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8:30 pm, Miss Osaro pulled up in the parking lot of what was a majestic private residence building in the heart of Ikoyi. A couple of exotic cars were already parked at the lot as they alighted. Rifle bearing soldiers could be seen around the vicinity but none seemed to be bothered by their arrival.

Ima who thought she had seen it all in V.I was wowed at this architectural masterpiece. A white painted three story building like those castles she saw in foreign videos. The party was schedule to begin by 8 but Miss Osaro had told her they were going to be the center of attention, hence the late coming.
As both ladies walked towards the entrance, Osaro paused and turned to Ima saying “My love, you know I love you very much. But tonight, you’ll do something for me. The person I’ll be introducing you to is the Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was with his help and influence I was able to get you out of the cell, though he wasn’t the Minister then”. She paused to make sure the young lady was listening to her.
“There’s a contract I need him to give to me, to us, and you’re gonna get it for us. The Federal Military Government are planning on reequipping all Military hospitals and health centers across the nation. If we get it, we’re set for life and would leave the country if we so desire. You are gonna make him believe you came to him in appreciation of what he did for you 5 years ago. You’ve not been able to see him all these years because I hid you in Benin and forbade your coming back to Lagos until you were done with school.
Yes he’s my friend and (business) partner, but they are other hawks and vultures hanging around him ever since he was appointed looking for what to scavenge on. Your duty is to brighten our chances. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but I believe you’re smart enough as a university degree holder to be able to come up with something. I’m I clear?”. She ended by asking Ima with a tone of seriousness

“Crystal” Ima responded calmly.
“Come here” Miss Osaro said pulling the girl into and embrace before whispering “You’ve never failed me my love. I know you can do it”. With that she kissed Ima briefly
“Yes I can”. Ima replied smiling to reassure her mistress.
“Good. Now lets go in. And remember to give that infectious smile of yours”. Miss Osaro added as they walked towards the door.

Knocking briefly, a male servant in black trouser and white shirt neatly tucked in with a red bow tie ushered them in. A few steps down a hallway, they then came into what was a large living room with a few guest. Aside the servant who led them in, they were five males in the room. Two who were Arabs or Lebanese (Ima couldn’t tell the difference), a white man and two black men all in black tuxedo. Then five women, one a white lady and four blacks all elegantly dressed in dinner gowns. They were all chatting with one another and laughing but kept quiet as soon as they noticed the arrival of her and her mistress.

At 24 years and with a university degree, Ima knew she was stunningly beautiful and there was no doubt everyone’s attention was actually on her. Her light skin shown under the bright chandelier lights. The dress Osaro had given her for this party was a sheer black s*xy** and sleeveless cocktail dress that hung perfectly, while also revealing the top of her huge twin boöbs. If anything was obvious it was the fact that Ima wore no bra with the way her boöbs appeared to be threatening to spill out.
The dress just ended a few inches away from her knees, in a “not decent”, but “not indecent” kinda way. A red purse and heels to match and a beautiful wristwatch which the general quickly recognized as the last birthday gift her got Osaro. Her dark hair was curly Afro (the type Nneka the Nigerian musician carries).

A necklace that glittered despite the night and finally a large nerdy type of 80s reading glasses. Behind the transparent glasses, the makeup on her eye lashes made her eyes appear bigger than they really were, think of Rita Dominic.

Like the popular National geographic documentary titled “Built for the kill”, Ima appeared to be simply “Built to be fvcked” as all the men in the room felt a twitch in their d!cks. Ima on her part was perfectly aware of the message her body was passing across. The ladies admired her too.
“Look who we have here, thought you were not gonna show up again girl” A chubby lady with boöbs spilling out of her dress walked over and gave Osaro a hug. Kissing both cheeks, she then asked and who’s this young lady by your side
“Pat, meet Theodora my daughter, my love,
meet Mrs Patricia our host” Osaro introduced Ima to the wife of the Millionaire whose house they were. Theodora was the name she adopted after the prison escape.

“Never knew you had a daughter, a s*xy** and grown up one at that” The lady asked Osaro while gently brushing Ima’s right b0s0m in a hug.
“So many things you don’t know about Pat” Osaro replied as they walked towards the rest of the group after Pat had hugged Ima. Osaro went on to introduce Ima to the rest of the guest while they nodded in appreciation of her beauty. The General who stood at one end was the last to get to meet ever smiling Theodora.
“My love, meet General Sal, the Minister of Defence, Federal Republic of Nigeria. General meet my daughter Theodora.” Osaro said introducing Ima to the General.
“How are you sunshine. Finally we get to meet” The General said taking and kissing her hand.
“The pleasure is mine General. Would have preferred this day to come earlier but Mother thought otherwise” Ima responded beaming with smile.
“I’ll have to excuse you two” Osaro said while moving closer to him and whispering a “Happy birthday” in his ears, as she grabbed his J0yst!ck briefly while heading to the dinning table with the other guest.

