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She woke up slowly to rays from the open blind entering her eyes. She could feel a much bigger body spooning and warming her smaller body.

Then her ears where able to pick the sound of deep but steady breathing which she concluded was that of a man. Since she was lying on her side with her butt0ckz to the man’s body, she realized he had an arm across her right brëast but grabbed the left and lower one. Next she realized there was a blanket covering their bodies. Then her nostrils picked the smell of that cologne that was on the man she had drooled over in her dreams who fvcked her silly.
But about 2 minutes later, her brain finished processing all what four of her sense organs had picked up. This was when she realized last night actually happened and Major……? was the one spooning her, and they were in his hotel room.

Feeling all cozy and loved, she m0aned “Mmm” as she pressed herself back against his warm body under the blanket with him grabbing her brëast firmly. Then she felt his erëction pressing firmly between her butt0ckz cheeks. “Wow” she screamed in her head opening her eyes wide as she remembered events of the night. The rock hard J0yst!ck between her butt0ckz cheeks and the firm hand cupping her boöbs sent chills down her spine. It wasn’t long before she felt her pvssy swelling and her nipplës hardening.

Lying still for a minute, she listened to the rhythm of his breathing to see if he was awake because his hand after cupping her boöb didn’t move again. Satisfied but disappointed that he was still sleeping, she grounded her butt0ckz against him again, while also m0an!ng a much louder “Mmmm” in a bid to wake him up. She paused again for a few seconds but still no movement from him. Her pvssy was burning her now. So out of frustration, she pushed back against him again. Only this time around she passed her right hand behind her body and over his hips, pulling on his näked butt0ckz cheeks into hers.

He had woken up much later in the night to open the blinds when the hotel’s power generating set went off. It was raining again but not heavy and everywhere was cold. Returning to bed, he had drawn the blanket over their bodies while she snuggled backward into him. He had just woken up to the all familiar morning erëction pressed against her butt0ckz cheeks. With his hand over her boöbs, he began föndling the them slowly. Remembering how much he had fvcked her into a state of numbness, he didn’t want to awake her up.

Then she m0aned and pushed her butt0ckz back trapping his J0yst!ck between her butt0ckz cheeks while he cupped her boöb briefly. But he stopped further movements wondering,if he had woken her up only for her to grind her butt0ckz back at him again few seconds later. His J0yst!ck arched painfully trapped between her butt0ckz, a few inches from her pvssy. Then as if to tell him she was awake and wanted him in her, she m0aned loudly while pulling his butt0ckz into hers and pushing hers back to his J0yst!ck.

It was obvious both of them were hörny but were reluctant to proceed further by making another move. Well, she had made the first move, perhaps he should do something next to show he is game he thought. She had started grinding slowly against his J0yst!ck now, massaging it with her butt0ckz cheeks. Bit before he could lift a finger, her next move surprised him.

She was able to establish the fact that he was actually awake but not moving. So after she had repeatedly massaged his J0yst!ck with her butt0ckz, she just pulled away from his body and turned to face him. Staring into his eyes, she pushed him with a little force until he was lying on his back. It wasn’t about the money again, she just wanted to him in her right then. In one fluid motion, she mounted him. Trapping his J0yst!ck right under her pvssy lips, she began to grind on him, smearing the length of his throbbing J0yst!ck with her wetness. Maintaining eye contact, she raised her butt0ckz up, grabbed his J0yst!ck and was about to shove it inside her pvssy when he stopped her.

“Wait!” he said when he realized she was gonna insert his J0yst!ck inside her pvssy without protection. She looked at him confused but he simply reached for the bed head and pick up another condom and handed it over to her. She looked at him disappointedly without attempting to collect the condom from him. Realizing she wanted to go raw, he tore it himself and wore the condom on his J0yst!ck while she just sat on his thighs watching.

Here she was ready to break her own rule of never doing it raw with a client and he wasn’t appreciative. Must men would gladly throw the condom away if she as much as hinted she didn’t want one. All the same, he was protecting himself too. When he was done, she simply lifted her butt0ckz up, grabbed the J0yst!ck and guided it into her feminine opening. The big headed J0yst!ck popped in much easier than the previous night, thanks to his pounding last night, her arousal and wetness this morning. Though she still felt a little sore, the itch inside her pvssy was just too strong to be left unattended to, especially when a rock hard J0yst!ck was readily available.

Falling on his chest when he was completely inside her, she spread her legs open probably in a bid to widen her pvssy and subsequently reducing the friction of his J0yst!ck. Then she began to hump him slowly while m0an!ng “Mmmmm” deeply into his ears.

Hearing her soft m0ans directly next to his ears and with the way she began to rub his head with both hands, he felt his J0yst!ck increase an inch the more inside her. He was simply turned on beyond measure. Despite the condom, he pvssy still felt awesome and he was glad to be back inside her.

