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By the second semester of my second year in the university, and about a year after i got into the world of campus prostitution, my name was like a household name amongst “runs” girls, especially those who were same level with me and a few senior students. Dera and Nonye were now like partners to me and handled the recruitment processes. I barely approached girls as they both brought them to me or somehow interested girls called me up after getting my phone number from God knows where.
I and Nonye fvcked a couple of times, about thrice or so, but with Dera it was as often as whenever or wherever we found ourselves alone. Just plain S£x and the business, no feelings attached. She spent several nights in my room whenever Vivian, who funnily i was developing feelings for wasn’t around.
One day in school after a certain lecture, I had had just walked out of the lecture hall with Dera laughing at a joke when this dude walked up to us. Dera’s countenance immediately changed and was replaced surprise as she quickly moved to over to the guy, hugged him and then introduced the guy to me as her boyfriend, while also asking why he didn’t inform her he was coming to her department since it was obvious he had waited while the lecture was on (Perhaps to catch us).

I think it was in a bid to proof to the guy (who i later found out had just returned from his IT and probably heard rumours about us) that nothing existed between us and I played along well. Shaking his hand, i told him it was nice finally meeting that mystery guy whom Dera was always quick to talk about saying “I’m taken”, whenever a colleague as little as offered to buy her a drink or liked her.
Holding his hands, she beamed with smiles like a 16 years old girl in love for the first time. Being Friday, i quickly suggested we all hung out later in the evening.
“You wanna take us out?” She asked before he got the chance to turn down the offer
“Yea. Been a while I and Cynthia went out together, so i just thought it would be great to have you two around for an outing” I replied smiling back at her because we both knew what we were doing.

“Ok. Just load your wallet o. Because today you must buy all of us excess suya” She replied dragging the guy along saying “Say hi to that your Cynthia for me”
“Stop being jealous of my babe” I said to her as i turned to go a different direction while laughing at how we quickly got ourselves out of the trap.
“In your dreams” She shot back
I quickly called Cynthia, (the girl Vivian had sent to me the day Dera offered to become a runs girl) to join us for the outing. Although she was working often times with Vivian, we were still very close. I simply told her she was my girlfriend for the evening because Dera and her guy were coming with us and i wouldn’t wanna disturb them too much. They both met I and Cynthia at the joint later that evening.
Cynthia excused herself and left some two hours later for a “Job” when Vivian called her urgently. She put up a show like she was really sorry for ruining our night halfway but she had to go home. I walked her out of the premises to the road where she got a cab before returning to join Dera and her guy. Only I and Dera knew the real reason for Cynthia leaving. And as if the evening was planned, the guy got a call to come back home some 30 minutes later because his younger brother had been involved in a fight with a co-tenant. Time was about 20 minutes past 9pm.
At this point I decided we all leave and we chattered a cab to take us back home. Dropping him off at his apartment, she followed me to mine on the pretext of going to hers. As soon as we stepped in, we were all over each other as we immediately ripped each others clothes off and began fvcking. While i ate her pvssy, he called to tell her the situation had been resolved by their landlord and apologize for ruining her night. He also confessed to having a nice time hanging out with me and i was such a nice guy. It was amazing to see Dera who had been m0an!ng before the call, comfortably talk to him on the phone for about 15 minutes, during which time i slow fvcked her. And if my memory serves me well, that night we had the best S£x together. I guess it felt so good because it was so wrong of both of us.


As a campus pïmp, i wasn’t exactly the most popular or the best, but i was very good at it thanks to the connections the guys the Colonel introduced me to, who kept requesting girls for one event or the other, and also my innovation and approach to the whole thing. Before long I started getting calls from men other than my military friends. And as a runs girl, if you wanted to make big bucks per outing, make friends with Fury or make him your love-vendor. Call it luck or what ever, but i seemed to be the guy always contacted to put girls together for one (political) event or the other.
Every once in a while, i would send a girl to a hotel room to wait for my military friends whenever they had the chance, all expense paid by me. The girls i chose had one duty, and it was “fvck his brains out”. This was just my way of saying “thank you” to them, but it paid off well for me too.

Also it was only a matter of time i got to know drugs were also being peddled in the campus, and guys were making mega bucks. But since i wasn’t sure I could contend with the violence associated with it’s trade, i stirred clear of it. I didn’t wanna go to jail or die. I also made my girls understand what it meant and the dangers associated with drug use.

Instead, in a bit to have a source of extra income or diversification of my income sources, i began selling assorted condoms to students at first and then to hotels in bulk using my girls. I also applied and secured a space from the student body in the hostel for a space to start a business center. And when I travelled back to Lagos, i bought female clothes and shoes and sold at cheaper rates. My girls and contacts and price ranges made it possible for me to sell.


