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It’s Wednesday, exactly four days since she realized Jade also knew Ima and Jama. Upon leaving the hotel that Saturday afternoon, she had probed Jama subtly for details about the nature of the relationship that existed between Ima and Jade, but all he said was that he had already told her all there was for her to know. Which was the fact that Jade was Ima’s goddaughter.
“I remember introducing you all to each other. You had the opportunity of asking (Ima) all you’re asking me now” He told her when they settled down at the officers mess at Akim army Barrack.

But with the feminine power of persuasion, she had tried to get him to talk more on it but ended ruining her evening when he asked her to drive back home, saying he’ll call her when he needed her. His intonation wasn’t friendly and it was the first time he would raise his voice at her. Probably he was only reminding her she was only a call girl to him. She got back home feeling rejected and had decided to chill with Fury in his room, but what happened with Fury only got her angrier.

She had met him lying awake on his bed after she opened the his door when he would not answer her after about twenty seconds of knocking. Initially she felt he had a female visitor, but not even that would stop him from answering her calls of his name.
“Hey!. Are you alright? I’ve been calling your name but you refused to answer” She said when he looked up to see the intruder
“Hi.. Didn’t know anyone was there” He said, at this point removing the ear piece he had on and sitting up

“You and earpiece. Don’t go deaf oh” She said making her way inside
“How was your outing?” He asked as she say on the bed next to him
“You won’t believe me. Long story short, my day was ruined. Just didn’t think of anywhere else to go right now” She said lying on the bed, her feet still on the ground.
“Wanna tell me about it?” He asked adjusting himself to make her comfortable
“Ya.. But not until you tell me what’s going on” She replied
“Hmmm!” He murmured, sounding surprised before repeating after her. “Going on?”
“Yea.. Tell me. Your mood this morning. The way you looked at me. What’s going on with you?. And please don’t even dare lie to me. I can still feel the problem in your voice right now” She demanded
Silence had followed for about 20 seconds, confirming her suspicion about something troubling him.
“Fury!!!” She called out his name again when he remained silent for another one minute
“I can hear you” He replied
“But you’re not answering my questions. What’s with the mood? She asked
“Are you a cultists?” He asked calmly
“Excuse me?” She replied stunned sitting up to look at him
“Vivi are you a cultist?” He looked right into her eyes and repeated the question
“Where’s this coming from?” She asked rather than answer the question
“A yes or no would suffice” He told her.
“Not until you tell me where the question is coming from or what prompted it all of a sudden” She fought back still looking into his eyes intimidatingly. Her plan was to make him loose his sudden confidence
“I saw you get killed in my dreams” He said looking away from her. His voice was weak and she coild swear she saw tears forming in his eyes. But again, what did he just say?
“What did you just say Fury?” In a dream? Are you serious right now? You saw me get killed in your dream and came to a conclusion I am a cultists? This is the craziest thing I’ve heard my whole life” She thundered, but with a deep sigh of relief he didn’t find our from some reliable sources.
“Vivi… I’ve seen close friends and family members death before it happens. Exactly same way it happens” He said still not being able to look her in the eyes again. His voice was shaky and he sounded scared. Really scared.
“You’re unbelievable Fury” She said sitting up.
“So tell me, how was I killed in this your dream and how come you’ve never been able to save your family members or close friends from dying after such revelations?” She asked finding it funny but intriguing at the same time
“I don’t know. But I’m trying to avert yours now. In my dream, you were murdered by cultists obviously with machetes and axes and your body dumped by the school gate, kodo style for students to see. I was….”
“Enough” She said cutting him short. At the mention of “Kodo”, she remembered how his body was found and the controversy it generated that she, “Milady” had ordered the hit. Was a revenge hit being planned for her? She began to fret a little, but still remained calm and in control.
“Look Vivi, i never realized how much you meant to me until last night when i saw you die in the dream. The thought of loosing you scares the living day lights outta me, and though I’ve never been able to stop their deaths, I’ll do everything to prevent anything from happening to you. I….” He continued talking again until she stopped him in a bid to understand his rants
“Calm down Fury. What are you saying?” She asked hoping it wasn’t what she was thinking
“I don’t want to lose you Vivi because I love you…” This time she shut him up with a thunderous slap
“You’re sick. How could you. And you had to make up this bullshït dream story. Christ. My why now? Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Meaning the mood was because you were jealous I was with the colonel last night? No wonder you refused to see him last night and drove off immediately. But you were with Dera too last night. Fury why na?” She asked a barrage of questions she didn’t even understand.
She didn’t know if she was angry he was in love with her, or the fact that he had to fabricate a silly story, or that he was now sobbing like a love struck 12 years old. One thing was certain though, she hated him at that point. Grabbing her car keys, she stormed out of his room.
She wanted to get away as far as possible from him. Just when she thought her day was bad enough with the whole Jade saga, she now has to deal with a love struck boy. She thought he was a man, but now she realized he was just a kidult.
Her mind was mind was just filled with a lot of thoughts that she couldn’t place her finger on any. Going back to her home was the logical thing to do then. At least she can locked herself in her room and have no one bother her about love.

But again, here she was, as pretty as she was and at her age, she had never had a boyfriend. It never bothered her in the past, perhaps because she never lacked male attention or the thought or simply because she was a commitment-phobic girl. But even if she were to have a boyfriend, then it wouldn’t be a guy who would come up with a certain “dream story”.
“But Fury why na?” She said aloud hitting her steering in anger. “While she had been with several men at her age, Fury had seen and had more of her body than any other male living or dead, so why did he fall in love with her when he enjoyed free S£x?” She thought as she negotiated a bend linking her with Eta-Agbor road. She was now driving in the direction of the school main gate.

She then looked at her rear mirror and something caught her attention. She remembered as she drove out of the gate, she thought she had seen the same red sedan with tinted glasses now following her, parked at the opposite direction towards her hotel’s gate. But her mind had paid no attention to it as Fury’s words continued to echo in her head.
But just as she was trying to make up her mind if she was actually being tailed by the vehicle or not, the driver of the car stepped on his throttle pedal and overtook her dangerously close. The car stopped in front of hers, making her step on the brakes just in time for her to see three occupants come out bearing locally made guns before they opened fire on her car.

Her windscreen was shattered, just as she heard students and passerby screaming and taking to their heels. Obviously her attackers knew their bullets would be ineffective even if any touched her, now brought out machetes and axes and were now moving towards her car. At this point she realized a girl was among her attackers who were all dressed in black.
With lots of adrenaline rush, she knew she had no “protection” against those other weapons and was quick enough push the gear stick into reverse mode while also stepping on the accelerating pedal as hard as she could.
Seconds later and a safe distance backward, she changed the gear to forward and stepped on the accelerating pedal with all her might. While two of the guys moved away from the main road, the girl stood and was trying to reload her pistol, probably to aim for her tires.
She hit the girl so hard, lifting her up into the air and driving on behind their parked vehicle. She had no time to even look behind the rear mirror but was sure the chick wouldn’t make it.


Here she was Wednesday evening, safe in her uncle’s home in Abuja, thinking about Fury. She wanted to call and tell him she was ok, but she didn’t know how to go about it because she must explain why she was attacked. He was right after all. They was no doubting it, the plan was to scare people away, pull her put of her car was butcher her to death in front of the school gate. It was a near miss, but she knew they wouldn’t miss the next time, not with another of their colleague dead. It was time to plan her own offense on Kodo’s boys.

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