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Business was rapidly expanding with the drug trade gaining more clients. Jade was still an anonymous individual to drug users but other groups including Greenhorns were beginning to experience a decline in sales. Vibangs who had been selected to coordinate the trade in the southern region by the Greenhorns was beginning to feel pressured as it appeared she was failing in her duties for Calabar, which was supposed to be her strong hold.

She summoned a meeting of all frat leaders working for them and demanded to know what was the reason for the decline in sales and threatened to deal with anyone who was found to be short-changing. The threats didn’t go down well with must of them who weren’t even confortable with her leadership.
A leader of a rival frat known as “Kodo” for his trade mark skin cut who had been one of her competitions stood up and addressed the gathering stating that “Just incase you guys missed the memo, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about this because there’re new drugs of choice in town and y’all are about to be put outta business”. With that he took is leave to the chagrin of Vibangs who felt insulted. All the same she got the message and ended the meeting.
Though not from a wealthy background, his notoriety and knack for having “wrong” things done through his extensive web of violent foot soldiers had gotten him involved with Jade’s boys. Within two months he had become a broker in campus and did better than the rest because through the use of his boys.

Kodo was one of the most notorious frat leaders in the history of campus fraternity in Calabar. At only four weeks in the campus, he was involved in a fight with an ex secondary school mate in the hostel, in what was a spill over secondary school beef. He was stabbed in the left side of his chest and surviving the attack after so much blood loss made him popular. Although the main culprit was expelled and subsequently jailed, his quest for vengeance made him join a rival frat. On the first year anniversary the attack, two of his main attacker’s accomplices were shot dead in campus.

The resultant reprisal fight saw both groups lose members and the school temporarily closed. At the end of the clash in which he personally gunned down the leader of the rival group, his group lost their second in command. His guts made him the natural person to fill in the second in command position and upon the graduation of their leader, he rose to the rank of Capone at 300 level.

Having spent six years in the university (spilling twice), his over five years reign of terror was marked by a significant increase in members, territory and notoriety through violent means which included numerous hits on other frats, as well as mutual and repeated murder attempts on him and his members. This was the period when he used violence to settle “ordinary” disputes with rival frats. Although he was on the police radar, his being a willing and ready tool used by the political class in settling scores had seen him roam the streets of Calabar freely. So many people wanted him dead, but none was willing to make an attempt.

Kodo’s notoriety was also destined to be his undoing. Unaware of what or who he was dealing with, he allowed his feeling of being untouchable and his reputation get the best of him when he held back a remittance of about a N1m, demanding an increase in his percentage since he did better than other brokers. Jade was notified about how dangerous he was which was the reason for his guts and after background checks, she found out he had been a contender and rival for the position Vibangs now occupied.
After reporting the situation to Ima and in a bid to test Jade’s conflict resolution skills, Ima asked her to handle it the best way she could but make sure she got their money back. Jade decision was to dance to his tune, retrieve their money from him and then deal with him her own way for blackmailing. Getting his contact details, she put a call to him hiding her number.

Picking up his phone when he got her call, he remained silent for a few seconds like he usually did in such cases while waiting for the caller to speak first. When Jade said nothing, beating him to his game, he finally said “Hello!”
“Kodo” She called trying to make her voice sound tougher
“Who’s this?” He replied when he heard what was the voice of a female
“I got your message” She replied ignoring his question
“What message? Who are you?” He answered nervously
“You have my boss’s money. And I was mandated to get it back” She said
Sensing he was talking to a representative of his supplier, he too decided to be firm and changed his tone.

“Finally. Thought you guys wouldn’t contact me” He said portentously
“What do you want?” She asked straightforwardly
“To cut a deal” He replied
“Shoot” She said
“Pay increase. I believe I’m above the peanuts you call 10 percent. Besides I believe I should get my stocks sent directly to me. No more middle men” He replied
“What else?” Jade asked like he made no sense earlier on.
“You kick up 30 percent to me cos I’m the south end drug trade. Fair deal if you ask me” He concluded in a typical Riley Freeman of Boondocks kinda way
“25” She said
“When I get the first consignment, you get the money” He said
“Deal” She said
“So what’s the name sunshine?” He asked feeling really important but Jade ended the call with answering the question.