While many people would not want people to join their business because they actually don’t want to share profits, I can honestly tell you not to get involved with my kinda lifestyle not because I don’t want you to make big bucks, but because of the risk involved in it. As my popularity increased, i found myself being confronted by different frat members seeking i became their member to be able to operate freely or i pay operational dues.
Top frat members made sure they tasked me whenever they could. Guys who felt i was selling their chicks were on my neck. For example, at the beginning of my 200L first semester, i was cornered by the dreaded Kodo in a bar when i went to meet a client. It was actually a setup to lure me out. I realized I was surrendered by his boys. Kodo demanded I presented my operational license and I was like WTF
At the end of the day, I paid for their drinks and was allowed to go but not after signing a paper that I’ll pay him X amount as operational license/fee before i can take Unical girls outside the campus for anyone. I paid it for about 6 months and was more than glad the day his corpse was found lying mutilated on the street. Though he had become some sort of an acquaintance, even linking me up with three clients on different occasions. According to him since i kept my end of the deal, he would support my ministry. In all, the money i paid or spent on frat members at the end of the month would rival what some companies paid as tax to the government.
Then they were the lecturers who wanted me to get them la!d (free of course). Discussion for another day. But the worst of all my troubles were from the female frat members also into campus prostitution who thought i was yet again another rival they had to deal with in addition to the untouchable or mysterious Milady.

On a particular occasion, two chicks cornered me outside campus and pulled a gun at me warning me to thread carefully. While it was easy seeing reason or cutting deals with guys, i feared such girls because they don’t reason at all. I discussed it with Vivian that evening while we ate dinner in her room telling her i was shìt scared and nearly peed in my pants.

She laughed so hard to a point of choking herself because a grain of rice probably entered her wind pipe thereby sending me into panic mode. Even after we managed to get it out with her eyes wet with tears of discomfort, she just didn’t want to stop laughing. I was forced to laugh too, not because of the event but because i seemed to fall for her the more especially because she never took life serious. I had to kiss her to stop her from laughing but we ended up making love. Yea you heard right, i and Vivian were always passionate with each other in bed.
Two days later, those two girls waited for me outside my class after a lecture. As soon as i spotted them, i almost made a run for it but was surprised when one called out my name “Fury please wait”. When i stopped, they walked up to me with my heart pounding. But as soon as they got to where i stood, their next move surprised me as in the full glare of people around they both knelt down and said “We’re sorry”. To say i was shock was an understatement. Though my troubles didn’t stop, we sort of became friends.
I got free offers from girls who wanted to work with me, but managed to turn them down. I trusted none and wasn’t willing to be framed up or to go down for a Molest charge. The competition was indeed real and the business environment hostile.


Except for Cynthia, Nonye and Dera (who i considered close friends) i avoided sleeping with my girls as a matter of principle. Funny right? Well, every organization should have it’s code of conduct guiding it. Mine wasn’t any different. As a matter of fact, my girls had rules or code of conducts. These were the major reason i stood out as a pïmp.
I had about 15 girls who i would say made up my kitchen cabinet. They were the ones i could call on anytime for a job. These girls really understood what this business was all about. At the initial stages, i had about four instances where girls who had come willingly to me initially, decide to quit after just about one, two or three outings. Hence i made sure potential girls were properly grilled. Perhaps they realized that a part of them was being broken off each time they gave their body to men who see them as just piece of pvssy or Pour buckets, and decided to take charge of their lives.

In one instance, a client called me to come pick my girl up around 11pm. Vivian had gone home for the weekend that Friday, so i had to charter a cab to the hotel. Getting there, i found my girl crying while sitting on the bed. As soon as she saw who entered the room, she ran to hug me while apologizing saying she couldn’t do it. I was fortunate the client understood and didn’t force himself on her. I told him i would return his money the next day but he ask me not to bother. He called me the next day, and confessed that was actually the first time he had considered cheating on his wife.

According to him, when he made a move to touch the her and the young girl burst out crying saying she couldn’t sell her body, he felt so bad that he had actually wanted to cheat on his wife. Her tears made him have a change of heart. He had to console her, promising not to touch her that night so they could sleep. Even offered to sleep on the floor but that he had to call me because that was the only thing the girl said while she sobbed. I and the girl remained close friends till i left Unical, but anytime I saw her, i tell myself we were but lucky that night. Lucky because I’ve seen other runs girls battered, raped, drugged and even killed. None of these vices happened to any of my girls.

Thereafter before any girl starts working with me, I tell them I agree with them that selling their body is their right (as they always say when asked why they want to get involved in campus prostitution), but that in truth, there’s nothing glamorous about being a runs girl. Runs wasn’t for soft-hearted girls because it takes a whole lot of courage to spread your legs, and let a total stranger stick his J0yst!ck into your pvssy/butt0ckz.
You sU-Ck d!cks and pvssies (I had l£sb!an clients also) of strangers you’ve never seen and might never see again. You jump into a car and travel miles to a place you’ve never been before or have no relatives to fvck a total stranger for days. I try as much as i can to discourage the girl but if she insists, i go ahead to give her my rules. So when next you see a girl getting involved in campus runs, know that the decision wasn’t easy to make because it takes serious guts.

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