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Her plan was to get closer to Vivian as much as she could, get all the info about her organization the Greenhorns and her modus operandi which she hoped to use against her. The first step was getting Vivian into bed with her, which happened to be as easy as she had expected. That was about six months ago, a week after her return from kidnapping and a few days after Vicky’s funeral. And after the events of that afternoon, there was no fourth night that passed without both of them ending up in bed on the least count twice.
Two months after their first l£sb!an experience together, Vivian was already assuming and acting like they were in a relationship of some sort because she seemed to have fallen in love with her. The plan was going on better than she had hoped and on her own part, she allowed Vivian to assume the dominant figure between them. But she was a bit confused with that Fury guy who turned out to be her next door neighbour.

After their second meeting when Vivian introduced him to her, she realized they were just friends and she was also sleeping with him. She was able to establish the fact that he wasn’t a member of the Greenhorns, but her confusion was in the fact that he was a procurer of student call girls for men, though he kept that part of his lifestyle hidden from her. She knew because of his relationship with Vivian and from grapevine sources within her class talking about a certain “Fury” who got big contacts and paid well, but with a different style of operation. He was the only guy she often saw with Vivian and the only other person driving her car.

She, Vivian and Fury have all gone out together on several occasions since then their official introduction. And it was during their first outing she got to know him closely and the fact that he lost his virginity to Vivian when she used it against him mockingly. Vivian had suggested they hang out at the Marina resort that Saturday evening.

Fury was behind the wheel when she came out from the gate with Vivian who had already mentioned he was going with them earlier on.
The first thing she noticed about him was that he was shy or pretended to be around her. But within an hour of getting there, one would think she and Fury had known each other for years. Drinks and snacks on their table, they had been talking and laughing for about an hour when a girl with an incredibly big butt0ckz and boöbs for her body size walked past.
“That’s the kind of things you like Fury” Vibangs asked Fury when he couldn’t help but look at her behind as she walked on. Like they both knew he was going to take a second look, both of them had been watching his face. He didn’t disappoint but immediately went into defense mode.
“No nah… Not at all. I….” He was about to explain when she interrupted him
“But you were still looking at her butt0ckz. Guys and butt0ckz” She said
“Jane wait lemme explain. I was just wondering how comfortable she is with her package. See, i don’t do fat girls. In fact I don’t like them.” He told them
“She’s not fat. She’s only busty and endowed behind also” She told him with Vivian looking at him in a funny manner
“She is fat to me. See, once a chick cannot comfortably put on a bikini but would rather a swimming trunk, I consider her fat. So imagine that girl in a bikini. The pool or beach would go wild” He said before taking a bite from the snack he held
“But that didn’t stop you from looking at her butt0ckz after she passed” She insisted trying to force him to admit he was lusting after her butt0ckz like a normal guy
“Still doesn’t mean I imagine sleeping with her. In addition to what i said earlier, if i can’t lift a girl around in bed, then she’s fat for me. Team normal girls” He said laughing into his drink
“What’s your definition of normal girls” She asked him. Vivian was still looking at him quietly but with a mischievous smile on her face
“You and Vivian are normal in my definition” He said turning to look at Vivian. If that had been his idea of flattery, Vivian thought otherwise with her next question
“Meaning you’re thinking of getting both of us in bed?” Vivian then asked him out of the blue. The confused look that immediately appeared on his face was priceless.
“I…. Calm down Vivi. I was…” He stuttered a reply revealing his shy side again.

“Babe don’t mind this one talking like a pro. I took his virginity two weeks ago. You need to see him then, he didn’t even know what to do with my boöbs sef, and he’s here describing his “type of girls”” Vivian said turning to look at her while making a gesture with her fingers to highlight “Type of girls”.
“Hahahahahaha” She laughed out loud, turning to look at Fury. The look on his face confirmed that Vivian was being truthful but she decided to make it worse by teasing him “Fury please tell me it’s not true”
“It is.. And i guess because he was busy looking for bikini wearing girls, that’s why he never got la!d till i helped his ministry” Vivian responded to the question directed at him. “Don’t worry, nice try. Since I and Jade are your definition of normal girls, we might just fvck you together one of this days” Vivian added before turning to look at her in a way that suggested if she would agree. Something in her eyes told her she meant it, and the idea excited her stomach. If not for anything else, this revelation from Vivian had already made her like him, so she just smiled back.


At the State police force HQ, a team of 15 notorious touts and cultist arrested for various crimes committed at different parts of Calabar and it’s environ and with no hope of being released had been carefully selected and screened by the police boss. They were drilled and explained to what was expected of them and subsequently released. They were to go about their normal business while awaiting calls and instructions from a certain Lady who they all now work for and report to.


Though Vivian tried to keep her activities discreet, she was still able to make several leads as to her pattern of operations and how she got involved with Greenhorns. She realized Vivian wasn’t exactly a member, but was just a dealer or supplier, depending on what role she was playing at a particular time. What this meant is that, Vivian was just a member of a one of the numerous campus cult groups selling drugs or supplying girls for members of drug cartel known as Greenhorns.

As a female, one would have expected her to be a member of female confraternity, but she was not just a member of one of the most dreaded male confraternity, but a high ranking one. Coming at position three, she was the highest female ranking member.

While she couldn’t tell exactly when or how Vivian became a member, she realized it was Vivian’s family background, her beauty, charm and ambition that got her to the top of the confraternity within a year in the university.

Where her family background came to play is the fact that her dad and some of his top shop friends in Unical were patrons of her confraternity, including the professor screwing her. She (Jade) couldn’t exactly tell if her (Vibangs) dad knew she was a blended member, but he sure knew she had their protection as was the routine.
In being a very manipulative person who loves parties and any social gathering you can think of, she also discovered Vibangs made good use of her physical attributes to do her business and gain friends. Probably before she even got into the university, she had already started fvcking her dad’s friends including her law professor. Else she (Jade) couldn’t come up with any other explanation as to why Vibangs rose quickly through the ranks to the position she held currently. But despite all these, she must admit Vivian, smart and intelligent had successfully kept her true colours away from the normal public.

People only heard of a certain Milady, but the Vibangs people knew wasn’t anything close to the dreaded queen.

Where the Greenhorns come into all these is that, there were other campus confraternities working for them also and the competition was strong.

They cared less about the students killing themselves in their battle for supremacy as long as their drugs were sold, monies remitted or girls supplied when needed for trafficking or escort services. But as encouragement for service delivery, the leadership of these cult groups doing business for them were usually given positions as full fledged members of their organization, the Greenhorns upon graduation or when available.

In a bid to position themselves to be selected, this cult groups always engage in violent confrontations. And right now, a position for one of them to take charge of who becomes responsible for deals and assignments involving all the frats was next in line to be filled, and this was what Vibangs was gunning for.
Jade also realized confrontations usually existed between each factions which usually resulted in deaths of members. On the surface such is assumed to be normal cult wars by the public, but deep within, it usually battle for supremacy with regards to who controls the drug trade. The enmity would be what she will exploit in dealing with Vivian.
For the past months she had kept steady contact with Jama, Ima and the officers, reporting her findings to them. The control of a structure and team of social misfits had been handed over to her only last week. She was now the face of the group known simply as the Cartel in the southern part of the country, starting off with Calabar.

Her first package was on its way as she got ready to oversee crack and other pills replacing marijuana as the popular drug of choice on the streets and campuses in Calabar.

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