Walking behind the group, Gen Sal took Ima’s hand in his elbow and they both followed behind. “So tell me, I hear you’re done with school. What did you study?”
“I studied Microbiology General. Just awaiting my service year and posting” She replied
“What next?” He asked pulling out a seat for her while he pulled out one for himself at one end of the rectangular dinning table.
“Assist Mother with her business. I dunno.

Whatever mother says.” Ima replied while taking note of the seating arrangement.
At the other end of the table to her right was Mrs Patricia’s husband who was talking to the white lady seating next to him. The white man who she was introduced to as the husband to white lady was engaged with Mrs Patricia seated next to him. Miss Osaro was seating next to one of those Lebanese, yes they were Lebanese. The other Lebanese was with one of the black ladies while the other two ladies sat next to each other.
“Ain’t you old enough to make your own decision?” Gen. Sal asked bringing her attention back to himself
“Mother knows best. Or perhaps could you suggest for me?. You do know what a girl like me likes, right?” She asked looking at him with her large eyes shining behind the her nerdy glasses. Just then their host stood up hitting his wine glass as she sort their attention.
“After dinner, I’ll come up with something” Gen Sal replied in a low tune.
“It better be good” She replied turning her attention to their host.
*Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for creating time to be here” The host began. “As you all know, we ate gathered here specially to celebrate our friend and brother, Gen. D.I Sal. Celebrating both his birthday which we all know comes up tomorrow and also his appointment as the new Defence minister. As members of this unique group, y’all know how we celebrate ourselves. And for our new member here, beautiful Miss Theodora, You’re in safe hands. So everyone be on your feet let us toast to the man of the moment, Gen. Sal”.

They all stood up grabbing their glasses of wine except the General himself. After a brief toast, they settled back into their seats and began to eat and drink. Every now and then, someone would say something funny to make everyone laugh. They’ll dwell on the joke before returning their attention to their partners.
Ima while engaging the General in a chat was also paying close attention to what was going on. From the way partners where paired, she felt this was some kinda swinging group. Looking at Mrs Patricia engaging the white man, she guessed the lady must be around the same age as her boss. Though married, and possibly with grown kids, she had this s*x allure all over her. With her chubby body and boöbs threatening to spill, she kept on looking at the white guy with “Fvck me now” eyes.

Minutes later, dinner was over. The male servants came to clear the table leaving behind their wine and glasses.
“Mr Johnson” Their host called out to the man who had ushered them in earlier.
“Sir” The man responded
“You’re dismissed for the night. Close the door behind you and goodnight” He instructed the man
“Thank you Sir. Goodnight” The man replied bowing to his master while the obviously junior servants moved out.
“So where do you intend to serve?” The Gen asked Ima
“Lagos for sure. Somewhere around home also” Ima replied while observing the other guest. Their host on his part now had a hand down his side…. “Wait a minute, his hand is under the White lady’s gown. Please what is going on here” She screamed in her head.
“Any place in mind” He asked taking a sip of his wine
“Hmmmmm. Not exactly… Was thinking of the military hospital since it’s closer to home. But unfortunately the place is not equipped and I might not be paid you know” She said shrugging her shoulders.
“How do you know it’s not equipped? Been there before?” He asked expecting her to say no.
“Yea.. Went there to see if I could secure a place pending when the service list is drawn.

But unfortunately the lab technician said I would learn nothing as the was nothing going on in the lab due to obsolete equipment and all.

But if you want me there, you’ve got to assure me I’ll get paid and the place would be equipped.” she said rolling her eyes and looking at her Mistress who just smiled at her and continued whatever it was she was doing with the Lebanese dude.
“Well.. Your mother is among those shortlisted and being considered to get the contract for that purpose from the Defence ministry. Didn’t want to tell her yet because she said she had a special gift for my birthday”. He said touching her lap while she looked at the other guests
Ima almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the General’s hand on her lap but immediately composed herself and smiled at him saying “I can keep a secret”.

As their discussion went on, Ima felt the General’s hand start to move along the length of her thigh. Before she could say jack, her body was already responding to the touch. Or was it the wine? Not until she felt his hand just inches away from her crotch did she realized she actually wanted his to go all the way up until he touched her [email protected] clad pvssy. She was already turned on.

Her skin was velvety, like something he had never felt before. So smooth and soft or was it his J0yst!ck that was now thinking the General paused his hand movements. while also wondering what her pvssy would feel like.

Resuming his movements, he let his small finger brush her panry clad mound before caresssing his way back down to her knees.

Ima thought the wait was finally over when,she felt the finger touch her pvssy and had quickly but unconsciously spread her legs wider for him. She was disappointed when she realized his hand had left her thighs completely and was now on her knee. Their eyes met and she smiled urging him on. When she felt the hand begin to work back up her thigh, she again spread her legs wider. She wasn’t disappointed this time around as she soon felt his strong fingers pressed against her pvssy.

