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When they got to the hospital somewhat around 9am, she followed her dad to his office firstly while staff of the hospital started whispering upon sighting her. A few were bold enough to come close and greet her dad. But none said anything about her being found other than whispering “We thank God o”
The dad told her he was expecting the police commissioner who later showed up around 10:30am. In the office, he asked a few questions which she answered from the same script she had played her parents. He dropped his number with her when he was leaving, telling her to call him personally if she suspected or feared anything. He also assured her not be afraid that the police had beefed up security around their school and where students stay off campus. He also collected hers.

When he left, her dad sent for a female gynecologist who he talked to in private before she was asked to follow the lady. The boring questions and answer session couldn’t end up any faster than she would have wanted. She was asked with tact if she was raped or made to do anything abnormal but answered in the negative. Her blood and urine samples were collected and sent to the lab for analysis.

The lady asked her to strip and lay on the examination table. She began to carry out checks on her body and at a point she tacitly asked her if she had a boyfriend.

Knowing the question meant “Are you a virgin?” She said no, and that she doesn’t even fancy guys that much having attended an all girls boarding house. She indirectly suggested to the lady she was into girls.

Returning to her dad’s office, she met Dr Abang there. Hugging him, she asked about Vivian. He told her he would call her right away to come to the hospital and she beamed with a smile for him.

When Vivian eventually showed up, she saw her and ran to meet and hug her. The look of guilt on the girl’s face was very obvious but she pretended not to have noticed and whispered how much she missed the girl, thereby putting her at ease. Vivian tried to find out about how she returned but she dodged the question promising to give her details later.

She also noticed a guy with Vivian whom she concluded was her accomplice. Especially the name “Fury” which Vivian had used in addressing him she told him they should go, gave the impression he was a bad person.

Again he couldn’t look her in the eyes but rather looked away when he saw her looking at him. At least she has taken note of one.

2pm, the driver took her back home and returned to the hospital. Her siblings who are boarding house students, were both at home on midterm. In her room she called Jama, who told her to meet up with him by 5pm. She complained she might not be able to leave the house then, and he said should make it 4pm then.

A few minutes to 4pm, dad and mom still at work, probably mom on her way back, she took a taxi to the hotel. Together they went out to a bar where he was soon joined by two men.

Then another two. After the introduction, question and answer sessions and a 30 minutes discussion, she took her leave with the promise to meet up with them when the “storm” calmed down. She got back home with a lie prepared for her parents but was relieved to know they both weren’t back.

The rest of the day and the following day went uneventful as she remained indoors planning and perfecting her moves. She called Ima to thank her and told her what went down. The next day was Vicky’s funeral.


Friday 9am, a convoy of cars left the teaching hospital with Vicky’s remains for her village.

There was a police van carrying some officers, the university’s ambulance bearing the casket, two buses and a 14 seater SUG bus all carrying students, Jane, her mom, a police officers and their driver in one their cars.

Vicky’s cousin and some family members in two other cars, and several students with their personal cars. Vivian was also in her car and that same Fury boy was driving her and three other FGGC girls.

By midday, the casket of Vicky was being lowered with relatives, villagers, students and all present wailing. A painful death it was.

A promising only child from poor parents, and a teenager at that. Jane cried with her mom consoling her. And when she saw Vivian paying her last respects by also joining other students to throw earth into the grave, she almost screamed out “murderer”. Done, Vivian came over to where she stood and hugged her.

In her mind she said to vivian “Yours will come when you least expect and it’s gonna be a slow, painful and agonizing death”.

Only a few cars joined the convoy back to Calabar. Jane remained indoors until Sunday when she attended mass with her family.

Her thanksgiving was moved till the next Sunday in respect to her late friend.

Monday around midday and called Vivian around 2pm begging her to come pick her from her department. Vivian met her crying as a few friends gathered around her empathizing with her. Inside the car, she told Vivian everyone kept staring at her in ways she didn’t like and some were making remarks about the whole thing. She asked Vivian to take her home and when Vivian was about to drive to her dad’s residence, she said no, that she meant Vivian’s own apartment.

Inside, she said she wanted to sleep but would love to bath first. Having taken time to wear a matching pair of pink bra and [email protected], she sensuously stripped, wetting Vivian’s appetite with her body. Leaving the bathroom some 15 minutes later after using Vivian’s bathing lotion, she smelled so sweet and “Vivianish”.

She climbed the bed and told Vivian to hold her.

She knew the bïtch wouldn’t hesitate to lie next to her. She began to talk about how much she felt alone in the world and misses Victoria.

She wondered if she’ll find anyone like her to replace her. “I can’t stay in our house. It’s too big, and i don’t want to go back to my lodge now” She added looking into Vivian’s eyes.
“I’m here for you always Jade. I’ll always be here for you and you’re always welcomed here. I love you… like Vicky did” She confessed and then added the “like Vicky did” just si she doesn’t sound offensive.

Jade knew Vivian was smelling and was already intoxicated by her bath lotion fragrance emanating from her body. After Vivian said she loved her, she went for the kill. Remaining silent for about 15 seconds while both of them looked into each others eyes, she closed her eyes and kissed Vivian.

She left her lips on Vivian’s for about five seconds during which time Vivian made no move. She the opened her eyes and withdrew her lips and saw Vivian looking at her all the while.
“Oh my God, Vivi I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me” She began breaking down in tears and turning her back to Vivian. “Its just that i miss Vicky and when you said you loved me like she did, i thought you knew about us… I’m sorry if you no longer…” She pretended to apologize but was stopped short by Vivian who turned her head so she was now facing her
“Shhhh….” Vivian started by placing her index finger on her (Jane’s) lips.
“I’ve always loved you Jade. Even more than Vicky” She added. With that Vivian moved in and kissed her firmly and fully on the lips.

Seconds later, her mouth parted as their tongues met.

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