all began to eat while chatting about nothing in particular. Vibangs couldn’t help but admire Jade, she had never seen her dressed this “Sekxy” before. Once in a while, mother and daughter conversed with the French language. Each time Jade spoke back to Ima in French, Vibangs though not understanding a thing would watch the girl’s lips which looked so good to kiss. She wondered what it’ll be lime ro have all of them in bed at once with her. “Damn me” She cursed herself silently at how dirty her mind hard wondered off.

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