Before then, Jade hadn’t thought of a name to use in this drug life but out of the blue she said silently “I’m the Goddaughter” while looking at the phone screen. She then called Ima.
“You did well, but I would have handled it differently, else they keep pushing their luck. You have all you need or can be provided, just ask.” Ima had told her.
After the call, she continued to wonder what that meant. She later realized Ima was trying to teach her to get violent when necessary to make certain statements


He got the package exactly a week later and paid up their remittance cash at the rendezvous. “Business is good, fvck Vibangs and the Greenhorns” he thought as he stocked the drugs into the trunk of his car. Semester exams were fast approaching and students will be needing their shots.

Just before he drove off, he got a call from an unknown number. Jade had been watching him from a safe and unnoticeable position.
“Kodo speaking” He said sure she was the one
“Meet me up at xyz bar, 8pm, don’t be late” She said and ended the call before he could object
For who he was, he sensed the danger, but the fact that it was a bar for the political class and Calabar top shots made him worry less about being attacked there.
8pm, at the bar, an attendant showed him to a table reserved when he introduced himself. He took his seat and checked his time as he waited for whoever it was he was meeting.
Being who he was and with the harsh reality of knowing so many people wanted him dead, he knew it is more dangerous to get caught without his gun than to get caught with it by law enforcement agents. But he couldn’t come in here with it, so he had made sure four of his boys were there beforehand while also arriving with another four well armed, waiting in the car outside.

At 10 past 8pm, a girl in glasses with a fringe hairdo and dressed corporately like an insurance agent pulled the seat opposite him and dropped two documents on the table before sitting down.
“Good you made it Mr. Kodo” She said offering him her hand
“You’re late by 10 minutes” He said looking at his watch while holding her hand
“Go through those. Our agreement terms” She said ignoring his remarks of her being late. Just then a bar attendant walked up to them
“Can I take your orders Sir? Ma’am?” The guy asked them politely in the poorly lit hall.
“Mr Kodo!” She called his name in a way that suggested she wanted him to make the order
“What do care for….. Still don’t know your name?” He asked trying so hard to appear caring or something
“Get him a red label. A bottle of water would do for me” She instructed the guy who immediately answered “Yes madam” and took his leave
Kodo said nothing and picked up the papers and read through the terms. The first thing he noted was the name, The Cartel
The attendant returned with a tray bearing a wine, two glasses and a bottle of water.

Popping the wine himself after reading want was written on the label, he made to pour some into her glass, but she stopped him with a simple but effective stop gesture
“I don’t drink alone!” He said
“It’s against company rules to drink on duties Mr. Kodo” She said seductively while managing a smile for the first time for him before adding “Thanks. The water would do for me. Enjoy your drink”
“If you say so sweetheart” He said while pouring himself a drink. “But I owe you a drink” He added taking a sip
“Sure you do” she said the smile gone. “Mr employers had gone through your output and I must say they are impressed by your performance and contributions. It is on this note I have been mandated to……….” She began
Meanwhile outside the bar, a police patrol van pulls up behind the parked car with four occupants inside.
After about ten minutes, two officers came out of the police van and walked up to car and demanded to know why they were parked in an area with a sign saying “No Parking” and who they were waiting for the last thirty minutes.
“Oga today is not the first day abi time that people have been parking here. There’s no sign anywhere saying no parking” The guy behind the wheel argued forming tough and knowing his rights
“If you were smart enough, you would have noticed you’re the only one parked here instead of arguing. Oya move out of the car” The lead officer thundered while the other corked his rifle as other officers jumped out of their van.

It happened so fast and like expected, the guy behind the wheel kicked the car and pulled out and within 30 seconds, a police chase had ensued.


From the entrance to the bar, Kodo had just watched as the cops chased his boys from where they were parked. He knew if they were caught, they’ll definitely be in soup because of the arms and other weapons on them. His back up inside the bar had no weapons and non was with him.

His heart was beating fast
“I believe those are your boys… Come with me she said as called someone saying “Bring the car”
Five minutes later they were driving him back to where he told them. Mysterious girl on cat owner seat, driver in front with him next to her. Then his eyes dimmed and he forced them opened and tried to say something but his eyes closed again.
When he opened his eyes slowly due to a strong headache, he realized he was seated, his hands tired behind him. Looking around he saw a the table before him with a box containing type of butcher knives, small bottles he wished he had an idea what they contained, an axe, a pistol and a machete. He tried to move his feet and discovered his feet were cuffed to the chair. And when he wanted to ask where he was, he discovered his mouth was stuffed and tired.
“Ah.. Finally you’re awake” He heard her voice ask. Then he realized they were other occupants inside the building.

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