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Must Read: The Day I Lost Control (Intimate) 18+ - Season 1 - Episode 3
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“What a cute little girl you got there” the guy who I later got to know his name to be Donald said as he bent a little low to pet my little girl. I could see the outline of his firm butt0ckz from his slightly skinny jeans; that increased the wetness I felt and I could bet everyone around that radius could smell the unmistakable scent of my arousal. I think he did too as he looked up at me and smiled that killer smile of his. This guy should be in the anti-terrorist group because his smile could kill all terrorists at once. “What’s her name?” he asked cocking his head slightly towards my daughter “cass-ca-ca-Cassandra” I answered with another embarrassing stammer.

Cocking his head he looked at me with those cute puppy eyes of his, making my tips hardened the more. “Hello Cassandra what did you come to buy?” he directed at my little girl while they were talking I wasn’t there again; I mean, I was physically there but my mind wasn’t there, I had already begun to imagine him wrapping his arms around me, sU-Cking my [email protected], ramming hard into me and finally blowing his load into my waiting mouth. I didn’t know when I gave an audible gasp, eliciting another look from him. OMG if I don’t get la!d by this guy, I would surely go crazy! I could see him looking at me intently and I felt my cheeks get red with embarrassment; I pretended to smoothen an imaginary crease on my short gown.

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