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My billionaire husband - Season 1 - Episode 8
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“Damon stop it ” I cried as he trailed kisses down my neck to my cleavages.
“Damon ” I yelled amidst tears and he stopped.

He looked down at me with shock as if regaining his senses.

“holy shit! ” he gasped and got off me.
I took the duvet and covered myself with it.
“Katharine I.. I.. I’m.. ” he ran his hand through his hair, frustrated I guess.
He walked out and slammed the door hard.
I s----d in a breath and let it out as a sigh of relief.
I picked up my torn nightwear and examined it.
It was my favorite nightwear and now it’s gone.
Olivia got it for me on my 18th birthday saying I’m now na adult.

She’ll chop off my head if she ever comes to know the nightwear was shredded.
She said she really saved up for it and it was very expensive so I better start looking for a shop where they sell the exact same nightwear.
Have I mentioned lately that Olivia is a crazy freak?

I got off the bed and tip toed to the door.
I opened the door and brought out my head.
The cost was clearly so I came out and ran to my room in just my bra and pantie.

Thank goodness I wore bra and I have Olivia to thank for that cause she’s always the one lecturing me to wear bra under my nightwear if I’m not in bed yet.

Had I not worn a bra then… Oh my God!
The thought of it alone is giving me cramps.
I wore anther nightwear not bothering to take off my bra in case of anything.

I la!d on my bed and slept off.
~ Damon ~

I can’t believe I lost control.

It didn’t take a second for me to break.
I hate to say it but she’s kinda sexy and beautiful.

Those tiny long legs of hers are very tempting.
Staring at her alone gives me a hard on all day.
She’s so tempting and I couldn’t stop myself from exploring.

I admit I hate it when she’s with another man.
She’s mine alone .
I’m gonna mark her mine.

I woke up the next day and tidied up.
I went downstairs but couldn’t find Damon.
Maybe he’s still in his room or he’s gone to the office.

I took my phone and ordered Italian food.
After eating, I went back to my room.
I felt bored and wanted to call Anna but decided against it cause she’d be at work and I don’t wanna disturb her.

I called Ken and after the 4th ring, he picked up.
“hey Kathe ” he said over the phone.
He sounded down.
“hey what’s up with you? You sound down ”
He sighed over the phone and I knew something was wrong.
“I lost my job “he blurted out.
“wait! What? Why” I exclaimed.
“no good reason, I don’t even know why. I got a call from my manager the day I left your house and just like that, he fired me ”
“what kind of manger is that? So irresponsible ” I seethed.
“I’ll go through the net and see if I can find you anther job ”
“that’ll help a lot thanks ” he said.
“OK bye “I said and hung up.
I really pity Ken.

I even forgot to apologize for what Damon did to him which was my sole reason for calling him.
I called Lance and chuckled to myself when I remembered how he flew the other day.
“Katharine ” he exclaimed over the phone.
“I can sense you’re happy today so what’s the code “I asked.
“more like the opposite ” he blurted out and I breathed out an “oh”.
“why? What happened ” I asked curiously.
“I lost my job and you won’t believe no one wants to employ me ” he blurted out lowly.
Oh not again!
“what happened ” I asked lowly.
“I don’t even know. After I.. I.. Uhm ran away from your house, I got a call not to come to work again and I don’t know why but no one wants to employ me ” he explained.
“Uhm OK, I’ll look into that ”
“thanks ”
“OK bye ” I hung up and threw my phone on the bed.

There’s something fishy here.
They both lost their jobs on the same day and that’s after leaving here.
No one wants to employ Lance and that only means someone is behind this.
Of course someone is behind it, considering the man I have as an husband.

Damon Harris Saltzman!!!

I went to Damon’s room but he wasn’t there.
I called the office and that witch piper said Damon’s not in the office.

If he isn’t in the house and not at the office as well so where is he?

I get it! He’s in the house but I just don’t know where .

That’s what happened the day Piper came here.
I got so worried not knowing he was in the house all along.

I went downstairs and stood in the sitting room.
“Damon!! ” I yelled.
“Daaamooon!!”I yelled more louder but no reply.

Is he avoiding me cause of what happened last night?

Huh! I hate to admit it but I want him too.
I mean yeah I love him but I can’t loose my virginity to a man who just wants my body.
“Damon I know you can hear me so get your ass out here this instant ” I yelled but for now reply.