But as much as he wanted this to last for a while, he felt his release building up faster than he could ever remember. Her voice must have done the trick. So from beneath her, he started to thrust back into her in a much quicker pace and force. Probably realizing he was now fvcking her back, she stopped moving and just allowed him to do the job. So he just grabbed her butt0ckz amd began to make short but deep thrust into her pvssy. A few seconds later, he started grunting “ughhh ughhh ughhh” as he shot his release inside her pvssy.

She had wanted a slow fvck, more like serious love making, but it seemed all he cared about like most male with an erectiön do, was just his own release. When he collapsed back into the bed, she resumed fvcking him but filled with disappointment that his J0yst!ck was fast shrinking. Less than a minute later, it pooped out of her pvssy. She just stopped moving and hissed while rolling over him back to her side of the bed.

Only then did he realize that he had ruined her mood. She was definitely frustrated and angry with him, after all she made the move and not him. “I’m sorry Victoria” he said turning to face her
“My name is not Victoria Major!” she said in annoyance again that he had actually forgotten her name. She pick up her phone only then did she realize it was a few minutes shy of 8am.
“Vivi…. Vivienne.. Sorry for the mix up sunshine.

And sorry I was selfish this morning”. He said apologizing. He couldn’t even believe he was apologizing to a Sl*t he’s gonna pay for her services. Oh, probably she assume (and rightly so) that he liked her.

Calling Fury, she asked him why he hadn’t called her when she told him about her 8:am lecture. “Oya hurry come abeg” she said dropping the call.

Picking up her [email protected] from the floor, she put it inside her bag and brought out another and wore. Then she picked up her dress and wore and then proceeded to rearrange her face and hair in her hand held mirror. The bad s*x wasn’t annoying as much as the fact her just forgot her name. “Probably he thinks I’m just one cheap hoe or something” she thought in her head angrily while not saying anything to him.

Not ready to belittle himself any further, he ignored her and stood up from the bed removing the condom. Entering the bathroom, he flushed it and rinsed his J0yst!ck under the shower.

Grabbing a towel, he walked back into the room and over to the closet. Opening his bag and picking two bundles of Bello’s, he threw them on the bed saying “That’s your money”. He used a tough tone so as to reaffirm his control by virtue of who and what he was.

And yet again strike 3 in just a matter of less than ten minutes. Throwing the money for her to pick up. “I don’t blame you” she voiced in her head.

Grabbing her bag, she proceeded to leave the room without touching the money when he called out to her “Vivienne, will you come back here and take your money?”
Pursing in her tracks, she turned and faced him saying “I’m not a cheap Sl*t Major. You see, Fury and I have been friends and neighbors for close to two years now. So when he called me last night saying he needed my help in arranging a girl for a senior Military officer he met, I felt bad because the people I knew weren’t disposed. He sounded downcast when I told him this. So being s*x starved myself, I decided to help him out while also satisfying my urge for s*x. Ever wonder why I didn’t mention money yesterday? Because it was far from my mind” she said.
“So what does that mean? You ain’t taking the money or what?” he asked feigning anger
“I slept with you for good s*x, which you dis well last night. But ended up frustrating me this morning. My intention was to go home and finish off, but then again you’ve forgotten my name so soon. That’s why I’m hurt” she said opening the door and leaving the room. Walking down stairs and making her way out she saw Fury drive in. When she called he said he was already around the hotel.

Everything seemed to have worked better than she hoped. She can definitely bet anything right now that Major…? (She had even forgotten his name) would definitely come looking for her through Fury. After all he said he was in town for the next four days. “Business don set” she smiled at Fury and entered the car.



I had been wondering why Vibangs hadn’t called me yet. My first lecture for the day was by 10am but I had an assignment to submit before then.

Taking my bath, I got dress and left the house around 7:30am to go pick her up. With no airtime on my phone, I didn’t call her. But by the time I got to Ikot-Ansa, she called me asking where I was and scolding me for not calling to wake her up.


“So how far?” I asked her when she entered the car, not sure of a better question to ask
“He’ll call you to get me” she replied smiling mischievously. “But for now just carry me go my house, I don miss my bed” she said.

End of Chapter


So guys lemme use this opportunity to apologize for the previous updates. I’ve been so busy this week and most of my typing were done only around this time (from 8pm) which is the reason I updated much later in the night (check the update time).

So a reader had drawn my attention to the fact that three previous updates talked about a particular s*x scene. If i had my way like I prefer doing, at least the last two updates (before this one) would have been together. But I couldn’t type any further as I needed to sleep too. Please remember I don’t jot down what I type but do as the spirit directs. And trust me when I say the s*x scenes are the hardest part to type.
For those of you who don’t like dwelling on s*x, my apologies for this chapter. And for those who enjoyed the chapter, you might wanna share your thoughts about Vibangs action

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Apr 04, 2017
Story time bst of d stories told by gr8 writers of our own tym. Kudos!
Apr 18, 2017
BITCHES NO AM 2 GET D GEES... she don chatch mugu maga major general and she ix nt letting go anytime.
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