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My billionaire husband - Season 1 - Episode 9
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What a sU-Ck up snob!
If the contract has been over then why didn’t he tell me?

He wants me to stay here so he can keep controlling me, so he can shatter my life.
He wants to keep me tied to him but I won’t allow that.

The door to the office opened and Damon came in.

He stopped on his track when he saw me then furrowed his brows at me.
“what are you doing” he asked sternly, coming towards me.
I said nothing as I walked around the table and stood in front of him.
“why didn’t you tell me the contract was over ” I asked sternly.
Anger boiled in me as I thought why he’d do such a thing.
“answer me ” I yelled.
“listen! It’s my contract so I decide when it’ll end ” he said between gritted teeth.
“your contract my foot! It’s over and I’m leaving ” I seethed and he gripped my arm, not too tight to leave a bruise.
“don’t forget I’m still your husband. Contract or not, you’re going nowhere “he blurted out.
“why? So you can control me? Hell no! “I yelled.
“you’re right! you’re mine so I’ll control everything about you and you aren’t leaving “he seethed.
I yanked my arm from his grip, pushed him and ran out of the office.

What the hell gave me the thought that Damon Saltzman could change?
Why did my heart had to fall in love with such a man?

Those marriage certificates are the one ruining my life.
How do I get Damon to sign a divorce paper?
I know he only wants to see me hurt and sad.

He wants me to suffer. He wants to control my life.
I la!d on my bed and cried.


Now she’s found out!
So much for being so careless.
Contract or not, she’s still married to me so I own her.

No one else!
I sat on a sofa and buried my head in my palms.


Chloe and I stood beside the canter, eyeing Mr Sean.

Mr Sean is the owner of the restaurant where I work.

He’s kinda hot and if I’m not wrong, he’d be in his 30s.

He’s muscular and quite cute.
“if I can get him in my bed, I’m sure my salary will double ” I blurted out and Chloe scoffed.
“too bad you won’t cause I already have him under my claws ” Chloe said sternly.
“don’t be too sure yet, you’ll never know ” I said and she rolled her eyes.
We got back to work and served all the customers.

Chloe and I glanced at each other when Mr Sean was the only one left to be served.
“I’ll serve him ” I said.
“no I will ” Chloe said.
I scoffed and started serving his usual order.
I took the tray to go serve him but saw Chloe already serving him.
What a b---h!


I tossed and turned on my bed then opened my eyes.

I sat up on my bed, yawned and stretched.
My face was tight from all the tears I spilled.
I went to the bathroom and freshened up.
While putting on my nightwear, I heard thunder rumbling and I squealed.

Someone tell me it’s not gonna rain.
I rushed to my windows and closed them.
I fell my curtains and sighed.
I heard another thunder rumble and I gasped softly.

I think I should call Olivia.
I searched my bed for my phone but couldn’t find it.

Where is it?
My door flew open and I flinched.
Damon walked in and I relaxed.
His presence alone seem to make me feel safe.
“what is it ” I asked.

I intended my voice to come out loud and bold but it came out low like a child who was being scolded by their parents.

“it’s raining so I thought.. Uhm… Maybe we could share my room” he said nervously.
“I…. I don’t need your help okay? Just get out “I seethed, trembling from the thunder that kept rumbling.

“is that so? Fine then ” he said and turned to leave.

Thunder rumbled and I jumped in fear.
“wait” I blurted out.
“I.. I’ll come with you ” I said and followed him to his room.

The windows in his room were closed, the curtains were lose and the lights were dimmed.
I stood on my spot and watched as Damon took off his shirt and pant, leaving his boxer briefs.
He la!d on the bed and tapped beside him for me to lay on.

I swallowed the lump I presume to be stuck in my throat and walked over to him.
I la!d beside him and he pulled me to his hard body.

He wrapped his arm tight around me and I felt safe.

Thunder rumbled again and I tensed but he held me tight and kissed my hair.
“it’s okay, nothing’s gonna happen to you ” he assured.

I couldn’t help but breathe in his manly scent.
I ran my hand down his chest and he groaned.
He took my hand and placed it on his cheek.
I caressed his cheek, sliding down his cheek bone while he closed his eyes and m0aned softly.
His hand slid down my cheek to my cleavages then to my waist.

He captured my lips in his and I reciprocated immediately.

I opened up and he slid his tongue into my mouth.
I ran my hand down his abs and m0aned into his mouth.

He slid his hand into my dress and circled my navel.

He groaned and hovered over me when I pulled away to catch my breath.

He feathered kissed on the swell of my breasts then s----d on the crook of my neck.
He gripped my hips roughly and captured my lips in his again.