I smiled as an idea popped in.
He likes being respected Huh?
“Damon do you know you’re an idiot ” I asked.
“you’re such a sU-Ck up snob and a dweeb ” I yelled and laughed to myself.

OK it isn’t working.

I sighed in defeat and slumped down on the couch.

I grinned widely as another idea popped up.
I got up and cleared my throat.
Time to test my acting skills.
“let ” I said in a whisper and chuckled to myself.

Get your head straight girl.

I ran upstairs to my room, locked the door and stood beside the entrance in a way that if the door is opened, it will cover me.
“let me go! “I cried out and almost chuckled but suppressed it.
“I said let me go “I cried out louder.
“you’re hurting me, let me go “I cried and chuckled softly to myself.
“open the door ” Damon yelled from outside and I chuckled softly.
“you’re hurting me Ken, let me go “I cried louder.

The door was shaking real hard.
“Damon help me, he’s hurting me ” I cried.
His hits on the door hardened and within secs, the door flew open.

He rushed in and I immediately slammed the door, not able to lock it cause Damon half broke it.
His hair was rough and his eyes a bit puffy like he didn’t sleep.

But in all these, he’s still very handsome.
He stared at me in shock, not believing his eyes.
I grinned at him and he rolled his eyes.
“leave the way ” he said softly.
“what did you to Ken and Lance ” I asked.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“leave the way Katharine “he commanded softly.

“I know what you did so give them back their job “I ordered and he furrowed his brows at me.
“please ” I added, showing him all my teeth.
“leave the way Katharine ” he said and I got pissed.
“if you don’t give them back their job, you aren’t leaving this room ” I warned and he chuckled.
“you’re asking me to give the man you just use his name to scream that he’s hurting you, his job back “he smirked.
He came closer to me and I bowed my head like a scared puppy.
He carried me up and dropped me on my bed.
Am I that light?
“Damon just give them back their job ” I begged.
“on one condition ” he said and I swallowed hard then nodded.
“you won’t see any of them again ” he blurted out.
“I can’t do that, there are my friends and what’s it to you anyway ” I asked.
“fine! ” he turned to leave but I quickly held his arm.
“I won’t see any of them again ” I said lowly and he smirked.
“you wouldn’t even do it cause it’s in the rules and you must follow it ” he blurted out and I arched an eyebrow.
“it means I’m not giving them back their job, they deserve it ” he blurted out.
“Damon please ” I begged as he walked out of my room.
sU-Ck up snob!

I sighed and la!d on my bed, staring at the ceiling.
I spent minutes doing nothing.
My phone rang and I was glad at least.
“yes Ken ” I said into the phone.
“what did you do? I just got back my job! ” he exclaimed and I sat up on my bed.
“wow that’s great ”
“thanks for helping out, I’m grateful ”
“no prob ” I said.
I was still chatting with Ken when Lance’s call came in.
“I’ve to go Ken, I have an incoming call ” I hung up and switched to Lance’s call.
“what magic did you use Katharine Eve Pearls” he exclaimed over the phone.
OK he knows my full name?
“I just got back my job ” he exclaimed and I asked though he can’t see me.
“that’s wonderful ” I commented.
“thanks for whatever it is you did ”
“you’re welcome “I hung up, grinning widely.

He did it after all.
Damon Harris Saltzman.
Such a sU-Ck up snob.
I smiled and headed to his room.
I knocked on his door but got no reply.
“Damon are you in there “I asked but got no reply.

I pushed the door open and went in.
It was empty so I rummaged everywhere.
Where the hell did he go again?
After waiting like forever, I left the room and walked through hall way.
I cane to a door at the end of the east wing and pushed it open.

Wow! It’s huge and.. And beautiful!
There was a table and a chair, a stack of files on the table and a lamp.
There were sofas in the room too.
This must be Damon’s home office.
But where is he?
I went over to the table and sat on the soft chair like “DA BOSS”
I picked up a file and went through it like a really “boss “.

I dropped the files and took another one.
my eyes widened in shock as k read the file.
if I remember correctly, this is the same company contract Damon wants.

The one he’s selfishly using me to get.
And it says here that he already got the company.

That means the contract between us has been kvetch but he didn’t tell me!
Damon. Harris. Saltzman!!

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