Gosh, she so wanted to get fvcked right now.

Remembering the presence of her mistress, she quickly turned to look at her if she approved but was pleasantly surprised to see her eyes shut. The Lebanese dude was ministering to her with his hand under her dress. The situation wasn’t any different from the other guest. The white lady was already sitting on the laps of their host, same way his wife was on her knees in front of the white man whose head bent backward. The two ladies without male partners were kissing, same way the other lady was engaged with the last Lebanese fella.

He attention was drawn back to the General when she felt him out his hand inside her [email protected] and without wasting time, drove a finger inside her pvssy. “Ooow” She squirmed feeling her eyes temporarily role back as her pvssy immediately grabbed his finger like a vice while sU-Cking it up. Even at that he somehow added a second finger and pushed both in.

Her pvssy was tight, hot and drenched so he began to finger fvck her, pushing his fingers as far as they would go. Ima who had been biting her lips in a bid not to shout didn’t know,when she let out a loud “Oh god” In emotional agony as the general curled his fingers upward while rubbing her geespot. She grabbed the edge of the table for support while shutting her eyes as she felt her butt0ckz move to the edge of the chair with her legs involuntarily opening wider.

Inside her [email protected], the General’s strong fingers fvcked her, while at the same time rubbing,her cl!torís. Her pvssy bare because she had shaved earlier in the day. Her sheer [email protected] was now went completely and she could feel the wetness on her butt0ckz cheeks.

Seconds later, she began to grind her butt0ckz into the seat while curling her toes inside her heels as she felt an orgäsm build.
‘Ahh ahh ahh oooh” She m0aned out loud while his fingers continued to pump in and out of her slippery welcoming pvssy. Then it hit her, sending spasms all over her body, his cl!toral and geespot stimulation finally made her body yield as she experienced the first orgäsm for the night. Dropping her head on the table with eyes shut, she bit her tongue as she recovered from the heavenly feeling. When she finally opened her eyes some 60 seconds later, her eyes saw the body of her mistress on the table with legs high up and the Lebanese pumping in and out.
Next thing she felt was the General’s hand taking her left hand and placing it on,his J0yst!ck. Turning her head to see, she realized while. her orgäsm lasted, he had pulled his zip down and fetched out a generously long J0yst!ck. Grabbing the throbbing drilling rod, she began to run her soft hands up and down the length. Wow, he was uncut. This was the first time she was seeing a matured uncircumcised J0yst!ck. The last time saw one was back in,the village when he late grandmother circumcised male babies she helped deliver. Cupping his balls with the other hand, she continued to stroke the rather long J0yst!ck, admiring how the head pulled out and went back into the foreskin. Then looking up to his face, she met a look that suggested exactly what he wanted and wasted no time in going down and taking it in her mouth.

At first she started slow, but after about a minute, she picked up speed and began to sU-Ck like a pro. While she hadn’t actually sU-Cked a lot of d!cks, eating pvssy was her favorite pastime. He then grabbed her head with both hands and began to fvcked her mouth as fast as he could, overcoming her own speed until she gagged. At this point her pulled his J0yst!ck out of her mouth and held her up by the shoulders.
“Kneel on your chair” He commanded her
“Without wasting time, she knelt on the seat while supporting her chest on the back rest of the seat with her butt0ckz was now facing him. Lifting her dress and dropping it on her waist, he grabbed his hands around her wet [email protected] and pulled it halfway down. Turning the seat with her around, he got behind her just as he undid his belt, dropping his trouser and boxer to form a hip on his feet. With his right hand and middle finger leading the way, he runner his fingers around her pvssy while briefly digging in the middle finger. Pulling his hand out, he applied the juice he gathered from her pvssy on his J0yst!ck, then licked off the remaining before guiding his J0yst!ck into her young pvssy.

She felt her pvssy lips part as the invading rod continued its steady movement inside her. With no control of hers, her pvssy muscles held the J0yst!ck firmly in,a,vice like grip. Gosh, it’s been,a while she felt a live and warm J0yst!ck inside her. It had always been fingers or toys with her mistress or the few of her recruits she made out with back in school. Though on rare occasions, she slept with a guy.
Completely in, he began to fvck her in a not too fast but not slow way. Gosh, this J0yst!ck was so long that she thought she could feel it rub against her cervix. Then she decided to look around and saw that their host was now fvcking her mistress from behind and she was pushing back to meet his every thrust. The white lady was being fvcked by the Lebanese that was initially with her mistress. The white man was now with one of the black ladies who had no male partner and Mrs Patricia was eating the last lady out. Every corner had a s*x scene going on in the vast room which was filled with sounds of people m0an!ng “oohs” and “ahhs”

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