He kissed between my breasts and I ran my hands down his bare back.
“this need to go off ” he groaned, referring to my nightwear and I nodded.

He placed his hands in between my breasts, gripped my nightdress and tore it apart.
He groaned when he saw my bare breasts.
He s----d my right n----e and gently fondled the other one.

I m0aned carelessly as his erection pressed against my navel.

He trailed kisses down my breasts to my crotch and I shivered.

He tore off my pantie and kissed my lips, making me shiver in pleasure.
He kissed my c--t, grazing his teeth on it.
I felt my body come in contact with his bare erection and I groaned.
When did he take off his briefs?
Not that I’m complaining but when?
He came back up and gently bit my earlobe.
“you smell and taste good ” he whispered into my ear, causing bolts of electricity to flow through me.

“tell me you want me “he demanded and I m0aned

“I… I want you ” I said, breathlessly.
He feathered kisses down to my crotch and t----t in a finger and I screamed a little.
He slid his finger in and out of me and I m0aned.
He pulled out his finger and cane back to to sU-Ck my breasts.
“do you want me inside of you “he asked, grazing my earlobe.
“yes please ” I begged.
He trailed kisses back down to my waist and gently parted my thighs.
He kissed my wet c--t and s----d it gently.
He positioned himself between me and came back to sU-Ck my erect nipples.
He plunged in at once and I screamed.
“gosh it hurts ” I cried out.
“you’re so tight “he groaned.
It was like my skin was being pricked by needles when he plunged in.
“it hurts ” I cried.
“sshh”he cooed and kissed away my tears.
He stayed in that position, not thrusting, just sU-Cking my nipples.
He grazed my nipples and I held him tight to me.
He started thrusting in and out gently and I dug my nails deep into his back, screaming.
Hell it hurts.
“Damon ” I cried out.
“yes baby, I’m here “he m0aned still thrusting in and out slowly.
My stomach tightened and I clamped my thighs around him.

My legs were still as my body vibrated.
Damon gripped my hips, holding me in place as he t----t in and out of me.
I screamed and we both came at once.
We panted, gasping for air.
He buried his head in the crook of my neck as he panted.

He kissed me and pulled out of me then slumped down beside me.
He pulled me to himself and wrapped his arm around me, panting with his eyes closed.
I wanted to get up but hell, I was sore so I couldn’t.

I sighed and finally slept off in his arms.
I woke up few mins later and smiled at the sleeping Greek god.

The thought of him using me to get a contract struck me and I swallowed hard.
He got what he wanted and I don’t regret giving it to him cause I love him.
I don’t regret giving him my virginity.
What if I just leave?

He wants to keep me here to control me.
This is the only opportunity I have to leave.
Should I stay and be controlled by him?
Hell no!

Thank God he’s been crediting my account with the money and I have more than enough to start a living.

I don’t want a man who only wants my body and wants to control my life.
I made a mistake by getting married to him but I can still rectify my mistake.
I gently took his arm off me and got out of the bed gently cause I was d--n sore.
I went to the bathroom and tidied up.
I tip toed to my room, completely nude and dressed up.

I looked over to my wall clock and it was 5:33am.
I took my phone from the drawer and called Olivia.

She picked up after the second ring.
“Olive, I want you to come pick me up at the mansion” I blurted out.
“are you crazy? Why? ” she asked.
“I’ll tell you everything later, just come pick me up with a cab and be fast “I urged.
“OK OK OK ” she said and hung up.
I hurriedly packed up my things and gently than ever, I rolled it downstairs.
I walked out through the door then through the gate.

I stood on a spot and waited patiently for Olivia.
Mins later, a cab pulled in front of me and she came out.
“Kathy ” she breathed out and hugged me.
I kept my bags in the trunk, we boarded the cab and went home.

Yes home! Olivia and I used to live together until I got married.

I told Olivia everything and she’s in support of me.

“I want to leave New York and start a new life, Olive ” I said and she nodded.
“I want all these to be in my past ” I blurted out.

“Yeah, you still have time to make your dreams come true ” she said and hugged me.
“I need to lounge into an hotel cause Damon might come look for me here ” I said and she nodded.

“I’ll book your ticket to California right away ” she said.
She arranged all my stuffs and we took a cab to an hotel.

Olivia paid the hotel bills and used her name cause Damon might track me down if I use my credit card.

That shows how wicked he is.
sU-Ck up snob!
“I’ll go get your ticket ” Olivia said and left the hotel room.
I la!d on my bed and stared at the ceiling.
My life is about to change for the better.
I’m as free as a bird!
my phone buzzed and I looked at it.
My ticked has been booked and I’ll leave at 9:30.
The time is 7:48.

Just some few more hours and I’ll be gone.

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