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Without being told, Jama knew Ima must be very important to the General for him to order a hit on a senior police officer. Not like he cared about the man though. After all from his confessional statements during his torture, the man committed certain crimes against Ima.

Knowing how they operated, he knew they’ll be people looking out for her right now and he doesn’t want to be seen around her in public.

He spent the rest of the day through Monday looking for someone who could provide information about Ima. He later length she was a youth corps member serving at the military hospital Ikoyi. Perhaps her coming to Lagos for her youth service was what brought her and the General together he initially thought. But remembering the DPS had mentioned he sent her to jail and all, he knew that wasn’t the case. The only way he would get the answers and audience he sought with her was to meet her.

Wednesday morning he called at the hospital wanting a blood test for malaria. As his form was being filled, he asked the receptionist if the female Calabar corper serving here was around but was surprised to hear there weren’t any Calabar corper or corpers there. “We just have two corpers, one a doctor from Niger state and the other a laboratory assistant from Benin.” The lady told him
“Oh, I thought she’s from Calabar” He said collecting the form and was about to move towards the laboratory when she replied him.
“Corper Theodora is from Benin Sir” She insisted, in a typical way every Edo state indigene was said to be from Benin. “And I haven’t seen her today, but she should be in the lab” She added
“Ok.” He replied curiously, while hoping they were both referring to the same person.
By the time he was being bled, he asked the laboratory assistant innocently “What about the Corper? I want to greet her” In a way that suggested he had been attended to before by her.

“She has been absent since Monday Sir. I don’t know if she’s not feeling fine” The lady replied before telling him to “Press it” it reference to the cotton wool she just placed on the spot she removed the needle from.
“Who should I tell her checked when she comes?” She asked as she transferred the contents of the syringe into the EDTA sample bottle.
“Don’t worry. She doesn’t know me all that well” He said preferring to hide his identity. What was he even thinking, how could he have even expected her to be at work after the events of the previous weekend. She wasn’t a trained killer like him who would go about his business five minutes after killing a man. Perhaps he should just check her residence.

Some 20 minutes later after leaving the hospital, he was a couple of meters away from her lane when he spotted a young lady drive out into the main road. Though he didn’t drive through her lane like Lt David on Saturday, he concluded she was the one and followed her while keeping a reasonable distance. It wasn’t long before he noticed a car parked by the side if the road start to move. She was being followed. Looking at the number plate of the car, he realized like he suspected, the person following her was a military personnel.

Definitely acting on the orders of the General.

He maintained a reasonable distance until he saw pull over in front of a store on Adeola Odeku.

He didn’t bother stopping but continued his journey towards Adetokunbo Ademola Street.

Looking back he also saw her security detail pull over a few meters after the store.


Ima on her own part had returned home Sunday evening. Having told the maids on Friday not to come to work on Saturday and Sunday, the house was exactly how she left it.

She had rang Miss Osaro who was still in Europe to tell her of the events of the weekend back at the General’s private residence.

Alarmed, Osaro had suggested cutting her trip short but finally backed out of it when she said the General had already taken care of the situation.

Though she had even forgotten about the killing the man, the only thing that bothered her was how to reunite with Jama. On the way home, she had asked the aid about him but was told he wasn’t in their unit and he didn’t know him personally. In other not to be pushy, she dropped the topic. Monday through Wednesday, she didn’t feel like leaving the house at all. In reality, her life was boring she told herself realizing she had no contemporary who she could call a friend worthy of paying a visit. It was work, store, and back home.

The only social events she attended were in company of Osaro or the General. Well, she kinda like her life that way.

Wednesday morning after feeling bored staying indoors since Sunday, she decided to go to the store to keep herself busy. All through the short drive, she kept looking at her rear mirror for any sign that she was being followed. She finally got to the shop without noticing anything out of place. A sales representative came out to welcome her and collect her hand luggage or what ever she needed to be taken inside from the car.

