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Must Read: The Magnificent Brothers
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The magnificent 7 has already agreed to embark on the task, The native doctor went to his small room, and came out with 2 calabash.

He opened it, one of the calabash contains rings, and the other contains a red liquid substance . He told them to drink handling the calabash to the capon. The capon drank and pass it to the next person which is Solomon.

They all drank and gave the native doctor the calabash.

” so were is the coffins ” the capon asked while native doctor smile and did some incantation about 7 coffins appeared in front of them, the magnificent 7 quickly draw back in fear.

” Now put those rings on the left index finger ” the native doctor said pointing at the calabash were the Rings were kept.

They quickly did as they were told.

” it’s time to walk to the coffins remember not to removed the Rings cus it would protect you ” the native doctor advised while the magnificent walk to the coffin. As directed by the herbalist.


It has been 3 days since the magnificent 7 left school and everyone has been worried about them. Some says they had run away from the black axe. The black axe on the other hand had come to the magnificent 7 territory to look for them but they met their absence. Vivian on the other hand has been worried about Kelvin, she had dialed his number more than a million times but his phone was switch off in fact all the members phone were off.

Tessy who newly met UCHE has developed some feelings for him but she doesn’t know who to call cus she does not have his number.

She decided to meet Vivian in her hostel. ” I guess if Vivian knows were to find Kelvin, he will definitely knows were his brother is. She said to herself and went to Vivian hostel.

She nock at her door and waited for a response.

Vivian quickly came out, Immediately she saw Tessy she was surprised because they were not friends neither are they enemies, they were just mear course mate.

” hey” Tessy said to her.

“hi” Vivian replied with a welcoming smile.

” Please do you know were Kelvin is, cus I have been trying his number and his brother’s own, but their phones were switch off” Tessy calmly said while Vivian breathed heavily.

” I am also been looking for Kelvin my self but I can sees to find him, I am worried myself.

I prayed nothing happens to them. ” she pour out to Tessy who was shocked.

If Vivian could not know were to find Kelvin, I guess is not in school. She thought to herself I went back to her hostel .

Six days pass the magnificent 7 hasn’t showed up. Some students has already fabricate a story saying the magnificent 7 run away from the black axe. Little did they know what has been in store for them.


The day finally arrived when the magnificent 7 would be removed from the coffins . The native doctor came to do some incantation before opening the coffins.

He spent about 30 minutes before opening the coffins. He first of all opened the first one which is the capon, he came out and breathed a sigh of relief, he did the same to everybody until it remains the last one which is the one Kelvin is, he opened the coffin and saw Kelvin sleeping not like the rest who quickly came out.

The magnificent 7 were afraid that the worst Has happened. Especially UCHE who looked depressed the native doctor did all the incantation he knows but Kelvin did not wakes up. They have already given up thinking they lost him. As they were about closing the coffins Kelvin wage the door with his hand and opened his eyes, his eyes were red.

” It’s pay back time ” he said to the members while they all breathed a sigh of relief.

” you almost made us have an heart attack the capon said.

” How are we sure if it works ” Daniel asked the herbalist. The native doctor smile and went to his hunt, he came out with a long gun and a cutlass. ” Who wont to test it ” he asked.

The whole members were afraid to come out until the capon volunteer.

The native shot him but the bullet bounce to his chest and fell down. The rest of the members smile in response. He hit sly with the cutlass but there was not a single blood.

” we are invisible I think we should take the black axe empty handed. ” Samba said while the whole member bust into laughter.

” let me warn you about this new found power. According to the ancient, every power has a loophole. But this power you have is permanent if you follows the laws. ” the native doctor advice.

” but what are it’s laws ” the magnificent 7 anxiously asked in unison.

” first don’t ever removed the Rings on your left index finger. Secondly don’t used your hands to hold any dead human beings. These are it laws and failure to it means it power will no longer work ” the native said while the whole member nodded in acknowledgment.

They thank him and paid their money before they left for the battle.

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