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Alright ladies, time to take the party into the bedroom” She suddenly heard the Colonel say.

Turning her head to look at him, she was surprised to see him already in his briefs. When he got out of his shirt and trouser she didn’t know. But there he stood with a huge tent in his pants.
“Seems someone is hörny and missing out already” The lady said, directing response to her before asking “What do you think?” She giggled shyly, unsure of what to say.
“I say you don’t keep me waiting” She hears the Colonel reply to the question which wasn’t directed to him. Just then she felt the lady’s right foot move under the water towards the end of the bathtub. With a little movement of the leg, she heard the sound of the water draining out of the tub just as the lady took her finger out of her pvssy.

The lady continued to föndle her boöbs with one hand, while the other hand ran tickling through her body for the next two or so minutes until the bathtub became empty.

Perhaps the Colonel was now getting frustrated because at this point, he walked nearer the tub and got hold of the flexible shower hose.

Connecting it with the tap head as provided, he turned on the faucet as the water began splashing on them. As the cold water touched their skins, both of them gasped like little girls who were about to be bathed on a cold morning do when water is poured on them. It was at this point she realized the water that had just been drained out of the tub was had been very warm. And like a Gardner watering flowers in dry season, he directed the faucet at both their bodies as the kept panting whilst been rinsed off the foams.

“Jama pleaseee, the it’s too cold” She hears the lady cry out when he wouldn’t stop as both of the folded their hands around their boöbs.
“Enough of your teasing girls” He said handing over the faucet to the lady who collected it and quickly directed it at his body. Obviously he knew she would do that because before the first stream of water could touch his body, he had rushed out toward the door with his tent leading a way that made she and the lady giggle.

Then facing the faucet down, the lady reached for the other tap head and turned on the hot water. When it was warm enough, she then said “Stand up my dear” as she began rinse off her body. It was at Thai point she realized the lady’s pvssy was also clean shaven like hers. It look beautiful also, like nothing (especially a child) had ever come out of it. Again there were no signs of any part of her body failing or looking frail making her to really appreciate the lady’s type of body while promising in her head to do everything within her power to make sure she still looked this good when she clocks the lady’s age bracket.


After drying her body like her mom did when she was little, the lady dried herself up and then tired the towel around her waist. Holding her like a little girl, she led her into the bedroom chambers with her following behind a bit conscious of the fact that she was näked. As they exited the bathroom, she looked back to see her gown and [email protected] still lying in a hip on the floor. Once inside the room, she realized Jama (yes, that’s his name) had turned off the brighter lights off leaving only the blue and red lights on.
“What took you guys so long?” She heard his voice ask. As the walked towards what she now also noticed was a king-sized bed, she saw him under the duvet and was definitely sure he was in his birthday suit. While she was still thinking whether to answer him or not, she saw the lady with her free hand undo the towel from her chest. Before the piece dropped completely to the floor, the lady had pulled her close and pushed her into the bed.
She landed on the bed like a feather just as the lady immediately crawled next to her legs. Jama still didn’t make any move as he la!d next to them observing silently. Next thing she felt was the lady’s warm hands spreading her legs apart gently while she willingly parted them. Positioning herself between the spread legs, the lady came down for a kiss which she gave back willingly. At a point she ached her chest upward in the hope of getting the lady to föndle or sq££ze her boöbs, but the lady didn’t make any other move other than to continue the French kissing.
And just when she was beginning to lose hope, the lady broke the kiss and began to kiss her way downwards. She soon felt the lady’s tongue on her right b0s0m. Licking round the soft and tender organ, the lady ignored her nipplès in a very frustrating way. Few minutes later, she m0aned a deep sigh of relief when she felt her nail-hard nipplè being engulfed in the wet but warm mouth of the lady. The lady licked it, bit it, sU-Ckled and pulled on it with her lips pressed together in a way that her (Vivi) wish the lady had two mouths so she could simultaneously attend to the other nipplè.
“You’re sweet darling” The lady suddenly said to her breaking the kiss. Even with the lighting condition of the room, she could still see the sparkle in the lady’s eyes which immediately reminded her of Jades’.
“Thank you” She replied smiling back just as she felt the lady’s hand begin to travel from her boöbs, through her tummy down to her pubes.

The lady began to massage just over her cl!toral hood heightening her arousäl. It was as if she could hear the sound of blood rushing through her veins as her brain pumped blood into her cl!töris.

The lady then parted her slit and dug her middle finger into her pvssy, thrusting for a few seconds slowly. Bringing the finger out, the lady took it towards her mouth which she gladly opened up. She sU-Cked and tasted her secretions from the lady’s finger, savoring her taste which she was already familiar with. Perhaps her disposition when sU-Cking the finger impressed the lady who immediately went down on her, taking a long swipe from the button of her pvssy to the top.
Spreading the lips apart, she repeated the earlier move, only this time digging in her tongue into the warm folds of her pvssy. Terminating at the top, she took her cl!töris in her mouth and sU-Cked deeply as if she intended to detach it from the hood. What followed was unexpected as she felt her pvssy gush out juices in what was to be her first orgäsm of the night. She couldn’t believe how intense that felt because she almost went out of breath with the lady licking her clean.