Entering her office, she demanded the stock books be brought to her by the store keeper and cashier. Then she returned to go round the shop taking notes of what was in stock for the next 20 minutes. Returning to her office, she was just about to begin reconciling what she noted and what was in their books when a sales girl knocked at told her a man was asking to see her. She almost had a heart attack when she stood up and looked through the glass and saw Jama talking to one of her girls. She immediately sat down excitedly while exclaiming “Oh my God”. Her sudden smile and reaction made the girl to ask if everything was ok.
“Is he alone?” She replied her with a question
“Yes ma. He came in alone a picked a bottle of wine. He paid and asked to see you urgently” The girl replied.
“Ok.. Ok.. Just send him in” she replied adjusting her hair, dress and seat.
“Knock knock” She thought she heard that voice that made her head spin ask from outside her office door.
“Come on in” She replied with a voice that betrayed her excitement even though she pretended to be engrossed in checking the record books before her.
“Good morning madam” The man said calmly
As she heard an unfamiliar voice, she immediately looked up to see the face of the man who just entered her office. It wasn’t Jama and she almost died.
“Morning sir. What can I do for you?” she asked, disappointment all over her face and voice. Did she see a ghost or was she hallucinating after spending three days thinking of Jama
“I was sent to deliver these to you” The young man, her age bracket said dropping a bottle of wine and an envelope on her table.

With that he turned to leave but was stopped by her
“Hold on sir. Who sent you?” She asked surprised
“He didn’t say his name, but the envelope holds your answer” With that he left the office not giving her time to ask another question
Picking up the envelope as fast as she could, she pulled out a plain card with handwritten notes. She almost broke down in tears as she moved her left hand to close her mouth so she doesn’t shout out of joy. Even after all these years, his hand writing hadn’t change.

The note read, “The General’s got eyes on you. Can’t be seen with you. There’s someone following you around. Was at the hospital but was told you didn’t show up since Monday. Have a test result to collect so I’ll be there 9am tomorrow..


How she managed to live through the rest of the day remained a mystery to her. She saw him after all she concluded. He got someone to deliver his message. The note confirmed it.

Not until the morning of the next day dis she remember she was supposed to go for her CDS and not her PPA. All the same, CDS was by 10 and he told her 9am. Dressed in her NYSC attire, by 8am she had pulled up at the parking lot of the hospital. The chief technician and her colleagues were surprised to see her, especially in a day she wasn’t supposed to come to work. A few bruises on her left hand and a little cut she sustained on her forehead when the late DSP slammed her head on the trunk of her car was all she needed to convince them she was robbed on Sunday night.

On why she was there that day, she told them she just seized the opportunity of being on the Island for her CDS to tell them. Having been a dedicated staff, they didn’t complain or argue. Especially remembering the General.

Seating in the office, she went through all the results from Monday and finally found Jama’s name registered yesterday. The result was already in their official envelope for his collection. A few minutes to 9am, the demand for his result was made and she literally ran out with it.

When she finally met him at the reception which had a couple of people, she became speechless and managed to smile saying “Good morning”
“Good morning corper. Is that my result?” He asked stretching his hand to receive it but with a straight face.

This wasn’t the kind of reception she expected. What did she even expect? For him to lift her up? The smile immediately vanished from her face as she made to hand him the result. “Oh.. Sorry, I forgot to sign the details” She lied and headed back to the laboratory. She just remembered he told her she was being followed and possibly someone was watching them which he knew, reason why he acted strange.

Returning some 5 minutes later, she gave him the envelope saying “Here it is. Details inside.

Get well soon sir” and back into the lab.

He had spotted the guy keeping tabs on her.

He was one of his boys but working in Dodan barracks. He had even greeted him reason why he suddenly changed his demeanor when he met her. Back inside his car he pulled out the result from the envelope and saw a written note like he had expected. It was an address of a restaurant in Ikoyi. Time was 8pm.

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