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When Biodun sent me my flight ticket to come to Calabar for admission and when i finally secured admission (after pre-degree), I had only but one dream, and that was to graduate with flying colours and if possible top my class.

Biodun on her part made sure she reiterated the fact that I had only one purpose in Calabar, which was to study and nothing else. No parties, clubbing, flashy lifestyles, useless or excess friends and most importantly, no girlfriend(s). But two months after i met and got involved with the Lt. Colonel, I came to understand some dreams can be bought, knowingly or unknowingly. Mine inclusive.

My first assignment came roughly two weeks after my meeting with the colonel and his friends. I got a call from the Naval officer Wednesday afternoon while in school. I was just coming out of the library for a 2pm lecture when I met one of my talk buddy and female course mate, Jacinta at the door also leaving for the lecture. Jacinta or Dera (from Chidera) is one hell of a pretty and decent (so i thought) girl from Imo state. A devoted Catholic who I saw every Sunday i managed to go to our parish, St. Bernard. The stereotype about Igbo girls, especially those from Imo being high maintenance made her a no go area. Though a very reserved chick with lots of male attention, I appreciated the fact we were talk buddies. I wasn’t gonna ruin that relationship by even considering “liking” her, not to talk of falling in love.

“Hello.. Fury speaking” I said answering the phone call while Dera walked by side
“Fury my man. How are you? Lieutenant Pam speaking” He said introducing himself after asking about my well being.
“Ah.. Good afternoon sir. I’m fine sir.

How’s work sir?” I said not sure of a better response because I immediately became nervous.
“Everything is fine. Hope you’re good?” He asked
“Yes sir” I answered
“Good. So i got a task for you. This weekend we’re expecting some of our superiors at the base for a working visit. I’ll be needing four girls for their “entertainment” He said, stating the purpose of his call
“Ok sir. No problem” I said with confidence believing I would be able to pull it off. After all I got Vibangs for assistance. To me it was a simple task but it also got me wondering why he couldn’t just drive over to one of the numerous red light spots in the city and pick up the girls.
“It’s not a case of no problem. I’ve got a high expectation from you. Don’t bring me some mediocre girls. Make sure they’re all tall and fleshy, busty and with butt0ckz, and they should all be light skinned. I need girl who can sU-Ck and ride men well, are you listening?” He said sounding like he was giving a subordinate an order
“Yes sir. I am” I answered
“Good. They’ll spend the weekend so tell them to get ready. You’ll bring them Friday by 4pm and pick them up Sunday by 10am.

“Ok sir”. I answered wondering how i now was going pull this off.
“I’ll leave a message at the gate for you, so you’ll be expected. Just tell them you’re there to see me with my package”
“Ok sir.” I replied
“Good. Make sure you don’t disappoint me Fury. Handle the negation and get back to me. But make sure it doesn’t exceed N30k a night. Send me your account number and I’ll get someone to pay in some money for you for mobilization. You’ll complete their balance when you pick them up. He said and ended the call.
“Wow” I breathed out as i began to quickly forward my bank account number to him after which I dialed Vivian’s number.
“Who’s that Fury? This one that you were answering Sir sir sir” Dera asked
“My dear….” I started, dragging the “dear” word. “It’s one Naval officer o” I said taking the phone to my ear as Vivian then picked the call
“Babe how far? Where you dey?” I asked her while making a hand gesture at Dera to let me make call.

“I’m at Akwa Ibom.” She answered straightforwardly, but i missed her tone
“What’s up? Wetin dey happen there? I need to see you o” I said, sounding a bit nervous.
“I’ll be back this evening. See you later” She said ending the call. It was at this point i got her tone. She couldn’t talk to me ATM probably because she was “busy”.
“Shít” I said out in annoyance, with frustration written all over my face.
“Fury talk to me. What’s happening, Dera asked showing concern.
“Mtcheeew” I hissed in frustration before answering her saying “Hmmm?” with raised eye brows indicating i didn’t get her question
“Who called you and why is your face like that?” She repeated her earlier questions with different choice of words
Just when i was about to answer, a message came into my phone from Vivian. Looking at the screen when i clicked open, it read “I follow my lecturer go him village this morning. We dey show moro morning. Call u later”
Disappointed after reading the text, i hissed again in frustration wondering how i was going pull this one off.

“If you don’t want to talk, keep it to your self na.” Dera said feigning annoyance at my ignoring her.
“Babe sorry…” I started, dragging the sorry. “I got a small contract to do. The guy who first called is a Naval officer. He needs me to organize some girls for him for their guests at the Naval base for the weekend.” I said, spilling what was supposed to be a secret “Fair girls with boöbs and flesh” I added in a small and defeated voice while looking at my phone screen like some answers would be displayed on it.
“Ok…!!!” She said, dragging the word while looking at me for more answers. When she waited for a while, she then asked “So what happened? You don’t know who to call?”
“My friend who have friends travelled out of town. Wont be back till moro. And i have only today and tomorrow to select them” I said as we approached our lecture hall.

“How many?” She asked after about 30 seconds silence while looking forward.
“Four” I said as i got curious and answered her. Turning, I looked at her expecting her to say something more or ask more questions.
“Ok” She said, with no sign of asking further questions
“Know or got anyone? Fair and busty?” I said, listing some of the features i was asked to look out for.
“Nah” She responded in the negative as we stepped on pavement in front of our lecture hall. “Later Fury?” She said entering the class.


One hour into the lecture, my phone vibrated indicating i had received a message. Bank alert, N60K.
“I love this Job” I said in my head smiling.
Some 10 minutes later, another message came in, this time around from an unknown number.

**Hi, it’s Dera. How much is the pay? I know someone who’s willing and match your criteria. Maybe two sef**

I was surprised and happy at the same time.

Though we’ve been talk buddies, i didn’t have her number. Couldn’t find a reason to ask for it all this while and was surprised she had mind. Probably asked around during the lecture. So i quickly typed a reply and sent to her.

“I’m paying N20k a night. For the two nights we’re looking at N40k. Subject to increase based on their performance though. Plus possible bonuses or tips from the men themselves”
“Ok” Was the simple reply she sent back to me.

I then typed another reply “So? Who’s the person? Is she interested?” She must be able to sU-Ck and ride well o”
“Me and Cousin” Was her reply.

For all its worth, I never saw this coming. I tried to look around class but didn’t see her. I knew she was definitely watching me and ashamed and must have placed her head down in the desk in hiding. Chidera and one girl i always saw her in church with (whom i then suppose is the cousin she’s talking about) had exactly what i was looking for. But i never thought about her and even when we discussed while on the way to class, i felt like a reprobate, telling a decent girl my dirty lifestyle as a wh0r£monger.

“Are you for real? Please don’t tell me you’re joking” Was the reply i then sent. 20 minutes later it was yet to be delivered. She had switched off her phone.

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