“Like my taste?” She heard the lady ask as she ate from the lady’s cookie jar.
“Mmm Hmm” She replied while she tentatively flicked the tip of her wet tongue across the lady’s large and swollen cl!töris. Another Jade’s feature. While she actually enjoyed the lady’s pvssy taste, she also wanted to please the lady who obviously holds a degree in pvssy eating by doing it properly.
After the lady had finished licking her when she came, the lady had moved over to Jama whom she began giving head leaving her (Vivi) to recover. She was surprised at how patient he was all the while and at several point forgot his presence because of how awfully quiet he was. Obviously he had Pour in her mouth while she sU-Cked his J0yst!ck because of the way he m0aned at a point. Also, she was now stroking his J0yst!ck with her right hand while her left hand was on her (Vivi’s) head spurring her on.

At a point she took the lady’s cl!töris in her mouth and began sU-Cking,it just as she felt the lady close her thighs around her head.
“Yea… Right there… That’s it” She said between m0an!ng placing her second hand on her head.
Because of the kneeling position and the thighs wrapped around her head, she couldn’t see Jama again but felt his movement on the bed. It wasn’t up to 20 seconds she felt him take position behind her butt0ckz.
She felt him rub his now erect J0yst!ck up and down her pvssy slit before driving it in without any form of warning. She gasped out immediately as the heavy rod almost immediately touched bottom. And before long he was balls deep and began to thrust as hard as she could remember him do previously. She couldn’t concentrate on the pvssy she was eating any longer as she now did more m0an!ng than licking. She also knew having climaxed a few minutes ago, he was going to maintain his erectiön for some time.


I was just preparing to leave for school that saturday morning when I got a call from Dera. It was a fixed lecture so I thought she was calling me in that respect.
“Babe how far?” I asked when I picked the call
“Fury….*sobbing* She called my name and began to sob. Obviously she had been crying
“Dera. Dera.. Talk to me!” I called out, shouting into the speaker when she wouldn’t stop crying
“They have killed her o” She managed to say again still crying just as I heard several voices in the background
“Killed who? Talk to me na.. Is Nonye alright. Where are you?” I asked becoming apprehensive
“Where are you? She asked back amidst sobs
“I’m at home. On my way to class. Dera why are you crying? Who did they kill?” I asked fearing the name of the victim she would mention
“It is Vivian o. They have killed Vivian and dumped her body by the school gate” She finally said.
“Which Vivian?” I shouted angrily into the phone but also scared of her response
“Your Vivian” She said before adding “Oh God. Why her?.
I ended the call and how I got down to the ground floor from the second floor I couldn’t tell. By the time I approached her car, I realized I had left the car keys upstairs. In less than a minute I was back up. Three minutes later I was outside the gate accelerating the car as fast as I could to the school gate.
The whole place was crowded and I parker a bit far from the car because of the vehicular traffic and ran down there. I finally pushed my way through just a students began to make way for me. I could here some saying “Her boyfriend done come”. “See the boy here”, “See her partner here” etc.
And finally when I made my way to where she lay, I saw Vivian lying down dead with lacerations all over her body. I rushed to where she was and picked her body up. I began to cry sitting down by her side. I didn’t even see Dera just as I noticed students taking pictures of me and her body. No one made a move to come near me. I could here the sound of a siren coming.
“Police the come o” some students said as people began to run away fearing mass arrest by the Nigerian police. But I couldn’t leave her.
Then I began to hear Dera scream my name “FURY… FURY… FURY”… I didn’t answer because I knew she wanted me to run and avoid arrest like the others. Then I heard a voice “Mr Man, you’re under arrest” followed by a hand holding my shoulder in an attempt to pull me away from her. I used my elbow to hit the person with as much force I could muster un that position


“Jesus…. Fury it’s just a nightmare” I heard Dera say sounding like someone in pains
I jumped up feeling as if my head was being split into two. Everywhere was dark and I was sweating.
“Hmmm?” I murmured confused while immediately sitting up.
“You were crying out loud and shaking. Your temperature is very high. I tried to wake you and you elbowed me. You have malaria” Dera said as my eyes adjusted to my surrounding.
Still not believing her, I quickly reached for my phone and dialed Vivian’s number, but it was switched off. I then checked the time and saw it was a few minutes past 2am. Heaving a deep sigh but still worried, I fell back into the bed.
Turning to face her, I saw her lying back down hold her right b0s0m agonizingly.
“My God. What happened?” I asked as my senses returned. I remembered when had gone out earlier in the evening and ended up fvcking before sleeping off with her näked like she usually slept.
“You hit my boöbs” She said trying not to sob.
I felt very stupid

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